PHOTOS: Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan leave for London along with little munchkin Taimur Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Taimur Ali Khan were snapped at the airport as they head to London ahead of Saif's first schedule for Jawaani Janeman. Check out the pictures right here.
PHOTOS: Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan leave for London along with little munchkin Taimur Ali Khan
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Taimur Ali Khan is accompanying parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as they head to London ahead of the first schedule of Saif's upcoming film Jawaani Deewani. We reported last night that Bebo plans on taking a mini vacation along with Saif and it will also turn a family vacay for the three of them as they head out for London. The three were snapped at the airport and well, there is just too much to fathom in just a single frame with the three in it.

Bebo took to casuals and as usual, aced her airport look just right with blue denim, white top, and a black overcoat while Saif wore semi-formals and we are totally drooling over him. Putting both of them aside, stealing all the attention is the internet sensation and the cutest of all, Taimur, who was wearing his night suit and seemed to be rather sleepy, which of course, only added to his cuteness. All three of them together heading out was a sight for the sore eyes and we are totally in awe! Check out the pictures right here:

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On the work front, Bebo has been busy with back to back projects as she kick-started the shoot for her television debut with Dance India Dance right after she wrapped up Good News. For Saif, he has had an equally busy schedule and looks like both of them have to make this a workcation since neither of them has just enough time at hand with all the projects at hand.


All this woman do is Travel, Party, Travel Party on repeat. Saif is actually broke. Kareena has No ambitions, no career, No hirani movie...No Slb Movie..Nothing ! Younger girls are getting best of the best movies.

Sorry but taimur started to look like his grandad, he def doesn’t look as cute as he did when younger. That’s forward goofy pout sunken eyes...and hair doesn’t do him favours.

Orange feet what the heck was she thinking....maybe the stylist is away as she has hideous taste...back to claridges on baaand street. So predictable and so so boring.

She ensured she had a blow dry but forgot to get taimur a haircut. Lol how Saif shoos her away is so embarrassing. I hoe she does know if he finds a younger model/wife taimur will go with him. That’s how the pataudis work.

Saif is looking younger and younger.

Why are these two always holidaying?? Do they think that they are the only family who are able to travel? These two goes to London twice a month and to Maldives once a month. Why don't they shift there???

Why doesn't Saif ever hold Kareena like hold her hand or put his arm around her like regular couples like any caring loving husband would instead of her always tugging on his arm. Damn annoying.


Taimur is losing his cuteness as he is growing. Looking like nana ain't helping

Why does she hold her husband while he’s carrying the little one, she’s so annoying

Curious to know what does shrmila ji think of kareena adult themed parties??

Curious to know what does sharmila ji think of kareena colorful adults themed parties??

Curious to know what does sharmila ji think of Kareena's lovely colourful adult themed parties???

Jobless Saif Jobless Kareena....another trip to London....again

Jobless? hhahaha Saif is earning millions of dollars from Netflix series and his production house. Kareena is working in adds and Tv.

Feel sorry for this poor child being used for publicity by his fame hungry parents

Ibrahim is tall not short like Saif, hopefully Taimur becomes tall like his brother

I will not write the name of the clinic she goes to but yah it's a known secret in B Town that Kareena can't live without certain procedures and became quite paranoid about her looks, seems like the crazy old women we see all the time clinging to youth and not accepting their age, not only she's lazy and an actor by name but she's superficial. She has harsh features nothing about her looks genuine, I honestly doubt she knows how to smile, seems the doctor forget to tell her that this constant pouting will suck the life of her cheeks

Seriously? Is it that clinic where you go get all these major procedures and and then you go shopping, dining, photoshoots, sightseeing right after? Sorry, doesn’t exist that’s why your fave sneaks in, recover and sneaks back out. Get a life, we all know she’s a natural beauty, let the woman enjoy her favorite City in peace with her family and thank god PV won’t post comments like this on your fave because it’s true.

Kareena is so laziest actor ever all she does is party vacaction pose pout repeat

so cute..taimu in his pj's.isnt nanny going in first class with them??its a long flight to london i dont expect kareena to feed&change taimur or keep hi busy.

Saif and kareena are both heading to london to shoot for their respective films not to get any procedures like your fav does who then goes into hiding for months and months

Why dont you check first she has been to pay her condolence s to kajol and ajay. Guess you came straight here to bash her without checking whether she has gone or not

Someone please tell this old hag that she looks stupid and funny while pouting and sucking her cheeks in.Idiot

Pout aunty

Kareena aunty always skulking and pouting, in her delusional mind she's like Safoo why do we have to interact with these locals I am kareena one cares about you anorexic pouting aunty, two jobless wannabes using their child to stay in the news


Best comment

This is serious seems like kareena can't live without her face injections and plastic surgery procedures anymore, she was in London just few weeks back, Saif is nearly broke, she will have a meltdown soon when there's no money

Boss ..Saif is a Nawab the amount of property and land the family owns you have no idea.. half of Bhopal is owned by them and that is not even half of their belongings.. the entire family can sit, not work and the next 5 generations and live luxuriously!! Kuch bhi.. broke!! LOL!!!

Saif’s looking hot if I may say so

Shameless kareena still didnt pay her respects to ajay and kajol also didnt do same for sridevi instead busy having once more parties she is so selfish

You are so lame, yes she did. Why don't you look up. Ignorant prick.

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