Photos: Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor hang out like old friends after attending an event together

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh were spotted together after they attended an event. Check out the pictures from the night here.
Photos: Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor hang out like old friends after attending an event togetherPhotos: Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor hang out like old friends after attending an event together
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Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor attended an event together, and well, pictures of the same have been all over the internet. The fans of both the actors can't keep calm as they saw Deepika and Ranbir together. Earlier, when news about the two coming together for an ad first came, the fans went gaga, and then later, BTS pictures, as well as some others from the same, had taken the internet by storm.

Last night, Deepika and Ranbir shared the stage, and well, they danced and interacted with the audiences, which of course, was one sight to behold. The two danced the night away, and in fact, also danced on one of Ranveer Singh's song from the movie Simmba. Post the event, Ranbir and Deepika were spotted in Worli, and they seemed to be pretty chill around each other. While DP looked elegant in a light pink dress, Ranbir happened to be twinning with her in a pink t-shirt paired with denims.

Check out the pictures here:


Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor shake a leg on Ranveer Singh's song 'Aankh Maarey;' watch VIDEO)

On the work front, Deepika is gearing up for her upcoming film, Chhapaak. Co-starring Vikrant Massey, the Meghna Gulzar film is based on the life of an acid attack survivor, Laxmi Aggarwal. Ranbir, on the other hand, will be next seen in the Ayan Mukerji film, Brahmastra. Touted to be a trilogy, the film will bring together Ranbir and Alia for the first time. Ranbir is also busy shooting for a period drama with Sanjay Dutt, Shamshera, which will be releasing in July 2020.

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Obviously she got married in order to forget to ranbir, and she also forces herself to love ranveer, her smile is forced and uncomfortable when she is with ranveer, but when she is ranbir she is all genuine.

It must be really difficult for RK to be out and about anywhere in India cus everyone is after him ....

Sure shot idea to get a hell lot of views and comments. Post DP - RK pictures. Well done PV.

Go check out the videos from that show, he was jumping around like a giddy kid and it Looked like he was having the time of his life, he clearly enjoys having her around, that's why he offers her movies and does ads and goes to events with her, not all actors who sponsor the same brands do that you know, if he didn't want to do it, no one would make him..but if you hate that he still wants her in his life one way or the other and a pic taken in a second when he was clearly distracted by something makes you feel better, then so be it..pv I dare you to post

Why she liked Viral's misleading picture if she does not mean anything ???

Deepika also kissed and hugged the girl in the black dress. Anyone noticed? No? Why not?

For God's sake people what's the paranoia she is simply giving a goodbye hug, only camera angle makes it look weird. Stop bs speculation and character assasination!

c'mon u all jab deepika ke husband ranveer ko koi problem nahi hai aur na in-laws ko then why are u all going mad.d'nt forget ranveer deepika ranbir aalia are all good friends and even party together.they are all grown up and matured people yaar.let the girl live.....and d'nt worry we will see deepveer tonight for the new brand they are endorsing.get a life haters....she said in filmfare interview her husband an in-laws are very supportive and know everything about her .she even shares her darkest secrets with her mother -in-law....jab miya biwi raazi to kyun jal raher and let live.❤❤

RK ❤

Pinkvilla is definitely on a smear campaign against deepika.

you are all so narrow minded and pathetic. It's 2019, men and women can be friends. men and women can hug each other, without threatening the sanctity of their personal relationships. Men and women can kiss each other on the cheek and it's not an indication of a woman having adulterous intentions. You women and men are the biggest bunch of insecure people ever to walk on this earth. I hope you are all happy in your miserable lives, with your false sense of comfort, "happiness" and "class".

Its not about kiss on cheek .. its the angle and their body language felt awkward .. headlines in news about that picture .. to make it worse she liked the picture ... its her classy behaviour you are proud about

Photos are telling the truth - she’s kissing his chin. Calm down

ranbir kapoor is not liking it one bit. she was despo for a kiss....looks liek she would have gone straight for his neck ha ha ha

peopel around them are looking at deepika in complete shock and WTF look ....says a lot! who goes around kissing? its not even the west . chance pe dance after so much lying about RK that he cheated blah blah

he pulled over and she couldnt reach him for a kiss! hey bhagwan! when will this girl grow some respect.

