PHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra poses with a knee injury at the wrap up party of The Sky is Pink

Priyanka Chopra put together a chic summer look for the wrap-up party of The Sky is Pink. The actress also has a knee injury but she posed just fine.
PHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra poses with a knee injury at the wrap up party of The Sky is PinkPHOTOS: Priyanka Chopra poses with a knee injury at the wrap up party of The Sky is Pink
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Priyanka Chopra is currently in India as she has been busy with the meetings and wrap up for her upcoming film with Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim, The Sky is Pink. The actress has been often spotted while on the move in the city and outside Roy Kapur Films' office as well. Some time back, Farhan, Zaira and PeeCee were all spotted together and well, finally, it is a wrap up for team The Sky is Pink.

PeeCee looked chic and elegant as she attended the wrap-up party tonight and while she sure knows how to make heads turn every time she steps out with that ever so stunning attitude of hers, she did seem to have gotten a knee injury as she had a bandage holding up the left knee. However, that of course, did not deter her from posing with a huge smile on her face and that's that about her, continues being the diva she is. Check out the photos right here:

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While this is the first time that her injury has come under the public eye, we wish her a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, The Sky is Pink is a real life story based on the life of a motivation speaker Aisha, who was affected by Pulmonary fibrosis and the movie narrates her journey where PeeCee plays the mother to Zaira Wasim's character. 


Her nose and lips look weird. Priyanka Knee Injury and heels
do not mingle.

shhh don't post any negative comments about her dress or her wearing high heels on a knee injury she will claim she is a victim of 'common sense'

looks she keeps forgetting some articles of clothing on many occasions like no undies, no blouse or no pants and what's with heels when you have a knee brace??? Attention honas

she is only wearing a top forgot her pants?

She'll get pregnant when more old. Lol

She is trying to get pregnant but it is taking its time,

She is already 37. that is OLD. she already entered high risk pregnancy phase.

This is a dress??? i thought it was shorts and even then it would be a bit unappropriate with this leght. and yes, you CAN'T wear heels with knee injury. You just phisically can't, because when you're wearing heels (esp THIS high) all body weight and balance is centered on toes and kneee area, it's too much pain and uncomfortable even when you're healthy. So sorry, not buying it

i know women like her they life for attention they were lucky they got attention the first time heels with knee injury gimme a break

wearing heels with an injured knee who is she trying to fool, anything for attention #globalscamartist

Farah Khan was paped leaving her house last night before the film wrap party. What is going on??

When you have knee problems, it’s just IMPOSSIBLE to wear heals, trust me. You have to wear sneakers to keep everything in alignment or else it hurts too much or you blow the knee out.

Knee injury plus heels.....?????

Hypocrisy. If she has knee pain, can’t she wear a dress covering the knee braces? Why wear yellow heels on thigh short dress with knee braces? Look at me is all over her. She is an infinite attention seeker.How can these people live only to get constant attention? Don’t they get tired of it?

Day by day she is starting to look like MJ.

Knee Injury and Heels, Priyanka could have worn a long dress
or maxi to cover her knee.

I think whoever did her makeup put this weird contouring on her nose. If you look at YouTube there are a lot of videos pushing exaggerated contouring.

#fakeyanka...heels with injured knee..god help u pc

How did she manage heels with injured knee??

Seriously?? Knee injury and wearing heels??!

who wears high heels when you have a knee injury nautanki to grab attention now Nick will fly to India madam knows really well to work up an attention

lololol dressing like a 16 year old saaliiiiii buddhiiiiiiiii

Knee injury and wearing heels? Lol Her upper lip looks swollen. Kya se kya ho gayi yeh.

Injured her knee when she was together with SRK in the BLN last five days? Uhhhhhh....seems, it was hard "work", lol.

From Miss Fatty to Mrs

why can't she wear a dress instead of garnering attention to her knee, such an attention seeker

now Nick will fly to India to see her and then there will be major you know the drill

Sad people have no life writing bad comments.

Even sadder are the ones who read them and comment on them

Wow, she looks so young and cute in this pic!!! Can't wait to see her deliver her histrionic performance. Hope we get to see another Barfi like movie of Priyanka soon.. All the best PC.

She plays the mother of the main character in this movie. Another secondary role like in Bajirao Masani.

She's looking so cute !! Get well soon peecee're the bomb :)

Call pc whatever but she would've been perfect for Bharat. The movie could've done a bit better if she was in it. Katrina was Bakwaas.

I agree the part of Katrina being bakwas in the movie. Such bad accent, I closed my ears when she spoke.

lol.. Her face. Drag Queen. What’s up with those inflated lips and whitewashed face ? Oh Wait, Isn’t she a converted “ White” ?

Go back to your little boy, you plastic flop

Have a feeling this movie and the performances will be brilliant

She's such an attention grabber .

Priyanka living her best life meanwhile haters wasting their time. Haters are just sad people with no life!

I am sure haters are wasting their time commenting here, including me. But Shakuntela you are wasting your life on a movie actress who you don't know personally. Imagine , it is your life you are wasting Shakuntela. Please do something about it.


No. Just fat.

They just completed a dance number so probably re-injured her leg doing that

I’m so excited to watch this movie

Love U PeeCee

Queen pri slays n few haters r burning with envy

She looks so fair in India and so dark in America. Lol

She looks the same. It’s just the lighting.

Blame Indian paparazzi that brighten pictures

Showing of a knee injury. God these Celebs!!

What’s happening to her?? Her Lips look massive and disproportionate and her nose is a really awful shape now.

something wrong with nose.

Trying to refix the botched refix of the previous plastic surgery.

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