Photo: When Kalki Koechlin played mixed tapes with ex-husband Anurag Kashyap

Ex-couple Kalki Koechlin and Anurag Kashyap interviewed each other for a show.
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Kalki Koechlin married Anurag Kashyap in the year 2011 and they got separated in 2015. Since then, the exes have been cordial to each other and maintained a warm relationship.

Yesterday, Kalki and Anurag interviewed each other for an online page. In the picture, Anurag is seen showing something above and Kalki is gazing at it with a smile.

Kalki captioned the picture on Instagram stating, "It's not everyday you get to listen to the voice of God and play mixed tapes with your ex."

Check out the picture and tell us about it in the comments below.

Earlier, Anurag spoke to an online portal about Kalki post their separation. He said, "Kalki is a great actress. What happened between us, why we went separate ways... all that remains between us. But she gave me six years of her life. I respect her for what she is; she really changed my life. Even if she left me, it's because the shortcoming is in me... I am not good at relationships."

He further said, "Perhaps as they say... the man who makes people laugh, is often the saddest. So, maybe it's just a case of that...Every person has a weakness and strength... But yes, for me, there is a no bigger loss that Kalki is not with me today."

While Kalki spoke about her divorce to a leading fashion magazine saying, "I found it really hard when I left Anurag (Kashyap, her ex-husband). The first year… it was tough. I grew up in boarding school and then shared houses with people, so I had never lived alone. But it’s something I really needed to learn how to do."


How can two people who loved each other so dearly manage to be friends after just two years of separation is beyond me. As they say, for people who are friends with their ex's, either you were never in love or never stopped loving..

Why these two had to separate? Anurag looked sensible when he was with her!

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