PHOTOS: Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in her all black avatar at the Femina Beauty Awards

The Chhapaak actress was seen donning some stunning pieces of jewelry to accessorize her look for the event.
PHOTOS: Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in her all black avatar at the Femina Beauty AwardsPHOTOS: Deepika Padukone looks gorgeous in her all black avatar at the Femina Beauty Awards
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The Chhapaak actress Deepika Padukone, arrived at the Femina Beauty Awards looking like a true diva in an all-black outfit. The Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone looked drop-dead gorgeous in a black outfit with a deep neckline. The Bajirao Mastani actress was seen donning some stunning pieces of jewellery to accessorize her look for the event. The fans are delighted to see the Bollywood diva in all her glory, as she arrived at the Femina Beauty Awards in the city. The gorgeous actress is known to make made heads turn with her glamorous looks be it a red carpet event or a party. The leggy lass never fails to impress the fashion police or her fans with her fashion statements.

The actress is known to be one of the most talented actresses in B-Town. The diva, who last featured in Meghana Gulzar's film Chhappak, got tremendous appreciation for her performance. The critics loved her act and the fans could not stop praising her fierce avatar in the film. The film revolved around the life of an acid attack survivor was portrayed brilliantly by the acting powerhouse Deepika Padukone. The stunner has been spotted on many occasions in the city with her best fashionable looks. The actress never fails to make an impression even if it is her airport look.

Recently, Deepika's husband and Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh shared a sweet picture of Deepika holding on to his Best Actor trophy. The actor who will feature in an upcoming film called '83 captioned the picture saying my little lady with my Black Lady. The fans loved the picture and also commented on it, with adorable messages for the stunning couple.

Check out the pictures of Deepika Padukone:

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Shame on these cheap bolly actress have all the money still don't cover their clevage.

Priyanka is even better dancer and a better looker and a woman with better figure and ofcourse better personality than deepika though deepika too is good but nothing compared to Priyanka.

Ok PC PR aur kuch. Agar Asia hota tu apko ider aa kar compare nahi karna parta.

Idk why her idiot fans keep comparing her with priyanka when they know priyanka is all together in a different league.She is a critically acclaimed global actress whereas deepika struggles to get uniform critical reviews.Deepika's hollywood career was blink and miss and nobody knows deepika's husband outside India while priyanka's husband is a youth sensation.Priyanka is a better actress and mare far fashionable than deepika.Priyanka is a trend setter and deepika is a follower.

Hi priyanka PR. Only your dumb fans are comparing.

Its Priyanka's idiot fans who compare Deepika with her. Deepika is much better and in a different league. Critics always praise her performance and see Chhapaak reviews please. Priyanka fans are jealous. Deepika's husband is far more talented and better than Priyanka's kid husband. He is straight unlike Priyanka's husband. Deepika is the only Indian to endorse Louis Vuitton and win crystal award. She is a better person and actress than priyanka. Deepika is a trend setter not a follower. Priyanka is a fkop in Hollywood.
Truth should be posted pv.

She looks awful here as compared to her whitened & smoothened out edited Instagram pictures.... clearly all her instagram pictures are way too edited. She just looks like a stick with no glow whatsoever.... Deepika you are not even 35 years as yet...imagine later ouch

Just like Katrina looks awful and dark as compared to her white skin Instagram picture. Clearly all her Instagram pictures are way too edited and photoshop. She looks like a man with no glow and feminism. Katrina you are old now please worry about yourself .
Post this please pv be fair to all.

Pls could you post your photos just want to see how beautiful you look..its really a shame you are knocking down some one who is one of the beautiful acteress of our generation..Get a life

Looking way better than Katrina.

Looking way better than Katrina.

Looking ugly

Katrina is looking ugly.

This outfit ia gorgeous and feels like it belongs on a canne red carpet . Its wasted here.

Dress is perfect except the sleeves

Whitening treatment is done? She suddenly looking dark or tanned again. I guess time for another round of whitening treatment.

She has never done skin lightening. She is back from beach holiday. It's a tan. Katrina has done skin lightening.
Post pv.

Her face looks weird. Did she have an upper lip job?

All great .... next down.
Neck up: awful hair, awful makeup, tired and lost look.

She has lost her sex appeal ,literally looks like a stick.

Honestly she looks pretty old for her age & haggard like a stick, absolutely no curves...

She looks very dull and tiref

She’s lost her charm and the plot not the same as before..and she has not even has no kids yet!

Karma spares no one and it's going to hit you hard deepika, wait for it

Katrina, KARMA will hit you hard. You wait for it.
Pv post this.

Ok Katrina. KARMA will not spare you and hit you hard. Wait for it Katrina.

looks unwell - tired

She is looking lovely as always..
Must had been a hectic day for her..

Perfect hair, perfect height, perfect body, perfect face and a perfect dress. DP is so perfect.

She has such a Diva! Sad her stylist does not do justice to this super lady

She still has tan from her Maldives holiday. :P

Sexiest woman of the decade for a reason.

I don't like the makeup but she looks gorgeous.

Outfit is good. Looking good.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has set a trend of this deep neck style ... now everyone in Bollywood is following. Kareena wore one recently, and now Deepika.

Much classier than pancakes Priyanka.

Wow what a beauty!! She looks gorgeous

Good outfit . hair and makeup could be better

She looks tired and worn out

That's true...
apart from being an actor , she is also a human being & she has every right to express how she feels..

Why is the whole look haphazard?!

Outfit looks good on her.

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