PHOTO: Alia Bhatt gets into the character of a Kashmiri girl on the sets of Raazi

Alia Bhatt spotted on the sets of Raazi.
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Alia Bhatt is prepping up for Meghna Gulzar's next titled Raazi. The film is based on Harinder Sikka's book Calling Sehmat and also stars Vicky Kaushal in the lead role. 
In the espionage thriller set during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan, Alia is to play a Kashmiri girl married to a Pakistani army officer, who provides valuable information to the Indian forces. We came across a picture of Alia on the sets of Raazi. In the backdrop, you can see scenic beauty of Kashmir. 
When asked about how her shoot is going on, the talented actor had earlier said, "I won’t lie. Yes, it has been very challenging. The shooting [of the film] is still on, and I still have a month left [before its completion]. We have been shooting in almost a non-stop manner, barring a few days when the shoot got disrupted [due to the recent unrest in the region]. But overall, it has been a good and an interesting journey — creatively as well as mentally. I am in Patiala right now, and I feel that when you are shooting outdoors, it’s always lovely because you are only with your film dedicating all your energies and attention to it. Plus, it’s lovely being in Patiala."
Talking about her role, she had earlier said, "I'm going through one of the most extensive preparations for this film. The last time I did something like this, was for Udta Punjab. But that also was only with the dialect. Raazi is about dialect, body language and things like driving a big heavy jeep... Shifting those gears is a different ball game for me altogether. I am learning Urdu so it's also going to help me in the longer run. I'm playing with the language for over a month now and every day, I am sitting with it for hours. I know most of my dialogues by heart right now because I have been reading them over and over again. I am having a lot of fun with it."
Check out the picture here: 


I am not surprised that this plain jane average looking migid is playing the role of a kashmiri. Not too long ago bipasha basu a bengali actress played the role of a kashmiri. Bollywood have a bad habit of casting stars by ignoring the ethnic aspects of the characters in movie. Hollywood have a habit of casting white people in ethnic roles by white washing the ethnic characters. Now bollywood is casting the inappropriate stars to play certain ethnic characters. First bipasha and now this chinese looking migid alia to play the kashmiri role.

Not all Kashmiris are good-looking (which is subjective) ..not all Kashmiris are fair.
I am fair and my maternal family is extremely fair. My paternal grandparents are not as fair.

She can play the role of nepali,bengali or average indian girl or may be chinese but not Kashmiri. She is too ugly and plain jane to play a kashmiri.

I am Kashmiri too and no she cannot be passed as a Kashmiri. She is below average and ordinary looking. I can give her the role of a maid in india cleaning houses if she didnot have a famous bhatt name. She can also play a beggar on street as i have seen girls who look like her. What a horrible casting.

She is very talented and was brilliant in UP. I hope this is a good one too.

She's looking very pretty

I am a Kashmiri and she could pass off as a Kashmiri.

Kashmiri's are very beautiful people. Why the hell director cast this ordinary looking girl who is not even fit to play a beautiful star plus bahu on tv. Just because she have a famous father name does not mean she can play certain ethnic characters. Average girls on street are more good looking than this plain jane.

Read all PR shit about Kangana , PC , Anushka , Sonum , Kareena and come back and read direct interview excerpts from Alia. She might sometime say or do something silly but she has a lovely personality and very normal personality. Love her.

She now looks like the splitting image of her mother’s younger self. I love her simply because she is so normal. Minimum drama and good work so far. More power to the girl

Isko khana khiloao

Kha rahi hain aajkal baby

Can't stand this annoying girl! And I don't need anyone to say "then why did you click on her post"? I clicked on it specifically so I could say how annoying she is! UFF...go away, Alia!!!

She does not look kashmiri at all! They should have taken zaira or fatima. Even Katrina looks more kashmiri than her.

Her strenuous workout regime & dieting have made her look way older than she is!

is she ageing backward???

Guys, seriously? there's fatshaming and there's thin-shaming. stop it, right now. she's no beauty but she looks good

She's so lifeless

Zaira would have been better

She's so malnutritioned girl for the love of god eat something

Nk t
Not beautiful....also looks far too young...

They should have casted a real kashmiri like Zaira Wasim

She looks pretty but most girls look far far better than her in kashmir

she looks beautiful! isn't her mom half kashmiri and half german? alia looks kashmiri for sure here

i like her but her face has become so chotu..

Love her

She looks bad

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