PHOTOS: Alia Bhatt and beau Ranbir Kapoor twin in white as they head to Varanasi for Brahmastra's shoot

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor were snapped at the airport as they headed out to Varanasi to resume the shoot of their upcoming film Brahmastra. Check out the pictures right here.
PHOTOS: Alia Bhatt and beau Ranbir Kapoor twin in white as they head to Varanasi for Brahmastra's shootPHOTOS: Alia Bhatt and beau Ranbir Kapoor twin in white as they head to Varanasi for Brahmastra's shoot
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Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor will pair opposite each other for the very first time with the upcoming film Brahmastra and the two have been super busy with the shooting for the same. They returned from Varanasi only recently because of Alia's ill health. The team was supposed to shoot for a song while they were at Varanasi, however, Ayan Mukerji called it off and asked the actress to take some rest and hence they came back to Mumbai.

However, looks like the actress is now all well and fine as the two were spotted at the airport heading to Varanasi. Both of them looked adorable much as they decided to twin in white. While Alia put together causal pants with a rather oversized jacket, Ranbir looked dapper in white. Both of them seemed to be in a rush of sorts and well, for now, let's just say that the fans can get all happy with a glimpse of what we've got. Check out the pictures right here:

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Alia and Ranbir have been dealing with quite the hectic schedule as far as their shoot in Varanasi is concerned. The movie has also been shot in Bulgaria, and Mumbai in bits and pieces earlier. Apart from the two, the movie also stars Mouni Roy, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni, and Dimple Kapadia in pivotal roles. The movie is slated for a summer 2020 release and well, it has been quite the talk of B-town!


why are they even trying this bull shit. nobody belives them they are dating.

WTF wats with her tagging along to NY everytime lol real girlfriends never do this! My fiance's mom is ill and she lives in kolkata . i didnt go all the way to kokata from delhi just to spend quality time with my fiance's parents. They are stressed and need their time .

She's soo ugly

Oh god! Everytime when there post about rk and alia there will be lots hate comments. Just stay away from their personal life. Judge them as an actor. Their personal life none of your business. As if you all had very perfect relationship in your lives. Sigh!

if they were really dating people would praise them. here they are making a fool out of there fans by lying for a film . lying to there fans who pay money to watch there films.

with an intestine issue she is goign to NY? lol to spend 'quality time' ...kjo really has these two wrapped around his little finger! kjo aunty she is sick....have some mercy! sick leave ke time bhi promotion karna galat hai

next level PR lol shes goign and living with RKs family for news? goodness! ha ha ha this has gone to -200 rofl who travels when they are sick for PR?! dedication for work :P

the couple is off to new york for quality time! not varnasi. PV are you sleeping? lol

now they know that we know that they r faking it . such tired faces cant act more

her shoes are heavier than her weight and those tracks or whatever is lengthy than her height and that shirt/shrug belongs to her elder sister . such a wannabe better knows she can never look hot or most desirable

Who’s feeling pain for Kat when she dumped Salman Khan who brought her into the industry when she was nothing and not even used to look that good that time u didnt feel the pain for Salman because of god digger botoxrina

She looks so stressed always around him and he so unhappy, almost embarassed to be around her!

I wonder if any member of the Kapoor family (Ranbir’s mom, sister) sees these pictures and realises how unhappy and miserable he looks with her.

Ranbir parents are in denial. They want Alia as their Bahu.
Neetu did not care for Deepika and Katrina so for them Alia is a blessing.
Ranbir and Alia do not look happy though.

RK, it’s better to be single than be seen around with this ... I feel embarrassed for you.

Why cant katrina's fan move on.she has moved on and trying to find new bf .katrina knew that rk doesn't love completely(acc to her interview),so it was her fault that still she wanted to be mrs kapoor.

Why cant deepika's fan move on.she has moved on and trying to find new bf .Deepika knew that rk doesn't love completely(acc to her interview),so it was her fault that still she wanted to be mrs kapoor.

Both are such talented actors and dignified human beings. God bless them

Toh kya ab ek bhai behen ek sath airport se aa jaa bhi nae sakte ?? Hadh hai

2 men in one frame

Who is this short below average ugly man besides ranbir ??

Where is RK’s Soummate?

He looks like her father or uncle. It's really disturbing actually. And, Alia has become so unlikable since being with Ranbir. I have zero interest in watching their movie...

I completely agree. Alia is the one who is going to be hurt in the end. But she does think things through, so let’s see.......



People's opinion of Alia went low due to how smug she has become lately. Earlier it seemed like she cared a lot about her image. Now she has become a plain B. She is at best a "Plan B", See what I did there???

her image is already broken, when she was with Sid she was still considered beautiful and innocent, now she is a snake, just look at the hatred that she and her arrogant attitude generate lmao, she is over.

Her image has changed from fun,bubbly girl to that of an old, conniving little runt. Her PR must step in and put an end to this facade. People are not buying this "we are in love" image from both of them. It makes one feel a little disconcerted.

Get over it, they are in love and will get married. If anyone is a snake it is Katrina.

They should be beaten to death

How long they are to fake it...untill the movie release? I don't get why RK dances to the tunes of KJO and Alia. He's never looked 'invested' in the relationship.

PV rigging likes and dislikes again. How is one to enjoy this entertainment portal again?

Alia had a HUGE Fight with Zabardasti ka superstar RK, reason of cancelling shoot.


They are going to New York.

RK is getting more handsome but losing too much weight. Alia is pretty as ever in her no makeup natural face. This is a real airport look and they look great.

Such a looser this guy is, this is a FAKE relationship.. nothing else..

they seems so much in love they cant stop looking at each other *sarcasm*

All I can see from Alia's airport "looks" is namedropping Desginers. So unoriginal and cringeworthy..

Alia bhatt looks cute here.

Both are bored of pretending.

Best hero

Very old,ugly looking and plain.

she has lost the charm she used to have once.

RK looks great here!

Two rats together

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