Photos: Hrithik Roshan sports a handsome look as he gets snapped at the gym

Hrithik Roshan gets clicked in the city.

Hrithik Roshan knows to keep himself fit and in shape. He gives us immense fitness goals when he flaunts his chiselled abs and sexy biceps on the big screen. Well, what is the secret? A perfect diet and gymming of course.
Today, the handsome hunk was snapped outside the gym and looked hot as ever. Hrithik was seen wearing a black T-Shirt, track pants and a red shirt unbuttoned. He completed the look by donning a pair of black sunglasses.
The actor acknowledged the paparazzi and was all smiles for them.
Check out the pictures and tell us about it in the comments.
There were several reports making the rounds about Hrithik Roshan working the filmmaker Vikas Bahl based on the life of famous mathematician Anand Kumar. He is the founder of the popular Super 30 program in Patna that grooms IIT aspirants. The report states that Hrithik Roshan will be seen as the Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar in the movie which is tentatively titled Super 30.
we got our hands on pictures of Hrithik, Vikas and Kumar meeting for a discussion in Mumbai. The photographs were shared by Kumar on his Facebook page with a caption saying, "Just returned to Patna from Mumbai. But really I can't forget my meeting yesterday with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. The way he invited me to his house and gave me the honour really showed that he is not just a great artist but also a great human being. Thanks Hrithik ji, thanks a lot."
During an interview, Hrithik said, "If an opportunity presents itself (to narrate such stories) then it’s great. I think cinema is a fantastic medium to bring out stories that are inspiring and empowering. I am still in discussions for the film on him (Kumar). It’s not official but as soon as it will be, I will let you know."

Credits: Manav Manglani

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He is cool bcoz Sussanne is back into his life. Last year, he was looking messed up. Happy for his kids!

Love u Hritik!!!!

even kangana in her interview said he is a good looking human being.
the woman he is actually dating is very lucky

wow HR pr is all over the comments section

Wow kangana PR blaming hrithik PR. lol

Whenever I see him now I think FAKE NEWS lol. This man is fake from his fake hair to his fake personality. I think I would suffocate to death if I lived like him. Gotta give it to him for endurance

Uff hrithik make use of ur looks & talent. Do more commercial movies plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.dont do guzaarish & mohanjejedaro kind of movies.dying to c u on screen

Greek God

He looks like THIS and does roles like Kaabil which remove his looks. I know, he is Brilliant Brilliant Actor. But, needs to do more Commercial cinema!

Who is he dating?
Shweta or someone else?

He is dating his Ex wife, Sussanne again

in your dream, they are just friends, he is seeing somone else.

He has totaly get over his divorce and looking like 2000-2013's hrithik again.

Kaabil Hrithik

Rockstar Hrithik!

How Hot he is looking here! Wooooooooow

Hrithik plz do more massy movies.iam requesting pleading u.enough of krish series

Dude, Hats off to your Patience and Tolerance level!

OMG he looks so furious.

A Lion doesnt care about the opinion of sheeps. SHER HRITHIK

Can see why people are going Crazy over him. They were just waiting for him to get Single to pounce on him LOL

Love you, Man!


hot hot hot!!!

There so many handsome in Bollywood but hritik is not only handsome he is truly a gentleman

One word gentleman lov u ritik

Let the damage control begin...

Very Handsome Man :)

He's paying KRK to write bad things about kangana.He will bribe everyone to speak in his favour so that his real self don't get exposed.

ya just like kangana paid rajat sharma & masand!!

KRK exposing her with Proof. How much did Kangna pay Barkha, Rajeev n Rajat not to ask her for Proof to back her bizarre lies?

Looking damn good in this hairstyle, beard n color!

OMG He is too HOT! Looking like a True Blue Star in his look!

omg..hope hes not planning to stalk kareena @the gym now...

As if he cares about your fatreena!

Such statements actually make U look stupid. Ms. Phantasy

^^Not all are desperate like Aditya Pancholi's Ex

Probably the only man who make my heart go at 100 miles/hr! Stay strong, this too shall pass! :)

Do watch KRK video. Its hilarious!

Nice guy

Poor guy being harassed by a Stalker for no reason. Its time to show no mercy and file a case against her.

I love you, Hrithik!! May God give you all that you seek and need in your life.

Dont let anyone dim your Light! Just bcoz it is shining too bright at them. Keep Inspiring!

Please do more Movies. India's most Kaabil actor who can give even Hollywood stars a run for their money. Want to see you in some cool action flick like Bang Bang again!

He shud wear Red more often. Looks awesome as ever!

He should do more movies, without just trying to create image by hitting the gym or showing his a family man kinda stuff. Let them sort their issues. Both kangana and HR are gems and we need more movies from them.

You cannot fake an image for 17 yrs. He lives with his parents and is rooted in family. Else, anybody with his kind of looks wud hv had 500 girlfriends by now

Saw KRK video where he exposed Kangna with proof. Really sorry for misunderstanding you. Now, I understood how biased Media is. They don't ask the woman for proof. This is just like Aitraaz movie. It's amazing how you are still not said a word despite being a victim. Take care n God bless!

Don't add fodder to this stalker, your dignified silence is the best answer!

Cool and Hot in the same frame! Truth is on ur side. Hit back at the right time. We all stand by you.

As cool as a Cucumber. And as Hot as a Fire! Always an Inspiration. God bless you. May God destroy all those who try to hurt you and bring you down.

Multi talented superstar, one of the best we have in bollywood, please do more movies!!

I have a prevelige to meet him earlier this year. He is so gorgeous and fair in real life. I hugged and kissed him. That was the best day of my life.

this look similar kites movie in 2010 Hrithik Roshan love you my angel

lovely man so hot man so handsome man also his cute face love you my angel Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik is aging backwards. Ufff he is so handsome.

Hottest guy in bollywood. No wonder why pyscho is dying to get his Ex tag.

Love you Duggu!!

Hot Hot Hot. just look at him and you understand why kangana is losing her shit. Everyday she has sleepless nights because she will and can never in this life time and the next have him. Haters can burn, lie and throw all the mud on him, but Hrithik will forever shine and no negative agenda will dim his light no matter how much they try.

This color suits him a lot

Mai eysa Kyon hoon, mai eysa kyon hoon

Watch KRK latest video. Kya dhoya hai Kangana ko! Bwahahahahaahaha

Nobody can look this HOT yet CLASSY in Red!

World's Third Most Handsome Man for a reason. No wonder, he is being harassed by Crazy Stalkers. Stay Calm, dude! Ignore the Haters and Keep moving forward!

Expect Paid Stalker fans come here and abuse him. Like Fox and Sour Grapes!

Super HOT!!!!!

Next movie please!

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