Photo of the Day: Mira and Shahid Kapoor are at their stylish best at a wedding in Hong Kong

3 years ago  |  3.5M

Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Kapoor were recently in London to celebrate their daughter Misha’s first birthday. The adorable couple who have also been awarded “Most Stylish Couple” by a leading publication are now in Hong Kong to attend a wedding. Mira wore a stunning gown with floral print and Shahid looked very handsome in a Herringbone & Sui suit.

Mira and Shahid have been married for a little over two years now and are head over heels in love with each other. They have always succeeded in giving their fans relationship goals. About his arranged marriage, Shahid had said, “Mira and I never dated. We just met three to four times and decided to get married.I'm still falling in love with her....a bit more every day. The first time we met, we spoke for seven hours. We were at a friends' farmhouse in Delhi. We went for a walk outside and the sun was setting behind her. I realised her eyes were not dark. They had a hazel tinge. That moment, I felt shayad main iss ladki se shaadi kar sakta hoon. But I also told myself, "What are you thinking? Bees saal ki hai besharam!”

They are already planning baby no. 2 and Mira had confirmed it saying, “Before anything else, I am going to have another baby”

On the work front, Shahid is about to wrap up filming Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. The film will release in November and also stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone


Anonymous : Mother India's words are going to haunt her forever.
REPLY 6 3 years ago
Anonymous : Not one positive comment under photo of the day Lmfao! He was never succesful but now i thinks he's really done... And who stand like that!
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : Busy partying in Hong Kong while their baby is left alone on her birthday. Worst parents ever!!!
REPLY 5 3 years ago
Anonymous : So now Mira has adapted the hand on hip pose now... Celebrity wannabe.
REPLY 7 3 years ago
Anonymous : Why would you tell the whole world about your family planning? We don't need to know what you're up to. And it's a shame your could take your puppy to London and New York but not Hong Kong?
REPLY 16 3 years ago
Anonymous : They're not all that. I find them so annoying. Always seeking attention which has been going against them.
REPLY 22 3 years ago
Anonymous : did he really say he wanted to marry her because she had light eyes
REPLY 34 3 years ago
Anonymous : Trying way too hard
REPLY 22 3 years ago
Anonymous : she looks beautiful and natural
REPLY 17 3 years ago
Anonymous : Except she's NOT natural, she had nose surgery before marrying and now getting skin lightening.
REPLY 25 3 years ago
Anonymous : ew mira's dressing sense even with a stylist is awful.
REPLY 22 3 years ago
Anonymous : Ever since shahid got hitched to this random girl who's lazy n realized u must study to become a surgeon, just reminds me more how I liked him much more when he was single or kept his relationships away from media.. now after marriage he's trying to find any possible way to expose his wife...and its annoying
REPLY 39 3 years ago
Anonymous : Most annoying couple
REPLY 27 3 years ago
Anonymous : Both not looking good
REPLY 20 3 years ago
Anonymous : Desperate attention seekers
REPLY 23 3 years ago
Anonymous : Worst couple
REPLY 21 3 years ago
Anonymous : Why shahid always posing like that one leg up so annoying why cant he stand normal
REPLY 28 3 years ago
Anonymous : Shahid looks really old
REPLY 25 3 years ago
Anonymous : Average looking.
REPLY 26 3 years ago
Anonymous : Both attended the wedding for cash and left their kid with grandma. So much for being parents of the year.
REPLY 36 3 years ago
Anonymous : Please understand them. They need to pay for the interviews to the media and the paps to cover them.
REPLY 23 3 years ago
Anonymous : Left her puppy to attend an international wedding. Two faced
REPLY 29 3 years ago
Anonymous : Shahid please lay low. Too much negativity surrounding you these days.
REPLY 31 3 years ago
Anonymous : He's such a negative person that's why. Like attracts like!
REPLY 19 3 years ago
Anonymous : Both looking really good
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : You know what I dislike the most, hypocrites. We have Mira saying she can't leave her child for an hour, yet she's all the way in Hong Kong and Misha with her mom in Delhi. Then she turns around and call women who are actually working, kids puppies. wtf
REPLY 66 3 years ago
Anonymous : Take a closer look at the pictures where she is holding her daughter. It is clear she does not do this often and uncomfortable. She is homely , but its Shahid who makes her do these stuff.
REPLY 14 3 years ago
Anonymous : So, since she said that she won't be working for that reason she cannot drop off her daughter any where for even a day or a few hours? She should be glued to her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year? She meant that she didn't want to be away from her daughter on a day to day basis(Like 9-12 hours a day). Her choice of words were really poor but everyone knew what she meant. She is not a career woman from any angle.
REPLY 14 3 years ago
Anonymous : Definately not the photo of the day.
REPLY 30 3 years ago
Anonymous : Mira looks fab
REPLY 8 3 years ago
Anonymous : They attended a wedding in London recently, now Hong Kong... are they being paid to attend these events ?
REPLY 44 3 years ago
Anonymous : Shahid's hair and beard are so unflattering. His head is too small for so much hair. He used to be very handsome but not anymore.
REPLY 36 3 years ago
Anonymous : Mira looks beautiful... such a confident girl.
REPLY 9 3 years ago
Anonymous : why does he shave his side burns. its so not bollywood star. its anti bollywood. i hate it.
REPLY 27 3 years ago
Anonymous : Shahid finally cut his beard still doesn't look nice and he's no way looking stylish
REPLY 32 3 years ago
Anonymous : He is trying too hard to look stylish
REPLY 40 3 years ago
Anonymous : Stylish? Lol
REPLY 38 3 years ago
Anonymous : Ney ney ney
REPLY 35 3 years ago