Photos: Hrithik Roshan looks super handsome at Basanti Chola Diwas

Hrithik Roshan was clicked at an event with father Rakesh Roshan.
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Hrithik Roshan was today clicked by the shutterbugs at Basanti Chola Diwas. Along with Hrithik, father Rakesh Roshan was also clicked at the event.

The Kaabil actor looked super hot in a white kurta-pyjama teamed up with a yellow waistcoat. Rakesh Roshan, on the other hand, looked handsome as ever in a black kurta and golden waistcoat.

Hrithik Roshan's fans are waiting to see him on the big screen post the release of Kaabil. The superstar who does one or two films in two years has been making his fans impatient as they are waiting for the announcement of his next.
Recently, during an interaction with a leading daily, Hrithik was asked if he would like to do more films than his usual count. To which he stated, "Yes, of course. Anybody would. There’s no reason for me to purposely do fewer films. Why would I not want to do more films? That’s not the motive. But the motive is to find great scripts where I can do something special. I don’t want to take up everything that comes to me and then, not 
do proper justice to it."

There also reports that Hrithik was approached for Vikas Bahl's Super 30 based on the life and times of famous Mathematician Anand Kumar, but nothing has been confirmed about it. 
Apart from this Hrithik will be seen in YRF's next film. The film will also star Tiger Shroff. 

The untitled thrilling action film will be directed by Siddharth Anand and will begin shooting in April 2018. Hrithik returns to YRF after 11 years post the blockbuster Dhoom 2, while this is Tiger’s first film with YRF. Siddharth Anand who began his career with YRF returns back home to present both these superstars in a slick contemporary action film.

Hrithik and Tiger's movie is slated to release on January 25, 2019.

Check out the pictures here:

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God Bless You. Fan for LIFE!

kangana's silly exe

Pancholi silly ex stop stalking.

Hrithik's hair wigs looking so nice.

the lady in red saree and jewelery - love her sari and necklace

Hrithik my handsome hero makes yellow also look so good. Greek god

Greek God in Desi clothes!

Its indeed a man's world. RIP Indian women. Thank God i dont live there anymore.

RIP Foreign men from stalker like u

Foreign men are every girl's dream. All Indian girls should date them once, then they will get to know the difference.

He can make even a gaudy color like Yellow look Classy!

Nice pictures! Yellow looks good on him!

Curious to know what super handsome means? Super conceited? He looks like an aging desperado!

What does super handsome even mean? Lol! Why does a middle aged 45+ man need his father to accompany him with a pacifier?? He is a coward.

Jealous much. He was accompanied by his father coz both were invited. He is not the only one. Abhishek , RK , salman and others too many times accompanied by their dads. Hn please next time font take your father as a company to the events where he is invited coz then u will be a coward. Jealous stalker. Post it.

Grapes are sour, aren't they?


Oh yes that is how to rock the yellow! He doesn't often wear Desi outfits, so YUM YUM YUM. a

Now he just looks old and tired

FFS, he is so effing good looking!

Hrithik Roshan thinks even after all the name spoiling I am still getting the attention. Its really a mans world. and criminal siding society.

Name wont get spoilt bcoz a mad liar abuses after getting exposed. Whole world already knows who is right in this case. Thats why nobody went to watch her film despite all the tamasha.


Stalkers and liars are here
post it

Stalkers and liars are here

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Still waiting for the engagement and relationship proof. Lairs!

one person commenting all the way on this fake! we get are trying to change the perception..its part of the PR least do it with some

does this guy wear wig or transplant or how is he got so much hair when his dad is bald, pv its just a curious question no need to block this clean query.

A man's genes when it comes to hair comes from his mother's side. Get some education!

This pic made my day! Sunshine!

Love the outfit, just wish someone else were wearing it.

his exs will always envi him, what a hottie he is

Golden Greek God

Keep Inspiring us, Dude! May God give you all that you seek n need in ur Life. Love you so so much!

Hrithik is the only actor in BW who looks hot and sexy in whatever he wears.

SubanAllah. Stay bless and happy my love.

This day just keeps getting better. Thank you, Hrithik for making my day. Love you

Handsome Hunk! Jai Hind!

This day just keeps getting better. Thank you, Hrithik for making my day. Love you

Today i will die of happiness. First super 30 then YYRF next now this sexy pics. Reham karo Hrithik


Third most handsome man in the world for a reason. He can still make women go weak in their knees.

Gosh i a dead. He looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot. Hrithik have some mercy yaar.

Ignore the Haters n Stalkers. And Keep moving forward. God bless you


He looks HOT in everything! Muuuaaahhh

Nice coat! Inquilab Zindabad! Jai Hind!

I looooooooooooooove you!!!!!

Yellow is favorite color now! :)

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