PHOTOS: 'Gossip girls' Gauri Khan, Shweta Bachchan and Farah Khan dine together

Farah Khan enjoyed dinner at a restaurant in Mumbai. The choreographer shared a picture with her gossip girls Gauri Khan and Shweta Bachchan on social media.
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Farah Khan along with girlies Gauri Khan and Shweta Bachchan are a mad bunch. The three of them are spotted at parties together, and any time spent together turns out to be a good time for them. As she dined out with her gossip girls last night, she shared a picture on social media and well, it did definitely look like they had loads of fun. Farah wrote in the post something about each one of them, and well, it was kind of funny as she sounded more like an elder sister. In the post, she wrote, "#gossipgirls ! @gaurikhan pls order hot chocolate for next time.. n @shwetabachchan im confiscating ur phone next meeting.. @putlu u were just fine."

She also shared another picture on her Instagram story and from the looks of it, they did have quite the girl time that one might need. The restaurant they dined at welcomed the girl gang in full spirits and good cheer. Shweta too, shared a picture on her social media, and wrote, "First Koffee then a nightcap with the madcaps." Meanwhile Farah highlighted in the picture she shared how they received a special treatment because they were 'special guests'

Meanwhile, Farah Khan showered a lot of love upon the newlyweds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. When the couple met Farah before they left, she also presented them a very thoughtful something - a personalized hand impression, pictures of which have been doing the rounds off lately. It is a hand cast of Deepika and Ranveer, the symbol of which is of course, the promise of being together.



May you LOVE happily ever after! #soninlawlove #marriageblessings @deepikapadukone @ranveersingh

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Shweta divides her time between Mumbai and Delhi. She's not divorced. Even if she is, why is it anyone's concern? She's spending time with her friends. Not sure why people saw this picture and started writing hateful comments. Shweta hasn't personally harmed any of you.

Miss Kjo in this pic!

Ewee Farah Khan is disgusting, opportunist and clearly all these people are the same, hence they are friends!! And, nothing will happen to her brother, he'll be back directing more vulgar movies again soon.this is how it works!! Nothing has changed, women like Farah Khan are the reasons why metoo movement will continue to happen and of course along with other offenders!

Lovely pic of friends. Such snarky comments here.

Doing what they do the best, useless people of India!



So many losers together

Is Sweta divorced? She is always in Mumbai? Who take care of her ailing mother in law and her husband Nikhil Nanda. These married movie actresses are more dedicated wives and daughter in laws than nobody Sweta. Bade Bap ki Bigdi hui beti. Now I can understand why her daughter Navya Naveli dances half naked in parties. Wild kid of wild mom.

Shweta is not divorced. She has been married to Nikhil Nanda for 22 years and still going strong. She's not desperate to get attention. She's spending time with her friends...if you equate that to be desperate for attention than you need to reevaluate your life.

Shweta’s marriage needs revaluation if she is only in Mumbai all the time, finding excuses to stay away from her husband. She doesn’t need to calm the public as her acts crystal clear to us. Shweta and her parents are faking the relationship with Nanda when he is living in Delhi

Chal jhootti. If Shweta is spending time with friends and parents from the last four years and not spending time with husband, it is called a broken marriage. Were english meanings not taught to you in your rich Switzerland school you fake woman? If the marriage is not being dissolved on paper because you need Nanda’s wealth, it is not considered a strong marriage. Stop writing in english and getting your dad to buy publishers for your books if you can’t understand simple words

Hello Shweta, only you and your dad think your marriage still exists. Are you telling us that you went to Delhi on the day your father in law passed away and otherwise you are living with your parents in Mumbai, partying with friends and want the public to believe that it is the definition of a strong marriage. Good try but better luck next time. You are seen in Mumbai photos almost all through the year since past few years. Are you dreaming that strong marriage happens in dreams. Stop lying you talentless woman. Hypocrite living a shallow life but dreaming that she is saving the institution called marriage

Looks like Shweta is divorced and desperate to be noticed. Daily party photos

Can’t decide who’s the worst

You maybe?

With everything that’s going on in their own lives, who do they gossip about?

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