Photos: Katrina Kaif nails the no makeup look as she gets snapped in her car

Katrina Kaif was spotted in the suburban area of Mumbai today. She was seen in her car donning a simple outfit and no makeup look. Check out the photos.
Photos: Katrina Kaif nails the no makeup look as she gets snapped in her carPhotos: Katrina Kaif nails the no makeup look as she gets snapped in her car
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Katrina Kaif was clicked by the paparazzi in Mumbai today. The actor was seen in her car while stepping out in the city. The actor donned a no-makeup look and wore a simple blue floral printed top and pants. She tied her hair in a high ponytail and kept a minimal smile while getting clicked by the paps. Be it any look, Katrina never fails to impress us and we do love her simply the best look.
Currently, the actor is busy with the completion of her upcoming film, Bharat. Katrina has been shooting for dance sequences at a popular studio in Mumbai. The sequences are being choreographed by ace choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. Talking about Bharat, in the film she will be reuniting with her Tiger Zinda Hai team - co-star Salman Khan and director Ali Abbas Zafar. For the film, the stunning beauty has been donning curly hairdo and fans are loving it. 
Moreover, Salman and Katrina will also be seen in a wedding sequence in Bharat. Talking about the same, a source said to DNA, "There are several tracks in the film, featuring on different actors but the one that’s being shot right now is a wedding number. It’s an upbeat song that gives out the festival feel as well. A lot of flowers and other decorations are being used. This will also be Salman and Kat’s second song in the film, after the one they shot in Malta."
Meanwhile, check out the photos of Katrina below and tell us about it in the comments section.

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Kat is looking beautiful and happy DP PR can go back to RSDP love letters page

Kat PR should talk about her . Stop dragging DP and her PR. DP is too busy and happy to think about user Kat.
I know Kat PR was the first to click in rsdp post and posted hate comments.
Pv kindly post it be fair for both sides and post it don't ignore

First Katrina fans had issues with Deepika,always abuse her, now they have problems with Alia and ilulia. Haters .

She seems to be in a happy space! On the other hand Alia seems very low these days!

Lol Alia bhatt is Bollywood queen from 2016 so how is she staying low. She will be bagging all the award for her raazi performance. 2019 will be an alia bhatt year with 3 blockbusters .It's who is in the lowest phase of her career not getting any film neither having a happening boyfriend like ranbir.

Alia is in a happy space . She is glowing and cheerful. Katrina is depressed and lonely.

Kat has confident look these days! Seen many pics of her without make up,and dressed down! Looked pretty,and relaxes! The break up has been good, it brings one's to see the truth ! However, Alia is now days looked haggard, biting her nails,wonder why!

Natural ?? Hahahaha kaha se bhai

Kat never used to be beautiful that's why she broke Deepika ranbir relationship for whom deepika is over ranbir long time aga and then she became ambitious for her career and to keep her face wrinkle free she went for botox and ended up ruining her not so pretty face.Ranbir never proposed kat thats for sure.Now she is almost done and dusted while ranbir is dating shorty below average alia who is nepotism product and below average looker who can never be queen of bollywood.I hope kat gets someone better looking than buddha salman

If nepotism can produce superstar like ranbir and alia who can bring large number of audience to theatres and bag all the worthy awards than nepotism is fine. Alia is more talented than deepika and katrina for sure and in much demand.

She use to be so so so pretty like unfair how prettybshe was in namstay London and even New York. Then she started doing weridnstuff to her face and becoming stuck up. It’s a shame. Sometimes I feel bad for her now but then I realize she took her beauty and fame for granted. She never worked to get out of her image like others did (priyanka deepika ) and just relied on her beauty. On top of that while she was w ranbir she morphed into such a mean ungrateful star. And now it seems like she’s come back down to earth but it’s too late. She’ll never be that icon or star she was in her prime. And most people really don’t like her anymore / moved on. She’s leeching onto Salman which is wrong too. I think after Bharat she’s going to not really be able to get any roles except if Salman gets her something again. As much as I feel bad for her it’s ineveitable happens to all the female stars but most that have talent will still make good work ala Madhuri sridevi even aish Rani. But Katrina was never a good actress only a pretty girl so her luck really is out. Sad story.

She is looking stunning here.

pinkvilla one of the main reason i come to your site is bcz one can like and dislike and be someones fan and come 100 time a day to like and dislike some comment, have a comment "war" but if your like and dislike button doesn't work then its just another site were we can read entertainment news and tab tu maza nahi aaya

Kat used to be very beautiful that's why she got a chance to date a prince like ranbir for whom Deepika is still crazy but then she became too ambitious for her career and to keep her face wrinkle free she went for Botox and ended up ruining her really really pretty face. She also rejected ranbir's marriage proposal for her career. Now she is almost done and dusted while ranbir is dating beautiful and natural alia bhatt who is now queen of bollywood. I hope kat gets someone better looking then that monkey ranveer Singh.

Deepika is no more crazy about Ranbir. Stop doing her character assassanation. She is now head over heels for Ranveer. You don't need to bring Deepika to put Katrina up . Ranveer is an honest and a loving person. You are jealous of Ranveer. Every girl wants a husband like him. Katrina is not desirable by any man.
P.s Katrina is still crazy about Salman. She is trying to get him but ilulia is not giving her a way.
Post it Pinkvilla please post it be fair for both sides and post

She is soooo beautiful. Naturally pretty and healthy!

Nice and simple .As long as she sticks to item dances shes fine . When she tries to emote , she is unbearable .

She is so pretty

She looks so natural

She looks so natural

Love your sarcasm. Natural hahaha. She is not natural.

Katrina is wearing full make up. It's call neutral make-up.

And u so know it!!

Every One knows it expect you.

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