PHOTOS: Misha Kapoor steps out with mom Mira Rajput

Mira Rajput spotted with daughter Misha Kapoor in the city.
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Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput's life revolves around their daughter Misha Kapoor. Today, Mira stepped out with daughter Misha and well, the baby girl looks adorable in her white top, purple pants and pink shoes. Mira was seen in her gym outfit.
Check out the pictures: 
In terms of Misha being in the limelight, Mira got candid with a leading daily and said, "As far as media attention is concerned, I know it's going to happen. I can't keep Misha behind closed doors all the time. I want her to have a normal childhood. I want her to know that she has the privileges that she has because of her father. She has to respect that. I just hope that she doesn't get swept away by the tide.Obviously, I want to share what Misha does with my family and friends. Shahid also wants to do so with his friends and family. She is our pride, but there is always a line. I want to protect her as much as I can."
Couples in today's time use the phrase, 'We are pregnant!' So how does Mira feel about that? She said, "Shahid also said that because parenthood is a `we' experience. Shahid used to sing to Misha when I was pregnant. He used to talk to her and would convince himself that she is kicking inside my womb in response. I had a difficult pregnancy, we even feared not being able to pull it through, but the experience brought us together. We cherish Misha so much more because she is a miracle baby." 
On how Shahid is as a dad, Mira revealed, "Shahid's relationship with Misha started right from the moment when he got to know that I was pregnant. Fatherhood comes naturally to him. He is fully involved and he changed her diaper even before I did. Shahid wants to be connected to her always and I think that's great. Misha is going to have him wrapped around her little finger."

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Every mom looks at their child like that, I know I did and I still do . Leave them alone, they are good looking and young and happy and you guys are jealous and negative. How you must be treating your family if you don’t even spare strangers.

i like her legs in this leggings

Aww mother india couldn't hangle all of Bebo and Taimur's attention

go away attention seeker

Now we will see her at airport tommorow

Damn nanny looks so miserable wonder how badly they treat her!

Jealous of Bebo!

GO AWAY NO ONE LIKES YOU!!! We only want to see Taimur!!!!!

Taimur much more cuter!

Puppy not cute

She has attitude, probably jealous after Taimur's pictures became so loved by everyone

She and husband are soooo annoying

Knew she would be out with Misha in no time after Taimur's viral pictures!

Poor nanny. While Taimur’s nanny is always happy and smiling, Misha’s nanny is always tired and frustrated. This says enough about how Shahid And Mira behave with her

Mira is really pretty and Misha is so cute. It is so annoying to read negative bitter comments about everyone right from kareena to Shahid. They are leading such nice peaceful luxurious life and here people are plain jealous. Such negativity.

Mini pankaj

The nanny always has a angry annoyed face

She behaves as if she doesn’t have nanny

Look at the nanny expression lol

she looks stunning

Misha is such a cute little baby. Stay blessed sweetheart

Her eyes havent gone to her parents. Looks mire like her grandpa pankaj

Misha is looking so much like pankaj kapoor.

I find it funny everytime she gets clicked with misha she's always staring at her face like what does she want her to do smile for the paps. Always trying to get a reaction out of misha for the paps

She keeps her nanny far behind her so she can be clicked alone with her daughter and the other side kareena aish have their child's nanny walk along with them guess mira needs to keep up her mother India image in front of media and public.

Everytime an article is released on shahid an extra articles also gets released on mira. Mira keeping their pr busy

Mother india

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