PHOTO: Meet Taimur Ali Khan's doppelganger Inaya Shoaib

Taimur Ali Khan has a look-alike named Inaya Shoaib.
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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's Taimur Ali Khan is already a star and indeed has a huge fan following on the social media. Be it his appearance at the airport or pictures at the social media platforms, everything about the star kid makes headlines. 
Now, we came across a profile on Instagram by the name  'inayaandtaimur' and has pictures claiming that Taimur resembles a girl named Inaya. We have Taimur's look-alike now. Both of them are indeed cute and have similar sort of eyes and the internet claims that she looks like him. 
Saif, in his latest interview, revealed that Bebo and him have decided to send Taimur away to a boarding school to keep him away from all the limelight and attention. Saif shared, "He has innocence in his eyes, there is nothing pretentious, but yes I am worried about him. Kareena and I have already discussed the stardom he already has around him and we have decided to send him to a nice boarding school in England. It will hopefully do the trick it has done for everybody in the family. Kareena is going to be a very good mother. She will not be impressed if he is spoilt."
Ask Saif about his son being a star on social media and he told the leading daily, "I think he will soon get used to being clicked and hopefully, he should get comfortable with it, too. If he grows up to be like me, I think at some point the poor chap will wish no one was watching him. I am afraid; all this just goes with the territory."
"Taimur is rather delectable, so I don't blame anyone. It's a price he has to pay for it," added Saif. In an earlier interview with a leading daily, the actor revealed, "Taimur will have to be aware that he is being watched all the time. He will have a lot of privileges as well. I think life has a wonderful way to balance it out, so if he has all the wonderful privileges he will also have certain responsibilities."
"There will be certain expectations out of him. Maybe all that will force him to become an actor. I hope that with the right guidance, maybe he will find his calling in another field," said Saif. 
Will Taimur also follow the footsteps of dad Saif and mom Kareena Kapoor Khan and become an actor? Saif said, "If he wants to do something else. I will be very happy if he follows his heart. I just hope to give him good education and exposure to the world, and I’d be happy with that."
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India's obsession with white skin and light color eyes. I'm sure if the kid was dark, he wouldn't get this much attention.

taimur is such a beautiful baby.. love you little one

Taimur got more beautiful lips and fuller ones, the small girl has such thin lips

THAT certainly is a cute baby girl but they're not doppelgangers. Their faces, eye and hair color are different. The world is full of beautiful babies, what we gonna do, scour social media to find other beautiful babies to compare him to. Let's love and compliment him if we wish ir not but why go to this length to compare him, he's not an adult star.

Kareena not going to force her son to become an actor. She clearly said that whatever her son wants to become she and Saif are going to fully support him and saif said he would want him to get good education a degree and hopefully a job in a different field

That's taimurs girlfriend

Taimur is cuter. But girl has better features. She will grow prety

I think Kareena will make sure he becomes an actor ! She will want her son to become a superstar even if Saif doesn’t wasn’t him to become an actor

How come sohas baby also has blue eyes? Did she also get designer baby like Kjo?

People cant read or what? This is not Sohas daughter. This is some other girl.

And the baby girl is too big to be a week old.

They both look COMPLETELY different, just because they are fair with blue eyes does not make them similar. The features are completely different even the similarities like shade of blue eyes are different.

Girl is prettier

With all respect to both the babies' cuteness, I think all that they have in common are fair skin and blue eyes

Both babies are cute and different baring a few similarities here and there. People really need better things to do than bosses over these celebrity kids or whatever.

The girl in the picture cannot be Inaya. She is not even a month old,how can she be sitting? Please check your facts before putting them up. Thanks.

"Now, we came across a profile on Instagram by the name 'inayaandtaimur' and has pictures claiming that Taimur resembles a girl named Inaya. We have Taimur's look-alike now."

Please read properly before commenting. They never said she was Inaaya the cousin.

Can u read? Its inaya shoaib!! There ain't just one inaya in the world

OK, that's stupid, Soha's daughter is few days old, she can't even stay awake for long, forget about sitting.
Pinkvilla, stop posting fake news & fake pictures of kids... it's sad... using somebody else's kids' picture..

Both are adorable babies but there's just one difference one is the son of a hindua while the other one is the daughter of a Muslim.MASHA ALLAH!

No way! Taimur is the cutest baby!

Both look cute....thy should date in future

Taimur is cuter!

This is not so ha daughter inaya. It's a photo shared on instagram

So all white babies with blue eyes look the same?

Do all brown babies with brown eyes look the same? I think you've got your answer.

They do not look similar at all

other than eyes n chubbiness ,nothing matching


They both are cute now don't start comparing

Omg soo much resemblence. If bebo and Saifu have a daughter I'm sure she'll look similar.

Oh god pls. It's a fake picture. How can a one week old sit without support.

think innaya more cute. should not compare. but ... wish both the best.

think innaya more cute. should not compare. but ... wish both the best.

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