PHOTOS: Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Preity Zinta look glamorous at the Vogue women of the year awards

The Vogue Women of the Year Awards saw Preity Zinta, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor make a striking appearance with their outfits.
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The Vogue Women of the Year Awards turned out to be quite the star studded affair with all the celebrities putting their best fashion foot forward. And, present at the awards were Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Preity Zinta, who made sure to make heads turn with their outfits. As the divas posed at the red carpet, they looked as stunning as ever, and we bet there were people out there taking style cues from them.

While Kareena Kapoor wore a shimmery gown, and looked as glamorous as she could be, she proved that there is no such thing as too much shimmer after all. Her hair was tied into a pony, and the makeup was minimal. She proved just like the so many times that her style game is always a hit. Alia donned a black gown with some sequins work and a trail that was just right. Her makeup was just the right kind of dewy, and those heels matched well. Preity, on the other hand, wore a sequin black outfit and decided to do away with a gown, choosing an off-shoulder knee length dress instead.

With all the who who's of the film industry present at the event last night, there's just not enough of the pictures that one can get from the event. Also attending the event were the likes of Ishaan Khatter, Janhvi Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Karan Johar, and many others. We did not find a single dull outfit from the event, and while the fashion awards sure had everyone on the edge, we think the ladies had all the attention to themselves as the shutterbugs clicked them.

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preity look so beautiful

Kareena looks good imo. Alia the less said the better. A good actress but she is not a looker by any means, lacks those movie star looks that superstars should have

Kareena’s dress is beautiful, looks an award trophy and very architectural. Her cheeks were too contoured making her beautiful face and light makeup look odd. There’s an exceptionally beautiful picture of she and Karishma at this event floating around. Everything worked for Alia here, love the dress. Preity looks nice but from the 90s.

all the ladies looking good........ but my fav is prety

God I miss preity...

Everyone looks good except Kareena. Too much contouring, pouting and terrible styling back to back.

On a red carpet ur dress decides ur expression.. why is alia laughing so much for a sexy dress..takes away all the aura

She is following DP...actually all of RK’s exes in all possible ways!

Why is iKaun K Ahuja not here?

What’s with Kareena showing so much cleavage these days. Started with Sonam’s wedding and hadn’t stopped ever since !! Gosh. Reeks of desperation

What’s going on with Alia’s toes

Kareena is trying to hard

They are all looking hideous, especially Kareena with that awful gown and pulled in cheeks.

Yh bach alia kiska kho gaya hai

Wow Priety Zinta blew the other 2 out of the water. Between the flat cutlets and scary jawline KKK is looking scary.

Alía looks like she is on drugs. Girl, stick to acting and just leave this PR circus, it is getting both boring and annoying.

Preity zinta looks stunning

Kareena is looking more like mouni Roy, bakwaas dress! Alia is a plain Jane

Neetu and Ranbir's child bride can never look anything but average. Kareena was hot. Preity was elegantly sophisticated.

kareena look bad alia n preity beautiful

Kareena and Alia are both looking awful.The makeup is bad and this weird /bizarre fashion which makes women seem more masculine rather than beautiful looks horrendous.

Kareena and Alia are both looking awful.The makeup is bad and this weird /bizarre fashion which makes women seem more masculine rather than beautiful looks horrendous.

Prety zinta face became like raki sawant

Halloween party hai kya

All the fake feminists are here

Ughhhhhhh can't believe media associate these gorgeous terms with the likes of alia. standards huh.

Hard to believe that Preity and Kareena were once rivals.

Kareena don't loose weight.. Your face loks worst when you loose weight

Kareena must have undergone cheeks surgery.. It was not like this before.. If you see her earlier movies

Kareenas face is looking worst

Pretty is looking better than the other two..

None of them are looking beautiful.. Botox queens

You must be blind.. I personally like Kareena but she's not at all looking beautiful here.. What's wrong with her face.. Especially cheeks? Botox?

Love Alia's entire look

KJO hosts award show & Alia wins award, is it a mere coincidence always?

So much make up and skin show. Everyone trying to up the other.

Gorgeous k sisters

Kareena looks beautiful

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