PHOTOS: Katrina Kaif goes back to the basics as she goes out and about in the city

Katrina Kaif was snapped by the paps while she was on the move in the city. Check out the pictures from the evening right here.
PHOTOS: Katrina Kaif goes back to the basics as she goes out and about in the cityPHOTOS: Katrina Kaif goes back to the basics as she goes out and about in the city
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Katrina Kaif is indeed the perfect diva who never looks dull. Even with her no makeup looks and the so many basic outfit avatars, the actress always has fans showering her with love no matter what she wears and how she styles herself. Even an all black look seems to become ever so stunning if she dons one by the day. The actress has been pretty busy off lately but she does manage to get out in the city during the day and paps don't miss out on getting a glimpse of her.

Katrina has been visiting a clinic in Versova for quite some time now, and the actress is often snapped outside there. And yesterday happened to be one such day when the actress went on to don a casual yet petite look for her visit to the clinic. She put together a short A-line dress and paired it with white sneakers. She left her hair open and put on sunglasses to beat the heat. Check out the pictures from the visit right here:

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On the work front, the actress has been busy with her upcoming film Bharat. The movie will also star Salman Khan and since the trailer of the movie first came out, the fans have been going gaga over the two's chemistry. Also following the trailer, we saw a new song of the film come in which received equal amount of love from the fans.


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