Photo Alert: Sridevi, Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor make for a fashionable trio

Manish Malhotra shared a picture with Sridevi, Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor on Instagram.
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Last week was all about the star-studded Diwali bashes which was attended by the who's who of Bollywood. Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor attended a Diwali bash with parents Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. 

Jhanvi looked beautiful in a blue lehenga with coloured embroidery all over it and similar coloured strapless blouse. Khushi wore a millennial pink lehenga with sequins all over it along with a bustier style sheer blouse that had embroidery on it. 

The evergreen Sridevi looked stunning in a grey hue silverish saree that had a scalloped hem and the raw silk blouse had tassels on the sleeves.

Manish took to his Instagram page to share a picture with the trio from the bash.


Manish's caption reads as, "With the absolute favourites @sridevi.kapoor @janhvikapoor6 #kushikapoor #Diwali #Festive fun all in #manishmalhotralabel #manishmalhotraworld @mmalhotraworld."

Stunning as always!

Sridevi, even today is considered as a fashion icon and many consider her to be their fashion inspiration. But do her daughters seek fashion advice from their famous mom?  On this, Sridevi revealed to Pinkvilla, "Well, I take inspiration from them. They guide me and I enjoy that. They are...Aaj ka hai (They are the new generation). They know better. They know what is in fashion. Sometimes you are in your own world. As a mother, I have other things to take. But, I enjoy asking them and we share. Sometimes, they ask me whether it looks good or not, what to change. The same way even I...we share each other's taste."

This Day That Year


jhanvis face ruined for life..but they r only doing what their mom has been doing since years.

Sri got a lip job done. Not cool!

Tacky lehangas

Ahhh! so many comments for such irrelevant ppl

Hey look at us we are wannabeeeesss...

PV why r u not posting my comments.

Too much for a diwali party.

Jhanvi can never be able to achieve what alia has achieved within this short span of time. All she can do is show off her assets, the way she is showing in a diwali party.

GOING by the hate comments, it looks jhanvi is again gonna react to all the hate.

Lol khushi's teeth. Would like to see d same teeth after her debut,well she'll also go for surgeries before the debut like her desperate sister. #desperatesisters

LOL. No starkid is innocent and hardwoking, bt ya sara is better than them. And alia has proven that she can act decently.

They don't look innocent and hard working.

I would prefer sonam, alia n sara any day over these two.

Sonam can carry designer clothes, bt not them.

Why so much of skin show only for diwali. Learn some style sense from rhea, she is gud at it.

Khushi is atleast better than her sister. Bt she is also fake

JHanvi is nothing compared to sara.. Atleast she does not look fake

Despo sisters

That's the world's ugliest green/blue lehenga!

Not much can be done about Khushi's teeth. Hope she just stays a happy person who is not trying to constantly modify herself. Feel sorry of Jahnvi.

Jhanvi consider these the best moments of ur life... once u r launched n flopped n nobody ever signs u... looking back at these pics would be happy memories...

Manish find someone better to lend your clothes to

Thank God Sara hadn't done surgery like jhanvi.

Sridevi's necklace... Lol

Rofl kinda true

U forgot dance rehersals

Their life seems to be like-
designer clothes done, gskin lightning treatment done, lip n nose job done.. Yeah now i look beautiful for my debut..

Jhanvi got a nose job... now a lip job. What's more to come lol

Sri always favors Janhavi more... :-(

Anyways, they have designer this and designer that..but still look so ordinary. Sorry, Sri. Wish you kept them away from the limelight.

I am not in kangana's team against nepotism, bt still cant tolerate these two..
Btd i love alia, bebo n varun. Bt these two they jst annoy me..

Jst dont like their vibes.

Fakest starkids

Desperate ladies...


That's all these girls can do. Get expensive clothes and Fahd pictures

looks like jhanvi got a lip job makes her lip fluffy

Two of the most annoying starkids.

Sad to see that these nepo kids don't give education any importance.

Lol I can't pick who looks the worst


Bollywood Pimp Manish Malhotra with future business deals

How did Khushi become so fair? Don’t say it’s the lighting. Earlier pics show she was dark like her father now looking really white

If khushi can become a commercial bollywood actress (where only looks matter) with a face like that, then call me Brad Pitt

how these two got this much lighter skin

how these two got this much lighter skin

how these two got this much lighter skin

Ratus Ratus

They do make annoying trio

Her daughters are forever skin show. Maybe Sridevi should teach them some decency.

Sridevi....still the queen of Bollywood

Audience don’t need their education, they don’t see their graduation certificates on the silver screen. All they want is acting and glamour. What is the education of so called bollywood superstars. These kids might fail in bollywood, but they don’t need to work frm 9-5.

wrong.. you don't need education to work 9-5 gives you though process(mostly), knowledge and brain power.. else they will be like Kareena who only talks trash.

Do u know how they talk.

Like Mother like daughters

Y do people complaint about their schooling, Jhanvi is 20, she already completed her schooling and attended acting school in us, now learning kathak. no 20 yrs would attend school unless they’re into PG.

These two definetly have done plastic surgeries

These two daughters of sridevi

Khushi needs dentures

So tacky! Seriously do the folks of Bollywood not value education and actually getting a real job.

Maybe they are not academically inclined. So what if they want to foray into movies. You got to play to your strengths.

These two nepo kids r so

Khushi - teeth
Sridevi - filler lips
Jhanvi - skin show

All you can see is...

So tacky! Seriously do the folks of Bollywood not value education and actually getting a real job.

Just can't make myself like either of them to be honest...

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