Photos: Priyanka Chopra shoots for Quantico in Tuscany

Priyanka Chopra is shooting for Quantico in Tuscany.
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Priyanka Chopra is currently in Tuscany for the shoot of her American TV Show Quantico. This time, season 3 of Quantico will have only 13 episodes as opposed to season 1 and 2 which had 22 episodes each. 
We got our hands on some pictures of the actress who was in shoot mode and PeeCee looked downright sexy in a sheer white shirt tied in the front paired with a pencil skirt which had a thigh-high slit. She accentuated the look with platform heels, a straw hat and sunglasses while her hair was styled in wavy curls.
Check the pictures out:


A fan shared a picture with Priyanka and her caption reads as "I can't believe I met this beautiful and super nice woman. Thank you so much @priyankachopra Your positive energy is so inspiring. #acting #quantico #priyankachopra #beautiful #sun #tuscany #model #filming #shooting #movie #missworld #abc #backstage."
Recently, in an interview with a leading Hollywood magazine, Priyanka spoke candidly about what makes her powerful. The actress revealed, "I don't always feel powerful. I think that sometimes women have to show an enormous amount of strength to be perceived as unbreakable and that we can walk toe-to-toe with any man and anyone around the world. But women are physiologically different. It's hard. I am vulnerable sometimes, I'm moody sometimes and it is hard for me. There is no way I let anyone see that when I walk onto a set and I think that's what makes me powerful." 
Priyanka added, "What makes me powerful is being able to emotionally check myself. Use my vulnerabilities as my strength. I think that is the power of feminity."


I love how fans have such a great experience meeting her

Priyanka is gorgeous and so sweet

Beauty outside, dirty inside!

I love the way she looks and I think she shot a scene with that hat and skirt, mama mia. But what I really miss is Ralex. What will show runner do with Ralex. That is what I cannot wait for. Counting months, wish it were here already

Is this K.S. also paoid by SRK to write fifty desperate comments a row?

Wow PC is extremely jealous about Deepikas success in Bollywood. Thank god her torture has an end finally.

hehehehehehe nice joke

Idiot one-liner, search for help finally!

SimPly adore n love PC

Priyanka just rock totally

Peecee will slay in season 3 yay

Very keen to watch season 3 soon

Thats so nice

Would love to visit Italy someday.

Fabulous Miss chopra

Queen Pri is awesome

Amazing golden heart PC

Stunning Queen pRI

Very fond of PC

Beautiful PC

Too good Peecee

Love priyanka yay

Peecee slays

Proud of Peecee

priyanka looks so similr to parineeti

don't insult priyanka. because she is beautiful then pareniti

Go sleep one-liner idiot! Laughingstock of PV : p

What a life! So beautiful she looks!

Indeed she is so beautiful inside n outside too.

She looks sooo beautiful and hot

Yes so much love her

which producer is still investing in this show?

A good producer is investing as well as good actors n technicians r working on season 3 so shut up u troller.

A good producer is investing as well as good actors n technicians r working on season 3 so shut up u troller.

Bcoz we love the show n our alex parish a lot

deepika aor priyanka k siway koi bh actress kam ki nahi

Peoples Flood the internet with her pics.check it on twitter

extremely beautiful priyanka

beautiful actress

90% of comments from same person I presume

yeah the same hater

Nice try idiot ohne-liner :p

Love Priyanka's outfit! She looks great!

Priyanka is a sweetheart! Everyone says the nicest things about meeting her.


It's cool that they shot some of it in Italy

PC looking hot hot hot

I'm excited for season 3

Priyanka is gorgeous

Wow in west its a big thing to be Working on a TV serial .. here its a demotion !

No, its not anymore. Name the last good movie you saw and people will name one or two, ask people what they binge watch and love to watch on "tv" (or Netflix) and everyone including celebrities will name many more shows

Wow, scenic beauty of Italy plus beauty of Priyanka. These pics have been all over the media and Quantico show runner is smart. Building excitement little by little.

Look at difference between the normal fair skin & one who uses skin whitening cream & surgeries

yes she so beautiful now.

Because the other skin is called dusky, you imbecile

Look at stupid comment harping on a beautiful actress who does not lighten her skin. Trollster. Stop belching the same old stuff.

After the Padmavati trailer is out she and her desperate PR becomes crazy, hehe, love it.

The dialogue delivery of deepika in padmavati seems like a poem she needs to be giving more class effort hope she does in the film n impresses me unlike wha she did as her mastani role so average performance.

deepika didnt make much impact for me in the trailer i liked ranveer mostly n shahid a bit.

After padmavati trailer released people r talking more abt ranveer n shahid than deepika how she did a better job in the film unlike what she did in bajirao.

after watching padmavati trailer i was more impressed by ranveer n shahid than deepiak even as she is the title role.

yar mery kheal se tu priyanka successful kuch ziyada hi ho gai hai .dhara dhar achievement os k hath main aa rahi hain i don't think so padmavati indian movie os ko effect kare gi..never

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The planets dont revolve around deepika my friend, there is much more in this world than deepika her movies , her trailer, her fans. She shot for her series and posted pics what's that got to do with padmavati? Or are you implying her single pic would ruin deepika's party. Irrationality is worse than hatred. Every actress that posted something after padmavati, deepika fans connected it to deepika and her movie, just why?? What happened to the grey matter of you all?

Lol, the SRK employee K.S. again :p. Tell us what he pays you for postimg every boring pic of this woman ;)

She she didn't hold a gun on your temple and asked you to open this article.she is free to write as you are free to read or not. And if you cant help but read it, then don't complain why it was written in the first place.

Dingbat I am biggest fan of KS, she is straight up with bias for nobody, so shut up. No I am not KS. Just sane, unlike you.

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