PHOTO: Priyanka Chopra is in a party state of mind with Anabelle Acosta

Priyanka Chopra parties hard with Anabelle Acosta.
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Priyanka Chopra may be a busy bee but that does not stop the actress from letting her hair down every once in a while and partying it hard with friends. 
Actress Anabelle Acosta who starred in Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's show Ballers as Annabella and will also be seen in Chicago P.D. took to her Instagram stories to share a picture with Priyanka as the two lovely ladies partied it up.
In the photo, Priyanka in an all-black attire is seen cozying up to Anabelle as they pose together with a party hat emoticon on PeeCee's head while a multicoloured sunglasses emoticon covers Anabelle's eyes. 
Check the picture out:
Anabelle captioned the picture as, "#whiplashsaturdays @priyankachopra."
Interestingly. Anabelle has also starred in Priyanka's TV Show Quantico as Natalie Vasquez.
Meanwhile, Priyanka is currently shooting for season 3 of Quantico in New York. Unlike the first 2 seasons which had 22 episodes each, season 3 of Quantico will have only 13 episodes.
Besides Quantico, Priyanka will be starring in two Hollywood projects - A Kid Like Jake which stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer and Isn't It Romantic? which stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth. 
Recently, in an interview with a leading entertainment portal, when asked about what was the one thing she could do in Hollywood that she can't do in Bollywood, Priyanka revealed, " Nothing! At all, actually. The only thing that I think I get as an advantage in America vis-à-vis India is...for example, A Kid Like Jake. The movie that I'm doing...the lead cast is Claire Danes and Jim Parsons. But, it's such an incredible story. It's based on a play, it's a first time director. It's about a 4-year-old child who has a gender crisis and the parents don't know how to deal with it. He wants to be Rapunzel instead of Spider-Man. How the school reacts and I'm the neighbour whose son doesn't have gender issues and they are friends. You have people like Octavia Spencer. You have such incredible actors who have come together just to do 4 or 6 scenes. That's the only thing that I miss in India."


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SRK and Gauri are 50+ oldies. soon they will be raising their grandchildren too... who knows, maybe they already are, heard AbRam is Aryan's kid. Why does it matter what that weirdo family does?

lol while gauri is raising his kids.....pc is failing with rat diana

Holy Shit SRK dumped her 3 years ago, get over it people. he passed her she can cling to the jacket but no magic SRK will fall out of it, keep clinging PC.

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tv shows are a lot of work, way more than movies. making 1 hour episodes for an entire season is hard. it's good that she takes at least a day to hang out with friends and let her hair down.

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Nothing wrong with partying with friends or going out for dinner. she works 5 - 7 days a week. so what if she takes an evening off?

some no lifers have a problem with Priyanka partying.

Awwww cute

They lived together along with Yasmine and Johanna in Montreal during Quantico season 1

they're adorable! nice that they all still keep in touch even if only Priyanka and Johanna are on the show any more.

Seriously who cares? Priyanka is always and everywhere partying. She has nothing else to do.

who shot 45+ movies, 3 seasons of a show, all the magazines, brands etc then?

Priyanka shoots 12+ hours a day, 5 days a week for Quantico. And shoots for brands, magazines, goes to events etc on the weekends. Production work throughout. During all this she makes time for family and friends too. what more do you want?

Please? On which planet do you live? Btw she only has one friend and that's SRK who has visited her this weekend in LA.

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She only attends such parties to hunt for Hollywood stars and to beg for film offers.

There is another pic showing PC and she looked stunning, all black dress, perfect hair, makeup. She is so beautiful now. I like their friendship; I loved Season 1 Quantico.

This picture is from the weekend.

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