Kat fan and DP haters are writing hate comments again and again.Calm down.Jalo mat

She’s kissing him on his chin! Seriously what the heck!!!

Desperate Deepika

Lol Ranbir is pushing her off

What the hell is going on? DP please respect your husband RS who loves you so much! Unless it’s all for the cameras only.

Not Cool DP. It's gone be messy life of theirs. RK is gay. KJ is using him with alia so he can screw him.

I think Rk has enough stress in his own life, what with his fathers health he doesn't need to be in the news for trying to break up a marriage.

They have more chemistry and heat between them than fake relationship pics of Rk and Alia put together collectively. Should have never broken up guys.. hottest couple.

Besharam aurat

DP wants him so bad!

god plz make me RK for one many hot actresses are crazy for RK....even after marrige they still want RK ...wat life

Alia won’t leave him, no point trying.

deepika ki hawas RK ke liye saaf dikh rahi hai....main RS hota toh divorce kar deta cheapika ko. yeh galat hai

LOL ! a million negative comments in a few minutes. Katrina or Alia ? Chill whoever you are its just a friendly peck on the cheek. She left him free to marry either of you if he wishes.

why this kiss and all? was there a requirement to kiss an ex whom she has called a cheat? she contradicts her own statemnst....sour grapes deepika .... plz behave liek a married woman

DP is actually a lost cause. and RS is a blind puppy for a woman who has no self-respect and dignity towards herself and her body. sad.

Poor her she seems so thirsty for's like finally I can be near you...MUAH...MUAH...

RS ka kya hoga?

hahahaha one peck on the cheek saying goodbye and people are losing their minds. she kissed bharati and karan and that girl standing next to RK..are you sure she's not pining for them too :)))
pv pls post!

I can’t believe these comments.. grow up people... they are very close friends.. so what do expect .. just because she married she can’t have any male friends.. even the other day Ranveer Singh was seen hugging and kissing Katrina at an event and media made a huge deal out of it saying he is having fun in the absence of Deepika

RS surely deserves better

She has aged so much she looks like his elder

he looks so uncomfortable and awkward. poor guy.

If you see last picture he has a feeling of lost her and he is just a man who doesn’t want to kiss married women she is just doing formal

Che3xk the video. That good bye hug is all of 2 seconds long. Dont judge by a photo. She is happily married to her true love.

Both are cheaters suit each other

And you're a lonely internet thug

if he was a cheater why is she still after him? after marriage also she is behaving like this

even if RK has cheated on her he only did it with one woman. But deepika has cheatd sid mallya, nihar and RS now for about that?

RK did not let her give him a kiss rofl....

And no one let you sit with them at lunch.... rofl

lol....really deepika? RK is so grossed out...hes actually puling away

I think he got freaked out after catching a glimpse of you behind her... get it? since you're always talking behind her back LOL

Despo Deepika still lusting after RK. Look at RK's body language and feet, it's pointed away from DP. Look at DP, she's actually turning her body toward him. This is truly disrespectful to her husband.

Use your own tips and find yourself a man. I can tell from your comment, you're a hateful, bored woman

look at RK rofl.....he is pulling his neck so she cant reach him ...LOL

Neither can you... LOL

DP is not a saint. Yes, rk cheated on her but how quickly she moved on was not highlighted. She's even been with that nihar pandya mahn, she has slept with half the Mumbai , I guess.

is RK cheated on her WHY is she still lusting after RK then? shows RK did not cheat on her. he didnt love her. end of story

I hate you Deepika

she has ruined his image so much ...called him a cheat and even insulted katrina in the process! STILL why is he so into RK? why will anybody lust after a cheat? this woman is so fake and lies so much . RK even rejected her kiss here lol

RK ruined his own image. Not DP. Indians need to stop blaming women for everything. But I do agree that it's strange to see her so into him. No self-respecting woman should give such men any sort of attention.

