Photos: Abhishek Bachchan enjoys birthday dinner with Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Aaradhya and others

Abhishek Bachchan is celebrating his birthday with family and accompanying him are wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shweta Bachchan and others. Check out the pictures here.
Photos: Abhishek Bachchan enjoys birthday dinner with Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Aaradhya and othersPhotos: Abhishek Bachchan enjoys birthday dinner with Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Aaradhya and others
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Abhishek Bachchan is celebrating his birthday with his family and while wishes poured in for the actor on social media from fans and friends alike, he ended his day on a high note with a family dinner. Everyone seemed to be busy as they headed out from a popular restaurant. Aishwarya also wished her baby Abhishek on his birthday with a cute picture of the two and also one of his childhood picture where he seemed to be pretty much unrecognizable.

Present for the dinner party were Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aaradhya Bachchan and Shweta Bachchan. They all were papped outside the restaurant as they headed for home post their dinner. Senior Bachchan looked just as charming as ever, while Shweta was donned in a casual outfit. Birthday boy Abhishek chose white as the colour for the night while Aishwarya was dressed in an all-black ensemble. Aaradhya looked cute in a pink dress as she held onto her parent's hand while they walked out.

Check out the pictures here:

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Meanwhile, Abhishek and Aishwarya's upcoming film Gulaab Jamun seems to have been stuck now and there hasn't been enough developments ever since. Abhishek, in his interview on Koffee With Karan had spoken about how he doesn't wish to second any lead actor and he wants to do meaningful roles in the future. Post his sabbatical, he returned to the screens with Manmarziyaan.

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I’m sorry but the only people that have hate for ashwariya are Kareena and karishma maybe not so much the latter. Never in a million years will u hear Kareena talk about ash favourably yet bebo stalks ash (as evidence from her phone) and her family daily. Come on Kareena if u were going to be like ash u would have had a title?

is Nasa his birthday shirt lol

south indan likes shiny cloths

It's good that Shweta accompanies Amitabh to guard him from the clutches of Aishwarya. It used to become really awakward earlier when Aishwarya pushed Jaya away and used to latch herself onto Amitabh and started hugging him. Aishwarya's weird mother would look at her daughter proudly and encourage such cheap behavior.

Looks like Aish mata had all Hillary Clinton's middle age pant suits.

makeup cakeup

fake gaudy family

Money can't buy happiness.

Shweta and Amitabh came out first looking like they've just seen some horror movie. Then Abhi and Aish came out with Aish holding Aradhya firmly. Aish first peeked to check where the people with phone cams are, planned her steps with her daughter and did a wave fromtje car. Her mom left in another car. It was one pathetic and unconfortable scene for one and all except for Aish and Aradhya who are as always oblivious and delusional.

those white stockings are hurting my eyes!

I don't like Aishwarya either, but it is good to see her mother Vrinda Rai with them. Probably Jaya couldn't make it and so Ash's mother stepped in. Isn't he her son too?

Vrinda doesn't care about Abhishek. She stepped in because she likes attention. Vrinda has always been with Abhishek and Aishwarya since they got married. Aishwarya's mother can't live a moment without following her daughter. She has been glued to Aishwarya since forever. Weirdly, people call Aishwarya's parents supportive and Aishwarya as a good daughter but when Shweta comes with her parents, people abuse Amitabh, Jaya and call Shweta bad names.

I think Ashwarya and Ardhya came straight from a wedding lol ash dresses in sequins arghhh

Anything for one seem happyy in the family

is she trying to force the idea on us that her daughter is 2 or 3 years old? hahaha why dress her like that, she is 2 years away from becoming a teenager. This is abuse and odd

being a celeb kid aradhya needs to dress more stylishly like north west

Jaya is a working woman, she is not free 24 hours. She is a politician, a member of Parliament. She stays a lot of days in Delhi due to her work.

lolllll 8 year old in the lap and help her get down stairs? Am sure she will run away from her mom as she grows old

NASA jaccket?

Jaya missing but Vrinda tagging along.

This is such a regressive comment! 'Tagging along"!! This is why daughters family get sidelined in India.
Vrinda ji cared enough to attend her son-in-law's Bday dinner. She has every right to as long as she is a well-wisher!
And as for Jaya, she has all the time to shout at random people including the people who gave her own son work. But no time to attend his Birthday. says a lot about her nature.

Poor Jaya who has been tolerating clingy Vrinda since the last 12 years. Vrinda is always with Aishwarya and Abhishek. She mostly hung out at Jalsa and always travels by Bachchan cars. Amitabh and Jaya must be regretting bringing Aishwarya as their daughter-in-law.

Vrinda ji doesn't care for anyone else but her daughter. She just has to follow Aishwarya everywhere. She's so clingy. Aishwarya has inherited her clingy mom behavior from Vrinda. Vrinda seems like a control freak who has to control Aishwarya's every move. Vrinda is hardly a well-wisher for Abhishek. Her life revolves only around Aishwarya. Aishwarya's nature of always overacting, annoying others, laughing like a donkey without reason, screaming and shouting loudly, and constantly talking bad about others says a lot about her mother's nature and how she was raised by Vrinda.

Why is Jaya missing? Is it because Aishwarya’s mom is there? She wasn’t there for Aradhya’s birthday party where everyone was there including Sweta and Vrinda rai.

She is in politic Jaya.. Or maybe she is unwell.. But the faces they have.. No so happy

Why can't you appreciate the fact that they are having a nice time together.Instead of looking for the missing person look for other members who are there.

Jaya missing!!!?

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