Photos: Kareena Kapoor Khan hosts a Diwali bash, looks ravishing in a green saree

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan hosted a Diwali bash at their residence today and Karisma Kapoor with her children Samaira & Kiaan, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu attended it.
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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan celebrated the auspicious festival of Diwali by performing a puja at their office in Mumbai today morning. Kareena and Saif arrived with their son, Taimur Ali Khan, who looked adorable in a white kurta-pyjama. Kareena looked beautiful in a pastel green suit whereas Saif Ali Khan looked dapper in a white kurta-pyjama. The family posed for photos for the media and celebrated with Karisma Kapoor and her children, Samaira and Kiaan. Kareena and Saif have attended many pre-Diwali bashes over the last few days. They attended Shah Rukh Khan’s bash, Amrita Arora’s party and were spotted at Mallika Bhat’s residence for a Diwali bash.

The couple hosted friends and family at their residence in Mumbai on the occasion of Diwali. Kareena looked ravishing in a Raw Mango green saree with a contrasting trim border styled with a diamond necklace and side swept hair. Kareena Kapoor’s cousins Armaan and Aadar Jain arrived for the bash looking handsome in ethnic wear. Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu kept it stylish in traditional outfits. Soha and Kunal posed for photos for the media as they arrived at Saif and Kareena’s residence. Earlier in the evening, Soha shared a photo with daughter Inaaya from their Diwali celebrations.

Here are the photos:

Karisma Kapoor also arrived for the bash and looked beautiful in an outfit by Anita Dongre. She kept the styling simple. She colour coordinated in pink with her children Samaira and Kiaan. Samaira and Kiaan looked adorable in pink ethnic wear. 


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Looks like a man in drag now. She looks better a bit plump, fresh faced with limited makeup

Super glamorous hot looking kareena...dress minimal makeup and nude lips upps the glamour quotient.

She looks like a tacky aunty with that look and pose. My mother who is 2 decades older than her looks classier than Kareena Kapoor.

I was never a Kareena fan...but I'm impressed at the way she is always so 'ready' for the day/occasion/event/holiday etc. I've realised you simply cannot have everything in life because of luck or even hard work. You have to work on a strong, calm, positive mindset for so many wonderful things to come your way. And it's a really hard thing for most to achieve so good for her

Kareena has maintained herself really well I must say.

Bebo looks stunning....And I'm going to quote Salman Khan (sorry!) who once said long ago...that "When you're in shape, everything looks good on you!Designer or regular clothes..." So good on Kareena for being dedicated to her fitness... even though I'm in decent shape, I wish I had her extreme discipline

how many of these looking at the distance photos we have to see more, for goodness sake Kareena...Karishma looks sweet

kkk seems inspired from rekhaji..with all that sindoor etc but this look was suited more for karwachauth than diwali

I lost all words.
I am speechless.
She has taken beauty, elegance and confidence to next level.

Am so happy for her the success of vdw has given her more confidence. She's looking her best these day and her 2 upcoming films also sound good. keep it up bebo.

This is just sheer perfection from head to toe. she just needs to keep it simple like this. minimal makeup n accessories looks the best on her. Also stick to Mohit Rai for a while and give Tanya some rest.

Ok I take my words back. This woman is fricking hot. Kudos to her for maintaining so well even after having a kid

This color is so refreshing and perfect.I love this color on her

Less is always more with Kareena. She looks her best in soft makeup.

Both Kareena and Rani are doing amazing. Rani's Hichki was a hit in India and blockbuster in China. Veere Di Wedding earned 100 crs. We all saw what happened to Fanney Khan. Carry on. Your hate won't affect these ladies and they will continue to thrive unlike you know who

Aishwarya fans have exposed themselves in the comment section. This proves now that they are the ones spreading hate for Kareena and Rani. But what else can you expect from them? Their idol has nothing going on in her personal and professional life so they have to take out their frustration somewhere

Kareena and her PR get hurt when the truth is told. Aishwarya and Abhishek stand by each other at all times. They don’t lie like hypocrites Saif and Kareena who say they are not having Instagram and Twitter accounts but release personal photos every few hours. Kareena married a divorced old man who was already a father of two grown up kids, so she is insecure Saif will leave her some day, so she left her two day old son to the nannies and went partying with Saif. The hypocrite couple leaves their son to go attend once more parties. Aishwarya is a secure woman who continued to do versatile roles even after marriage and child birth, she is self made. Kareena does item roles and talks like she is some Meryl Streep. Saif gave eleven continuous flops so he is no better than Abhishek at films. Getting your mom to buy you a national award shows how low Saif had fallen. Aishwarya and Abhishek have films, sports teams, production house, real estate and assets in India and abroad, invest in shares and are also involved in philanthropy unlike Kareena who is insecure and needs to pose, pout, pull cheeks in and use her daily life and son to stay relevant in news. Saif is always hanging on to Karisma more than Kareena and you don’t know which one is his wife

