Photos: Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan pour in heartfelt wishes for Agastya Nanda on his 18th birthday

Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan took to their Instagram pages and wished Agastya Nanda on his birthday. Shweta's son has turned 18 today.
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Shweta Bachchan is a proud mother of her two children - Navya Naveli Nanda and Agastya Nanda. Shweta made her Instagram page public a few weeks ago and we got to see a lot of unseen photos of the Bachchan family. From Amitabh Bachchan - Jaya Bachchan to Abhishek Bachchan - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Aaradhya Bachchan, everyone is a part of Shweta's Instagram page. Definitely, the picture-perfect moments are a visual delight.

Today, Shweta's son Agastya is celebrating his birthday and the loving mother took to her Instagram page to wish him. Shweta shared a throwback photo of Agastya in which he is looking super cute. Shweta posted the photo with a caption stating, "14 years ago on your 4th birthday @agastya.nanda . All you wanted was cake, and to sit with your fav girl!! Things haven’t changed. I LOVE YOU. Happy 18th Ag" Even Abhishek wished Agastya by sharing his photo on Instagram with a message, "Happy 18th birthday Agastya! You have the kindest heart and mamu loves you very much. Have the best day. Love you."

Earlier this year, Agastya tried his hand at filmmaking and released a short film on YouTube. His film left an impressive mark on his grandparents Big B and Jaya. Talking about it, a source earlier said to Deccan Chronicle, "Agastya not only wrote the script and directed his film, but he also composed the background music for it. When Amitji and Jayaji saw the film they were bowled over. They now feel Agastya could be the first filmmaker in the family. Although if truth be told, Jayaji has been prodding her son Abhishek to move into direction for the longest time."


Aishwarya has been traveling around the world for work and fun and she only takes her mother and daughter with her. Every year, she hangs out with celebrities in Cannes and has been taking her mother Vrinda and daughter Aaradhya on red carpet. Sick woman! She doesn't even take her husband along. She has never publically praised or wished Shweta or her kids. She has never publically praised or wished her brother, his wife, and their kids. She doesn't care for both her sisters-in-law but her sisters-in-law are expected to acknowledge Aishwarya and her daughter on every occasion? That's really unfair!

It was Shrima Rai's birthday yesterday. Shrima is Aishwarya's sister-in-law (wife of her brother Aditya Rai). Aishwarya didn't create an Instagram wish for her sister in law. Why is Shweta expected to create a special post for Aishwarya when Aishwarya hasn't done anything for her and her other sister in law?

Shweta is being hated for wishing birthday to her son. Wow. The commenter who said that Shweta is sick because she has an Instagram post for her son's birthday but not for Aaradhya needs to get a reality check. Has Aishwarya ever wished or acknowledged Shweta's kids? Has Aishwarya ever wished or acknowledged her brother Aditya Rai's kids? Aishwarya has never posted Instagram birthday wishes for Shweta's kids and Aditya Rai's kids. Her Instagram is filled with her own pictures and her mother and daughter's pictures.

Whatever might be the issues with grown ups
We should never show it on the kids

She can’t wish Araadhya on her birthday
Sick woman
Abhishek is on the other hand is handling things so well

Why is that?!? Does shweta and Aishwariya have issues with each other?!?

Shweta does not have any issues with Aishwarya. She has never said anything negative about Aishwarya. Aishwarya's fans are jealous of Shweta and hate her (for silly reasons). According to them, Shweta has no right to be in public because only Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has the right to use Bachchan surname and appear on TV interviews, photoshoots, red carpet, award ceremonies, promotional events, magazine shoots. If Shweta is invited on a TV show, Aishwarya's fans go red with jealousy because they think that only Aishwarya should be on TV. If Shweta spends time with her parents, Aishwarya's fans go mad and start calling Shweta names. If Aishwarya spends time with her parents, they call her supportive. Aishwarya is everywhere...on every magazine cover, ads, red carpet...just everywhere. Still her fans think that only "poor" Aishwarya should be in public. Everyone else should be locked inside their house and has no right to have a career. Aishwarya's PR has been showing Shweta and Bachchans in bad light to show Aishwarya as "victim".

ghar ghar ki kahani hai...

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