PHOTOS: Katrina Kaif joins alleged boyfriend Vicky Kaushal at the screening of his brother's web series

Katrina Kaif was snapped at the screening of Vicky Kaushal's brother Sunny Kaushal's web series screening last night. Check out the photos right here.
PHOTOS: Katrina Kaif joins alleged boyfriend Vicky Kaushal at the screening of his brother's web seriesPHOTOS: Katrina Kaif joins alleged boyfriend Vicky Kaushal at the screening of his brother's web series
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Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal have been constantly making it to the headlines over the past few months, and while reports have it that the two are dating each other, they have been snapped together recently on multiple occasions and well, it is only hinting at confirmations about the reports. Recently, Katrina and Vicky were snapped at Ali Abbas Zafar's birthday party and a video featuring the two has been doing the rounds on social media ever since.

And last night, Katrina turned cheerleader for the Kaushal brother Sunny Kaushal, as she turned up at the screening of his upcoming web series, The Forgotten Army. While there aren't any photos of the actress with Vicky, her presence has fans wondering what is cooking after all. For the event last night, she decided to keep it casual as she sported a denim jumpsuit and kept the look rather casual yet chic, just like always.

Check out Katrina Kaif's photos right here:

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On the work front, Katrina is going to be next seen in Sooryavanshi co-starring Akshay Kumar. The Rohit Shetty directorial has been in the news for a while now, and with this movie, Kat and Akshay will reunite on screen after a long time.

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So glad that people can see her real horrible face behind her pretty face and fakeness.

Katrina is nothing but an embarrassment for her fans and women.

Katrina had Salman, Ranbir and Hrithik but failed to make them walk the aisle. For sure she can't make him to marry her. It's all for fun for them.

It's only confirming that all the news of her breaking Vickey's relationship with his long time girlfriend were true. This is just ridiculous and awful on Katrina's part. She had done this in the past too. No respect for such woman.

Katrina deserves all the hate. Good people now see her true face behind her fake goody good public image.

I want to know how bad are the sales numbers of her make up line for which the campaign created was copied from Kim Kardashian's campaign.

Dude, worry about your monthly paycheck

What I am pleased to see is that PV is allowing all comments like it used to.

This is one couple I would be rooting for. She looks gorgeous.

Did Katrina recommend sunny Kaushal to Kabir khan ? It won’t surprise me. Katrina, you go girl. We love you

No. Katrina herself needs Salman's recommendations to get work.

She looks so pretty and happy. I hope Vicky doesn’t break her heart.

Omg, can’t believe people have so much hatred for a person they don’t even know personally. Looks like some teenagers behind the computer.

She looks very beautiful. Kat you are a rockstar. Ignore all these negativity. You are truly an inspiration to many girls. I have never seen a woman in the industry who carried herself with such dignity and elegance.

Katrina PR is here.

It looks like all these comments were left by same person. Live and let live. Too much hatred in your heart is not good. If u dislike her so much, why come here, go to your favorite person’s articles and say something good if you have. I am sure everyone wants to marry the best person in life, I bet you won’t go around looking for a beggar on the streets, right ?

Every one wants to marry a best person in life but not everyone marry for benefits or steals boyfriendike Katrina.

Omg this much hate. Calm down people

Most fake and manipulative woman in the industry. Snakerina.

What a demotion for her. Lol


Alleged Boyfriend for 2 to 4 years and then he will be an EX boyfriend. HAHAHHAHAHA

He will repent dating this bad omen Katrina kaif.

Vicky bhai tu toh gaya. Career bhi khatam aur image bhi.

Boyfriends stealer Katrina.

Katrina will never ever marry a guy like him. She is just playing the field to stat relevant.

Again date, hide and seek, countless PR news and pictures, privacy drama , marriage and engagement Rumour and than BREAKUP.

No matter what Vicky will "never "marry her. His parents doesn't like Kat.

VK has disappointed his fans with his choice. You deserves better than her VK .

Vicky is a new target of Katrina. She only fell for guys who are on the top and dating someone else.

Vicky will leave him too. just wait and watch.

It's confirmed. Katrina kaif is officially a relationship breaker of Bollywood.

Katrina's career is over so she needs something happening to stay in limelight as she is a publicity hunger person what could be better than attaching a name with a hit hero and a national award winner?

Katrina has become a joke.


Kat you will never be happy because you backstabbed and hurt a woman to get Vicky.

It's a PR realtionship. They are not genuinely in love. Both are with each other because of benefits. Katrina wants fame to link herself with him.

Katrina is just using him for attention and publicity because he is a hot property and have a shining future ahead. She doesn't have any feelings for him.

Aamir, Hrithik, Kabir, Ranbir, Salman, Ali all said she plays mind games and chess with real people. How right they were!

OMG she is too old for him.

Vicky's career is over. Congratulations.

Publicity hunger Katrina.

Why she never poses with her alleged boyfriends? She never acknowledges them.

Too much of makeup still looking so average.

Another PR couple.

Useless fans were seen calling her Mrs. Kaushal wife, bhabhi etc. Desperate fans

Cunning woman Katrina.

She went there for her best friend Kabir and Mini not because of Vickey and his brother.

Just wait as soon as he will give flops this user will leave him too.

Run Vicky run.

Kat's fan made a huge fuss few days back when Alia wore the similar t-shirt now Kat is wearing the same dress as DP's but same people are silent. Double standards. Here PR said stealing others style is a crime. Now that woman disappears .

Kat is so shameless woman to break another woman relationship.

PR kween and her articles.

Katrina copied Deepika's Dress. She wore it last year. COPYKAT.

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