Photos: A chirpy Rani Mukerji snapped at the airport

Rani Mukerji looks all chirpy as she gets snapped at the airport.

Rani Mukerji today made a splash at the airport. Seeing her all chirpy and smiles for the camera was a delight to watch. 

Sporting a navy blue top which she layered with a brown leather jacket and printed jeans, Rani rocked the casual look like a BOSS. She teamed the look with black belly shoes and sunglasses. 

Check out the pictures here: 

Rani Mukerji is all set to make a comeback on the big screen with the film Hichki. 

Ace photographer Avinash Gowariker shared a picture of Rani from a recent photoshoot on Tuesday. The talented actor looked drop dead gorgeous in this close-up click. In the picture, she is flaunting her honey coloured eyes and her long luscious locks.
Avinash tweeted the picture saying, "#PostPackUpShot wid one of my all 
time favourites
#RaniMukherjee after the publicity shoot of #Hichki! Can't wait to see her back in action"
In an interview with a daily when Rani was asked about Hichki, she had said, "I was looking for a script that would challenge and excite me, and Hichki came my way. Each one of us has a weakness that pulls us back, it could be a disability or any condition but if we just look at it as simply a hiccup, we can emerge as a winner. It won't come in the way of achieving your dreams. Hichki is built on this positive premise and I have decided to take it up."



Credits: Viral Bhayani

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she is a jealous lady she got movies only because of aditya chopra she is very jealous of much better n the most popular PreityZinta as everyone knows that Preity is sooo much better than rani

Beauty and talent queen. So simple and lovely.

Queen of hearts looks lovely.

So extremely beautiful. We love you rani.

Thanks rani so beautifull is very brutish

People commenting s should also consider that she is 39 yrs old march she will hit 40...considering her age she looks quiet young

Rani maybe chirpy but has she paid her staff their pending salaries? Acc to one report, she has not paid her yoga teacher, the mani/pedi person.

She's looking so sweet. Really looking forward to seeing her on the big screen again!

Love you Rani! You look beautiful!

yay malkin is back!

Lovely smile

Fat and short

Have double chin

wow lookin! fresh Rani Mukerji is the queen of the color orange !!!!!!

It's hard to find a designer when your height is 1.53 ..

Why too much emphasize on what she is long as she is not showing up all of her skin (like most do even when they travel or out and about)..she doesn't have to cover her face with a ton of make up and dresses up like a movie star coming out of the airport...and that's what makes her unique from the rest of the gang...she is not tall or whitewashed or size 0 or have the most outstanding features, yet she stands real guys, covering oneself under make up and expensive cloths doesn't do or change anything...if she was on a magazine cover looking like that, that's probably worth talking but she is just herself out on the road, she can dress up causally....i would prefer someone to be like her than all dressed up like how other stars do...

How short is Rani. Is she at least five feet.

Lol at the guy behind her with cute smile

Omg fire your stylist - now!!

She looks pretty.

Still looks 16
Looking gorgeous our queen

Did she come back to pay her bills ?

No dressing sense

Looking so beautiful
Awesome style amazing

Beautiful simple and stunning
Made my day.
Beauty queen

Rani is a deadly combination of style, beauty & talent which can only be matched by the likes of Audery Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor or Julia Roberts

Queen rani! I wonder how no one sees your sarcasm and dare I say "dislike" of Rani in all your comments Lol I could see it from day one but it seems a lot of people don't get it
Like your sarcasm here haha

I love Queen Rani...i think everyone knows she's a Rani hater....and pls don't change QR....ur hilarious !!!!

Stop trolling Queen_Rani ! We know you don't like Rani !

Even her shining smile fails to save this boring styling. Sorry rani.

with so much she cant afford good clothes?

What is she wearing????

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