Photos: Ajay Devgn performs last rites at father Veeru Devgan’s funeral; Aishwarya Rai Bachchan consoles Kajol

Ajay Devgn and his family is grief-stricken due to the death of veteran action director Veeri Devgan. Ajay performed the last rites at his father’s funeral while Aishwarya Rai Bachchan consoled an inconsolable Kajol. Take a look.
Ajay Devgn at father Veeru Devgan's funeralPhotos: Ajay Devgn performs last rites at father Veeru Devgan’s funeral; Aishwarya Rai Bachchan consoles Kajol
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Ajay Devgn and his family are on their way to perform the last and final rites of Veeru Devgan. The entire film industry is mourning the death of the veteran action director, Veeru Devgan. Ajay Devgn’s father was a well-known name in Bollywood and hence, everyone who knew him is mourning the loss of a pure soul like him. Post the news of his demise, many Bollywood celebs including Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and more visited Ajay Devgn’s house to pay their last tribute. 

The cremation was to take place at 6 PM at Vile Parle West. Ajay who looked grief struck performed the last rites of his father the crematorium. When Ajay and his family members were taking away father Veeru Devgn for the last rites, Kajol was inconsolable. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan were present with her and supported her in this hour of immense grief. Ajay along with the other family members reached the crematorium where everyone paid their last tribute to Veeru Devgan. 

While the action director had been the brains behind many stunts in films, he also ventured into filmmaking with his movie Hindustan Ki Kasam. It was this morning that he was admitted to a hospital after he complained of breathlessness. After that, he suffered a cardiac arrest and left for his heavenly abode. Veeru Devgan was 77 years old and was a respected member of the film fraternity. Arjun Kapoor, Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Ranjeet and others also were present at the funeral. 

Take a look:

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Good job karishma isn’t married to Abhishek she doesn’t have the love affection nor outlook to take on other people’s sadness. Hence why she’s single. Is sad she has to follow her pathetic sister and mum.

No Kareena fell out with Ajay over a film she has made no further films with him.....and nor did she greet Kajol at Sonams wedding. Of course like the 3 stooges krishma nor Babita will turn up in aid of supporting the dumb bebo.

Ash is posing like she's Kajol's cousin. Hahahaha. She's probably doing it to get back at Rani. Ash Trash is still pissed at being kicked out of Chalte Chalte some 15 years ago.

Well done, Fakewarya. Mission accomplished. You're standing in the front like you're related to Veeru Devgn. Lol. Wherever this woman sees a camera and an opportunity to create a fake good impression, she puts on her wig and makeup and goes to pose.

Lol..Rani/Kareena fans can't digest the fact that people are loving Aishwarya. Keep burning . Aishwarya is burning you Idiots since the last 2 decades. Your ugly Rani/Kareena are idiots.

Very sorry to hear about the
sad demise of Shri Veeru Devgan ji.God bless his soul and give the family strength enough to bear this irreparable loss..Shat Shat Naman.

I feel with Kajol and Ajay.

Kajol is really close to her in-laws. She is crying like its her own father. May his soul rest in peace.

Kajol lived with her in-laws throughout her married life. On KWK, Ajay said that Kajol has formed a beautiful relationship with her in-laws. If there is an emergency, his mother calls Kajol before calling him.

Bless the Devgn family

I really like this couple - especially Ajay - he is a really cool guy, I am so sorry to hear the loss of a great person ( Ajay's Dad) RIP Sir - a loss to bollywood

Ash comes across authentic in such times. She’s not a party girl but shows up when it matters. Sweet! Abhishek is a gem too

Fakewarya is far from authentic. She shows up wherever cameras are.

She spent her youth partying with different boyfriends. There's a recent meme attesting her colorful past.

Rip,bhagwan inki aatma ko shanti de.....

Rip sir Viru, you gave a lot to this industry..


Only thing I like about Bollywood is being there during this hard time. During such time one need support system. I like Doel brothers getting their at such time as otherwise they are not like others being at every shaadi, awards and party

Daughter-in-laws almost always have a strong bond with FILs. Blessed was Kajol and vice versa. RIP Sir! Tears.

Bhagwan berry ji ki aatma ko santi de

Ash always had her priorities sorted out.

The way Kajol hugged Ash really shows how they bond well...

Well where is cousin Rani?

Rani has always been a selfish woman, that's why she doesn't get along with any of her contemporaries.

Rani gets along with everyone. Ash Trash is the Queen of Selfishness and Cunningness. She doesn't have a single friend in the industry because the only thing she knows is to use people.

Kajol is such a real person, most celebrities do everything they can to hide feelings since they're always on camera

Keep the pakis out of Hindu loss etc. They are yhjere to take pics and glorify themselves.

WTF is wrong with you?

dude, India is made of all the religions since centuries !! so do not bring your pathetic comments here !

First learn how to spell or at least correct your autocorrect. You also are not a real Hindu if you believe in segregation and separation. Feel sorry for you. You have a terrible outlook on humanity. Whatever emery you put out will be what you get back. Veds never promote hatred.

RIP Veeu Devgan Ji. You were a phenomenal stunt and fight director in Bollywood films. Rest is history. May God give strenth to Ajay, Kajol, mrs Devgan and Nysa and Yug to cope with this incredible loss. My condelences to the entire family.

What the kareena is busy shooting if you dont know so is saif who happens to be doing novie with ajay at the moment. Dont know about karisma and babita. Im sure theyll come eventually to pay their condolences . Your attacking them as if they are the only ones who didnt turn up. So many celebs didnt come some just know how to drag kareena and her family

Everyone there apart from the Kapoor girls and their mum who has sworn to go anywhere. Apart from tailors birthday bashes! Seriously wait until it happens to them I hope others in India will repeat their apallling behaviour

Just because they're not posing in front of the camera doesn't mean they didn't go to offer condolences. You are issuing a judgement based on a few pictures.

Bacchan family. Hats off. In time if grief they are by the side of everyone. Very admirable quality.

Bachchans better be there. They are neighbours in Juhu. Wonder why Yash jis family is not there. They are immediate neighbours

Poor Kajol, she has been with Ajay since she was 19, that makes it 25 years, that is 25 years of knowing sir Veeru, more than half of her life. They have lived in the same home since she has been married to Ajay. She must be so heartbroken right now. R.I.P. Sir.

Hope the family are coping ok, Rip

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