Photos: Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur Ali Khan and Karisma Kapoor are all decked up for Diwali

Kareena Kapoor Khan, Taimur Ali Khan and Karisma Kapoor go traditional for Diwali celebrations.
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It's Diwali day and how can Kapoors not celebrate it. Today, Kareena Kapoor Khan along with son Taimur Ali Khan and sister Karisma Kapoor were clicked in the city. The trio looked their traditional best and the pictures are too cute to handle.

First, Kareena was snapped holding Taimur in her arms and peeping out from the entrance. Later on, she posed with Lolo for the shutterbugs and were all smiles. Kareena looked beautiful in a long white kurti with striped palazzo salwar along with golden dupatta and juttis. She rounded her look by tying her hair in a low ponytail, no makeup with heavy gold earrings and bindi. She put a sindoor on the forehead which nailed the perfect Indian look.

On the other hand, Karisma wore a white cold shoulder asymmetrical kurti with blue salwar and dupatta. She teamed it up with a pair of white juttis. Lolo also wore oxidised silver earrings, blue bindi and carried a silver bag.

Coming to Taimur, the little munchkin looked cute as ever in a white kurta and pyjamas.

Check out the pictures below and tell us about it in the comments section.


Earlier, when Pinkvilla asked Kareena on how she was going to juggle between Taimur and Veere Di Wedding's shoot, the actress revealed,  "He will accompany me at the shoot. Let's see how it goes by. It is going to be a task to balance everything. But I will check how it works and then take a call. Also, Saif will have to take care of Taimur on few days. That is where the Ki & Ka aspect fits in. Taimur is a priority and my shoot schedule will revolve around him."

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Taimure so cute...Bebo simply looking beautiful....

Kareena looks ill without makeup

How pretty is Kareena with a Bindi. Looks simple , elegant , classy and cute.

They are only fair, not at all attractive.

Karishma , lose that annoying gesture.

Not a fan of Kareena, but good lord that baby is too cute...

Simple, elegant and nice. Thumbs up to Kareena for going for a different look compared to entire Bollywood who appeared over the top.


lol, from what i have seen of pakistani fashion, its too busy embroidery or too much lace, along with weird 3/4th churidars. Forget celebs, you wont find pakistani style cothes even on normal Indian girls. For everyday fashion in india handlooms are very popular since ages, especially block prints on cottons are basically what a lot of young women wear almost everyday. I googled lawn, and i guess its some kind of fabric, i havent seen it anywhere in stores here. During festivals women wear silk and embroidered clothes, with gota and sequins etc.Pakistanis tend to exaggerate their influence on India as usual

I am a Sri Lankan who travels a lot to India. Women in India dress very stylishly and dont wear what Bollywood wears, and off course during Diwali its all blingy. Its a festival after all so the colours are festive

These designs are very common in india esp handlooms. These are typical kurtis sold on stores like westside shoppers stop etc. from more than 2 decades. purely indian, nothing Pakistani.

Kareena looks beautiful. So does karishma. Lovely dresses too and not OTT either.

Karishma looking pretty

I live seeing Bebo with sindoor. It lights up her face. May every woman find a good man who values her and lifts her up. God Bless.

MY WORD.......Kareena is unbeatable....look how simple and magnificently, naturally beautiful my Queen is without any makeup. These sisters are so classy and elegant and love their day wear. And that beautiful, happy little son of hers.....uff. Everybody is drooling over her evening pics, wish I could see them, but I'm not on any other social media. Hope PV posts them....the good ones.

What we want: Taimur's pics... What we get: His Mommy and aunt

I love that she shares Taimur with us. Not desperate like people claims, then how can we see this adorable pumpkin

There are other celebs who have kids and their fans who want to see their fav's kids. Why do you go there and spill venom. Be happy here on Kareena's articles then. Hypocrites like you who go spread jealous hatred on others articles make us lose interest in Kareena, Saif, Rani et al

She needs to look after taimur. I feel like the kid doesn't know she's his mother

They both need to retire

Check out bebo Saif diwali pics. They looking truly like a royal couple. Bebo truly looks like a queen Saif's queen

It is been her 17 years in bwood, She can claim to be one of her kind. nobody can come closer. her hits and flops are different story together. ppl love her!

Check instagram bebo is dressed to kill for a diwali party. She looks truly like a royal begum . God I love her soo much

Why can’t she kiss him inside the house? Peeping out desperate for clicks this woman is too much.!!

Why can't she kiss him outside the house? Is her maternal love limited to inside the house? rofl dumb logic from haters as usual. Their desperation is too much.

