Photos: Priyanka Chopra hangs out with Kate Hudson, Fergie and Karlie Kloss

Priyanka Chopra attended an event with Kate Hudson, Fergie and Karlie Kloss.
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While the who's who of Bollywood were busy attending the big Diwali bashes yesterday, Priyanka Chopra is currently in New York where she will continue the shoot for Season 3 of her American TV show Quantico. 

Besides shooting, Priyanka has been attending a few galas and was spotted last night at an event in NYC. Joining her was actress Kate Hudson, singer Fergie and supermodel Karlie Kloss. 

Priyanka looked stunning in a maroon coloured mini dress with a broad belt tied around the waist and knee-high leather boots.

Kate looked beautiful in a straight fit A-line long dress with pockets on the sides. Fergie slayed in a red shirt paired with a red pantsuit and pumps. Karlie looked pretty in a black striped sleeveless pantsuit with a belt tied around the waist and black booties.

Priyanka took to her Instagram page to share a selfie with the lovely ladies.

Priyanka's caption reads as, "Who run the world...? #Girls @karliekloss @fergie @katehudson @whitwolfeherd Loved hosting the #BumbleBizz dinner with these awesome women. @bumble @bumblebizz #sponsored #OneConnection."

Kate shared the same picture on her Instagram page and her caption reads as, "What a great night celebrating #BumbleBizz @whitwolfeherd has created an amazing network for women in business. So happy to be here tonight with all these lovely women."


Karlie shared another selfie and her caption reads as, "We mean business @bumblebizz."



We mean business @bumblebizz

A post shared by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

Laura Brown shared a leg-tastic photo with Priyanka and her caption reads as, "You know you’ve had a good night when @priyankachopra throws a leg over. @bumblebizz, best! #bumblebizz."


You know you’ve had a good night when @priyankachopra throws a leg over. @bumblebizz, best! #bumblebizz

A post shared by Laura Brown (@laurabrown99) on

Priyanka also celebrated Diwali in her own style and shared a photo with a heartwarming message.

Priyanka's caption reads as, "Happy Diwali everyone. One of my most favourite festivals. Reminds me so much of home, family, friends and of course major amounts of food and mithai! May you be blessed with joy, prosperity, love and laughter! #HappyDiwali #TBT #FOMO."

She also tweeted, "Being away from family and loved ones on Diwali is not for the weak hearted..major missing feels #happydiwali17 #NYCdiaries #workbeckons."

"Stay in sync with the latest and hottest" & "SUBSCRIBE TO PINKVILLA"


Nice Diwali pics AMREIKAAAN chick you , you whitey baby!!!! happy Diwali LMAOOOOO baby weren't you invited to Gauris bash???/ tsk tsk

She had no one to celebrate Diwali with!!! She posted pic with her mother is from last year and all she does is collect selfies with famous people, acting like she has "friends," but doesnt..

Priyanka and these ladies hosted the event!

Whatever Deepika does is always reported with accurate heading about the event. And when it comes to others, they are degraded. "Priyanka hosts dinner" or "Priyanka joins bubble bizz along with....." not "priyanka hangs out". The former sounds formal, the latter looks like she is doing latar masti..

Great to see her enjoying herself while she's in NYC to shoot for Quantico!

shes looking better than all the blonde goris..

PCLoooks two times better than karlie Llosa who is apparently ten years younger than her .. Go figure. Age is just nunbers

Pc seems to be trying hard to fit into these Hollywood circles. Last pic is uncomfortable

She becomes the "Party-Beer-Burger Queen" of Hollywood. What a great career for the Hollywood legend.

Priyanka is beautiful and can act. I wish she'd return to Bollywood instead of forcing herself hanging out with this Hollywood celebs.

no one wants her back because of her bad reputation, btw and she can NOT act!

She has a Business association with bubble bizz, it aint "hangout", they all were invited, she was the Co-host as well

She has no "business association" with them. She is doing instagram ads for that Bumble crap. She did instagram ads for Trip Advisor also to get a free house to stay in for a few days. She acting like an cheapo instagram model these days because she has nothing going on.

Priyanka thinks she's still a teen..

nice neck pc

I'm waiting for PC to jump on the bandwagon and say that Harvey Weinstein abused her too. tick tock tick tock.

LOL, she ain't going to admit to casting couch because she is "self-made, strong, accomplished.." and all the self praise list goes on and on...

Why would you make light of such a disgusting terrible issue such as sexual abuse and rape? Harvey has been accused of raping people, everyone that is speaking out against him is doing so because women are often not believed and there has been a culture of silence because women are afraid to speak out. You are making a mockery of women's plight.

you go girl---well said.

I'm waiting for PC to jump on the bandwagon and say that Harvey Weinstein abused her too. tick tock tick tock.

well she will be asked about it, of course she'll respond.

I'm waiting for PC to jump on the bandwagon and say that Harvey Weinstein abused her too. tick tock tick tock.

You're calling it a "bandwagon" sicko? These people weren't jumping on a bandwagon, they suffered.

In her solo pix with Karlie

PC looks old and faded out too much make up silly woman. or is she a "girl"

PC looks old and faded out too much make up silly woman. or is she a "girl"

PC looks old and faded out too much make up silly woman. or is she a "girl"

banned from India Boycotted by the queen KHAN!!! muahahahahahsa

banned from India Boycotted by the queen KHAN!!! muahahahahahsa

banned from India? No. Boycotted by the queen KHAN? If true, my opinion is that this is small-minded man and wife

It's not small-minded to get rid of your husband's stalker! Priyanka is so obsessed that she collects his clothes and tries desperately to tell the world she had something with him - her amazing achievement. She does these spectacles publicly so just imagine all the crazy stuff she does in private. Good job, Queen Khan! Protect your husband and kids from these groupies after his fame and fortune.

new nose plastic PC???

flop tv serial actoress

the show has made it to Third Season, it isn't flop but I guess you pretend it is to make yourself feel better.

flop tv serial actoress

Did fatty fatty boom boom celebrate Diwali? Oh no she's AMERICAN now. rofl

What's fatty fatty boom boom?? Everything ok with you?

HW Sophie Chowdhry back to taking useless pics for attention! Get a life

Yeah baby enjoying and happy and haters burns


priyanka chopra I think you are friend of deepika please give a some fashion tips to deepika

Instead of acting in bollywood why is she wasting time hanging out with hollywood stars. Its pathetic i like her in bollywood movies she did know how to act with emotions. Its sad looking at her trying to be something she is not. She is a bollywood star and she don't need to act in garbage c grade hollywood movies or serials.

Because nobody wants her in BW!

keep telling yourself that. fact is numerous directors have said they're waiting for Priyanka to do their movies.

40 year old acting like a 16 year old

and if a man was doing this? Stop bringing woman down.

. Not fan of priyanka but she is beautiful actress .

Oh its KS post so she won't post my comments she's paid by PC hahahaaaaa bitch f u

Shameless, this woman should be a role model for young girls?

grow up! its 2017 and stop bringing woman down!

Priyanka brings herself down with such desperates attempts to be an American!

I was wondering how come Miss Desperate hasn't put a tweet and here u go! she looks older to everyone LOL

Awww Kate's Instagram post

Quantico shooting is going on in NYC that's why Priyanka is there


Priyanka seems so fun

Priyanka looks great in this colour dress


This launch event was in New York because that's where Priyanka was shooting for Quantico earlier today

Seriously who cares about her parties with drugs and alk?

Priyanka hosted this event with these lovely ladies after shooting for Quantico at Silvercity studio in NYC

Wow K.S.. Has SRK allowed to post such pics?

Frankly my dear, srk does not give a damm!

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