PHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra flaunts her 'mangalsutra' as she makes a style statement at the airport

Priyanka Chopra Jonas was snapped at the airport and while the actress was all smiles, she also made sure to flaunt her mangalsutra. Check out the pictures right here.
PHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra flaunts her 'mangalsutra' as she makes a style statement at the airportPHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra flaunts her 'mangalsutra' as she makes a style statement at the airport
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Priyanka Chopra was in Mumbai since the past couple of days as the actress was busy with the wrap up of her upcoming film The Sky is Pink. PeeCee has been busy catching up with her family and also with work during her stay in Mumbai and now that work is over, the actress is headed back home, to husband Nick Jonas and given how he misses her too much, we bet this is quite the happy news for both of them!

PeeCee was snapped at the airport at the wee hours of the night and oh boy, does she ever disappoint us with her outfits? I'd say almost never! She made sure to flaunt her mangalsutra this time around as well and she put together a beige-brow pleated skirt with a basic casual top of similar colour and heels of the same colour to go with the ensemble. Given the weather, a look that leans towards neutral shades is always soothing! Check out the photos right here:

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As they wrapped up The Sky is Pink, PeeCee wrote, "And it’s a wrap. This movie is special to me on so many levels. Not just because @roykapurfilms and @rsvpmovies (Sid and ronnie) partnered with me on my first Hindi production.. but also took the chance on me to bring to life a character and a true story that needed to be told. @faroutakhtar you made an amazing co actor all over again with all the laughter and fun!(you were missed tonight) and my amazing @zairawasim_ and @rohitsaraf10 who I’ve made friends for life with! This was the hardest loveliest experience. Thank you @shonalibose_ for your incredibly unique vision. I’m so proud of your faith in me. Thank you so much to Our crew who worked tirelessly for 10 months to make this special piece of cinema. I love you all.  See u at the pictures!!!  #skyispink" 

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Mangalsutras are not for flaunting ! Someone mentioned she is a practicing Hindu ? Doing Namaste in Hollywood doesn’t equate to being a Hindu. She is a white washed brown girl trying hard to be famous. American media already knows she is not a A lister. Nobody gives a damn about her.
Attention seeking trash !

I guess Sophie didn't invite her at her Bachelortte n movie premiere so she landed in India..fake person she is

after marikom she has turned into a broad shoulder real man image
damm hated it!!

How many of you aunties commenting on her can look like her , get clicked on International platforms like her ? Get a life haters

U r right....but haters r gonna be haters.

She's looking stunning while haters are burning!! You go girl !!Desi girl PC ❤

did she have pay extra luggage toll for her make up

What has happened to her body and her makeup looks very bad.
Priyanka did you pick up Sophie's foundation by mistake.

If she wears mangalsutra as style statement that’s gross cultural appropriation. Isn’t she by marriage Christian and also her grandma was practicing Christian ? Why wear mangalsutra for fashion to get clicked ? Idiot.

Pls she is still practicing Hindu

She did not become Christian after her wedding.

Lets be fair. I have seen her wear it in appearances in the US. But I think something the western observers say is that she is always looking for the camera. And I think in most outings, you will see her look directly into camera and smile. Its kinda weird as generally celebs hate being stalked in western countries, but she courts the attention. Oh well.

I think the Western media can see right through her she is an overacting attention seeking honas and I think both sister in laws can see that as well

OMG.. so many haters.. they are talking about discoloration n surgeries.. atleast show some respect towards her.. how many titles u won for our country? Moreover I m sure most of the ppl who are judging her haven't achieved 1% of her fame n success.. these are those ppl who can judge n write negative about our world class celebrates.. I m sure most of u are jealous aunties who haven't achieved anything in ur life n must have married a guy who is 5 to 10 years elder than u.. that's why u r so jealous of her.. poor souls..Way to go PC lots of love

sos you need to be a royal to critique Meghan Markle get a life seriously

so anyone who criticizes Trump needs to be a politician according to your logic get lost you are just as stupid as your idol

What’s to respect about a plastic airhead who slept around for her career and is married to a little weedy shortcake?! Please get therapy for constantly believing jealous aunties are surrounding precious little miss world. Most woman don’t want or need a title or a man to feel secure!

shut up SRK! you have had your time with her the last ten days, so be happy now, may be the surrgorate plan has worked

Poor paps, the money machine leaves India. Now the american paps get her money again...haha

The Rolls Royce was a gift from her married ex lover. Everday about 200 million indian women adorn their mangalsutras, they don't flaunt it, not necessary for a really married woman to flaunt..

who wears short skirts on a long flight first off its cold inside the plane and secondly its really uncomfortable

True. It is considered unhygienic too as part of your skin will be in direct contact with the seat. In western countries, some airlines don't allow people to board wearing short dresses for hygiene reason.

All in the name of ‘fashion’! It’s also the middle of the night but she only cares for flashing herself in front of the paps

All u who dont like her i am amazed that u spend your valuable time following her

It’s called entertainment - at PC’s expense

She’s had facial surgery (nose & lips) which shows and looks unnatural at times!

Why is she not there at Sophie Turner's bachelorette party? Looks like there is trouble in paradise.

didn't SRK throw her any grass this time?

looking like monkey # 1 AS USUAL TRYING SO HARD

wow so much make up for an overnight flight yuck,

Fashion show or 12 hour flight, lolol cartoon.

gross, why did I click on this.

Her mother is so mean, she couldn't fix the discoloration on her legs, come on man. how mean. fix nose and fix lips but leave rest unattended.

Aishwarya is The indian actress who has so much grace and class when she presented herself internationally like, at Cannes. This Priyanka chick is definitely the lower caste celebrity, always seems desperate and talk to the press too much.

She has a thick waist, weird flat lips, shapeless nose. She also towers over her husband like a hulk. But, she seems happy and I say more power to her!

lol so just plain ugly all around

She is never seen wearing a mangalsutra here in USA. America mein “ Party girl “. India mein “ Sati Savitri “. Who is she trying to fool ?
Nautanki !

This outfit is not tailored for her body and she needs to find a matching foundation.

When did this once beautiful lady turned out to be this different? Her face and shoulders look like a man’s. She lost that charm that made people admire her.m

24/7 nautanki ki dukaan.

pri yuck ka why does she dress like a 15 year old so desperate

bad dressing

So ugly. Will be entertaining when Nick cheats on her. She deserves it.

bye bye is surrogate ready yet?

nice black knees PISS C , why no foundation on them?? ran out??

Indian Michael Jackson ewww

bye plastic

Hi Cartoon PC good riddance

She has started looking like a tranny for the last couple of years.


Darling she has been looking like a tranny for more than 2 years now hahahahahaha

PC rocking it

You go girl !!

She's the bomb!!

yea, all her projects bombed. her no talent is selling stuff on insta

Desi girl !!!!


20 pounds of makeup even for the airport

She’s such an auntyji. Looks like a 50 year old who shops at Walmart with her bright gold jewelry and outdated clothes.

I think she shops at Kmart

stop this mangalsutra nautanki!!! she even not leaving mangalsutra also !! ghosh ,this lady is bad.

She looks good

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