Finally, I see Bindi and they look awesome :)... whats wrong with other ladies, they look like muslimor christian women. Do they feel ashamed to embrace their own culture? Bindi signifies and protects, evokes the 3rd eye... spirutulally!!!

Love you bebo

Beautiful sisters. Love their strong bond bless them

Love that they wore less flashy clothes that the rest celebs. Couldn't stand them flashy bright clothes. These two are looking gorgeous

Simplicity at its best both sisters are looking gorgeous

sisters looks so beautiful and that bindi got too much beauty to there face

Beautiful pics. But soooo much and such poorly maintained houses/buildings in Mumbai?? I'll never get it....

Aww So cute one eye crossed baby!

lol do one eye crossed people see everyone else as one eye crossed too?

She looks gorgeous! ❤️

pretty sisters !!

O MY HEART! Kareena looks magnificent and her pictures with Baby Taimur, GAHH I JUST CAN'T! :-D Bless this family. MashAllah

Happy diwali

Love you bebo

Bebo looks like she's I'll to me there's always a kind of spark I see in her eyes but this time she just doesn't look herself. I hope its nothing like that and that she's OK

Bebo kind of looks upset or maybe she's just tired

why do they have sindoor in their house. Kareena is a Khan by marriage, half hindu and half christian by her mother side and they follow christianity.

Says who?!

im a muslim and my mother would often wear sindoor or bindis on special occasions. this is how we are in India. we adapt and borrow from each other's traditions. it sounds bookish but it is the truth.

Mostly all Indian Muslim women I know wear MangalaSutra, pretty ones like we do. What’s the harm in it?wearing sindoor or Mangala Sutra doesn’t take you away from your god. If it doesn’t mean anything then they do it just because it looks pretty. That’s their choice of the day. No big deal.

At least she is there with her son not like certain housewife who claims to spend every minute with her daughter yet is seen at parties even movie screening lunch salon airport without her daughter infact left her daughter twice to attend wedding abroad

Kareena was hopping to all parties without her son. No different from other celeb parents. Stop idolizing her and lying about her. She is no mother teresa

Love Kareena's outfit! Perfect day outfit and if accessorized well, will make a great night outfit as well. Breath of fresh air from all the loud ones these days. P.S. I am not a Kareena fan or anyone's fan.
Happy Diwali to all.

Let’s invite all actresses to a no makeup, no photoshop, no filter challenge and see who is really beautiful.

Aye bebo!

No makeup at all yet so beautiful.

Keep smiling like this. Way better than pouting.

She is always so simple and pretty

Lovely bebo

No ones intersted in them get better pics of taimur

Wow, both look so ordinary here. Wonders of make-up, really transforms a person.

Bebo looks so gorgeous. Not a stitch of makeup, just bindi and sindoor .

Both the sisters look gorgeous & so modestly dressed! But my Taimur angel looks the best

Kareena is wearing sindoor. she is a Muslim now.

She is not a muslim. She didnt convert. She still hindu.

She isn't Muslim. Her husband is. Getting married to a person of a different religious faith does not change your religion. If that was the case, can I say Saif is Hindu now? Clearly not. Also, religion and culture/tradition are two different things. A Muslim,Christian, or a Sikh person can do things that are associated more with Hindus and vice versa. For example, Christians can celebrate Diwali even though it is not a Christian holiday. This is the intertwining of culture and traditions. What is your problem with her wearing sindoor?

Bebo looks old without makeup

She is without any makeup but still manage to look pretty

Just like her Refugee days, she hasn’t changed in 17 years

Simple yet elegant

Lolo is looking so pretty

Taimur is like " Mommy why u hug me only on camera"

Taimur and inaaya first diwali

Happy diwali

He's playing peek a boo soo cute

Karisma looks WAY younger than aunt Kareena

Nanny holding Taimur and Kareena is pretending like she is his mother lol nice try Kareena

Taimur lost a bit of weight probably coz of teething but now he's back with those cute cheeks bless him. May Allah bless him with good health ameen

My golu happy 1st diwali


Aaw taimur spotted the papps but doesn't look like he was happy seeing them. Bless him

My favourites

Beautiful and elegant Kareena- love from Australia

Happy Diwali

May the Goddess of wealth and Knowledge bless you all with their choicest of blessings. Happy Diwali

Bebo's Natural Look awesome ! Happy Diwali Lovely Bebo

Aaw there's my cutie

Mashallah they all look beautiful especially our Lil munchkin

We wanted to see taimur not his mother and aunt

Aaw looks like taimur is playing peek-a-boo bless him

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