Same person commenting over and over again.. so much hate.. get a life whoever you are..

maybe not coz deepika is looking sleazy here and this posy will get a million comments in a second. take it in. deepika is a cheat lol

shitttttttttt! RK is trying to move away! not cool deepika. stay in limits.

Wtf is this! She is not supposed to be so clingy to an ex boyfriend who dumped him and made a joke out of their relationship, but she will never stop wanting him.given a chance, she will dump RS for RK.

Ranveer deserves better than this cheap woman

Ranbir, pls don’t marry that child. Fine you made mistakes, you will find someone..don’t punish yourself man! Don’t kill your self for your parents approval. Please see a therapist. There is a way out of this pretend life.

mistake? like dumping deepika? lol.....we are seeing how desperate she is for being a mrs kapoor! lol no dignity even after amrriage runnign after ex in public events liek this....thankgod he dumped deepika. neetu was perfectly right tat RK deserved much better than ugly and despo goldigging deepika

where is her wedding ring?! she wont even wear it in front of RK lol

for hindus its mangalsutra not wedding ring and if one is in entertainment industry its not possible to wear everyday

omg....RK looks like he is going to throw up on her! this is very bad lol...deepika control are married...your husbnad will be watching

RS will not like this....deepika always is chance pe dance for RK...this will never change :P...she lusts after him and always will...

RS !!!! baba .....smell the coffee bro!

hello madam.....yeh kya ho raha hai?


RK is not letting her give him a peck ROFL

she is so hungry for RK lol

she still has a thing for him

why is she forcing a kiss on RK when he is moving away? this woman is just sick

deepika in complete anticipation of a sweet kiss from her object of obsesssion and passion and desire .......ha ha ha

she is so not inti her own husband...just look at her here....out of senses....even on her wedding day she was not so into her own man

the woman standing next to her is like what the fuc* is up with deepika .....her legs are stuck coz she is so shocked with wat is happening next to her .....RK is trying to keep her away....ewwww . why does deepika put herself in this situauion

old friends? ha ha ha ha...deepika lied so much about RK and katrina . jhooti kahiki

why is she doign all of this? there was no need to this peck which she was refused by she was rejected even for a goodbye kiss ha ha ha ha

kyo deepi behen? why? just think why?.....and RS keeps singing her praises......dont undertand wats happening

WTF is she doing? omfg!


deepika so desperate to kiss Ranbir kapoor....sheeeeesh yaar....poor RS has to see all of this

RK is so uncomfortable....deepika realy is so shameless

RKs expression is EPIC ha ha ha

she just loses it around the tall, fair and handsome lol

Yes Fawad...her excitement around L'oreal white models...her crush is Bradley Cooper...and she thinks Ryan Gosling sexy...
Poor her now she is stucking with Ranveer...hahaha...

WTF....deepika WHY?

deepika - cmon RK baby....let me kiss you...just one kiss...plz plz plz

RK - sandeep pakdo isko....yeh besharam ladki hai....


as Ayan said - the girl with a broken heart. why is she even trying to give him a peck? she can do anything for RK...she has lied about him..she has tarnished his image ...called him a cheat and insinuated he was in a relationship with katrina....and STILL we have such pictures

no way......deepika really? RK is disgusted..look at his face...

WTF! seriously?! deepika is such a Rekha

oops RK is keeping her at a distance lol look at his neck stretch ha ha ha

oh she wont stop even after marriage?! what was the need for this bye bye kiss? she is impossible

this is so embarssing...RK is actually pushing her away...the woman next to them is epic confused and tensed lol

RK is pulling away...BURN! deepika lol....yuck...why is she doing this? shaadi shuda aurat

Omg.... deepika why doing that

Mastani go to your bajirao

dang, what the frick is going on ya'll?

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