PHOTOS: Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao, Fatima Sana Shaikh and others attend MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival

MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival has now officially begun and many B-Town celebs are gracing the red carpet.
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MAMI 19th Mumbai Film Festival has now officialy begun and many B-Town celebs are gracing the red carpet. Aamir Khan and wife Kiran Rao posed for the shutterbugs at the event. Aamir was seen wearing a three-piece suit, Kiran looked dazzling in her coordinate set. 
Aamir's Thugs Of Hindostan actor Fatima also arrived with Dangal director Nitesh Tiwari and was all smiles while posing for the paparazzi. Fatima looked like a vision in a white dress. Fatima also celebrated Eid Al Adha with Aamir and his entire family. However, when the plum role landed in Fatima's kitty, eyebrows were raised and there were speculations made if Aamir was behind this 'favor'. On these lines, Kiran had said,  "We don’t deal with casting. Aamir, Adi and Victor decided the casting so they must have given it a good thought because it’s a big film. There has to be merit or else they wouldn’t take risk with such a big film."
Not just Fatima, Aamir's Secret Superstar actor Zaira Wasim also posed with the actor and Kiran. 
Sharmila Tagore also looked lovely in her yellow saree. The veteran actress Sharmila Tagore will also be honoured with the Excellence in Cinema India Award at the 19th edition of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. 
Check out the pictures: 


I think Aamir wants Fatima, but Fatima is not obliging yet. Kiran is on her way out. He takes Fatima everywhere, he wants to be around her.

Omg Fatima looks soo much like vani kapoor..xtnsions didn't suit her

Kiran looks adorable. Not sure why the hate over her glasses. People just can't accept anyone different than they are.

talking of amir and Fatima, it really does seem like Hollywood we have our own set of predators here in Bollywood.

Fatima looks like Vaani Kapoor

There are pics of her entering the party with Mr Khan, why in the world would Ambani invite her???

Fatty looks like a man dressed in a dress and Kiran looks like a man dressed as a man!? Lol! And why oh why is amir looking weird ?

Kiran is wearing a blazer over a bra? Who said money translates to tasteful classy style
what happened to the overpriced ugly cotton sarees Kiran?
She looks like a man, maybe Aamir likes his women... umm
Fatima ghar jaakar kapde pehankar aao :P Dress bhool gayi lagta hai

At this rate, Aamir will be dating Aaradhya in a few years.

Fatima is born 1992 same age as me my mother is 1968 Aamir Khan is born 1965 he older than my mother I'm 25 years old

Ugh kiran looks like a nerdy boy

This kiran person think she looks cool with such silly glasses and cloths.No wonder Amir doing things behind her back.

Fatima Khaif looks hot. Kiran, grow your hair out.

It is crazy to allege he is dating Fatima and is resent with his wife there. I think it’s a PR attack from well known people. Fatima’s Eid pics with the entire family and one pic with his son , daughter and a friend makes me think she could be dating Junaid. People should show some sense. PV please post.

Sharmila Tagore looks real classy

Of all these people Sharmila tagore looks the best. And can pv stop trying this childish stuff of cropping pics together, we getit that u wanted us to see that these people have an affair but its the mostly unbelievable thing about from beijg a silly rumour

Fatima looks like a total bhen

The first and second wives are here

seond and third..first was Reena

Fatima so average looking

Kiran trying pull off that smart look but the glasses spoil it all . And what is with Fatimas hairstyle,, ewww. No good

Pati Patni aur Woh!!!

PV you are being so sly. They didn’t come together so why would you put just these three in the same post. Just to keep the rumors going? There could have been so many others too in this post. Please don’t be so cunning. Please post this.

Fatima looks pretty

Aamir has wife and current girl friend at the same party. Hypocrite Khan

awesome threesome

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