Aishwarya's PR is on fire. Honey, Kareena doesn't need PR to defend like your fave. She has fans. Aishwarya stands by her husband by having affair with a doctor and not letting him bond with his own daughter? Kareena married a divorced man because they were in love with each other and therefore they are still going strong. Their son is well taken care of and always looks so happy and smiling unlike Aish's daughter who is so clingy and meek and looks so scared because of her dominating mother. Kareena works with UN and UNICEF and still has a life, beautiful family and career. Kareena will keep on pouting and pulling her cheeks in because it bothers her haters too much hahaha. At least pouting is better than cheating on your husband, hating on your in laws and shoving your daughter into the limelight at the tender age of 6-7.

She has a Turkish or Central Asian face. In a good way. The genes from the Kashmir and north Indian ancestory definitely have central asian gene pool mixed. You can see it in her face as well as those of many other Kapoors and Khans.

Stop this 1 year mourning. Their naani lives her life fullest. So wts wrong they celebrate diwali. U dont know next year who will die in the family. Just enjoy the moment and celebrates

Stop this 1 year mourning. Their naani lives her life fullest. So wts wrong they celebrate diwali. U dont know next year who will die in the family. Just enjoy the moment and celebrates

I wish I could snap back like this when I've kids.

OMG! This looks like the Kareena from the early 2000s. For a second I thought it's an old pic.
She looks just the same as she did then <3 what a gorgeous woman.

My God this woman is getting prettier by the day. I don't think she looked this good even before her pregnancy. She's glowing. Well, if you're content with your life it reflects in your face too.

this is just sheer perfection from head to toe. she just needs to keep it simple like this. minimal makeup n accessories looks the best on her

i love this new svelte body, the clothes sit so good tho I think her arms and calves are also toned now

She is looking very exotic in these pictures. Makeup on point

Lovely.. Super body.. Kya lagti hai Begam Saahiba.. Mashallah.

This woman is giving one great look after another.

Plunging neckline in saree blouse. Kareena starving for attention, and promoting her flop husband

A death in the family and celebrating Diwali - believe, hindus dont celebrate for a one year. fake people. Craving for attention, no other work but pouting

She's not a Hindu. And secondly, her nani lived a full life. She will celebrate that than mourn her

Kareena face looking manly

Both sister are fake, always posing for all parties. Posing for the media with Taimur and saying we do not want to click pictures

How there are no negative comments.

All bad comments for the bachchans only, jealous people

Kareena and Rani fans insecure, only want to pull down the Bachchans

When Shweta Nanda attends a diwali party, there are comments she is shameless, what about Kareena / Karishma, their grand mother passed away only a few days back and dressing up and attending every Diwali party.
Kareena hypocrite all that crying at the funeral, to show how sad she is.

How insecure of Kareena to be posing and pulling her cheeks in during Diwali photo session too. Over hyped airhead

Karishma's son like Ranbir Kapoor!

Killer eyes, usually Kareena's eye color is subtle but so piercing here!! Kareena looks the best with less makeup especially on the face which ages her, now she looks ultra striking!!!

Kareena looking like goddess!
She is plain killing it in all of her recent ethnic outfits.
Karisma and kiddos luking beautiful!
Such a lovely family .
God Bless!!!

looking so hot bebo in green beautiful saree

I love seeing Karisma and her kids, her son is too cute, such a good looking boy.

Omg... she looks so flawless and beautiful.. she should not pout and look natural like these recent pics

Wow Bebo looks pretty in green

karisma kapoor looking wonderful..why kareena flaunting sindoor&red bindi..its only for hindu brides&this looks more like a karwachauth look than a diwali look.

Are you not schooled on Hinduism? Sindoor is for married women, not exclusively brides. Moreover its traditional to wear your wedding outfit or dress up like a bride on Diwali. Its a festival that celebrates and GODDESS and dressing up like a bride is auspicious. Seriously.

transgender lolo is better

Why is she always posing with this surprised expression with her mouth open. Relax babe.

Absolutely stunning! She always pulls it off in Diwali. Her Diwali look from last year was the best too


Her Indian fashion sense is just amazing. She can pull off anything

Gorgeous! Really brings out her eyes

just being real & observant: nice job removing kareena's dark undereye circles. (well...that's what photo enhancement is for.)

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