PHOTOS: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt attend the special screening of De De Pyaar De

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt recently attended the special screening of the movie De De Pyaar De. The two of them are currently the most talked about couple in B Town. Check out their latest pictures.
PHOTOS: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt attend the special screening of De De Pyaar DePHOTOS: Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt attend the special screening of De De Pyaar De
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are currently one of the most talked about and popular couples in the Bollywood film industry. The Brahmastra couple is frequently spotted together at various occasions. Be it travelling together or be it attending some event, the two of them never seem to leave each other's side. In fact, Ranbir and Alia have also accepted their relationship in public. 

The couple recently attended the special screening of the Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Rakul Preet Singh starrer De De Pyaar De. The two of them seemed to be pretty happy together as they got snapped by the paparazzi. Ranbir Kapoor looked dapper as he wore a black t shirt along with matching bottoms and white casual shoes. The actor also wore a black cap which complemented his look. Alia, on the other hand, looked amazing in a beautiful white dress. 

Check out Ranbir and Alia's latest pictures below:

On the work front, Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt will be next seen in the upcoming fantasy movie Brahmastra. The movie co stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy too. The movie happens to be the first part of a trilogy. Alia was also seen in the recently released movie Kalank featuring Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Roy Kapur, Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles. 

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Alia and Ranbir look so good together. Alia has cute face but need to work on hairstyle.

He couldn't have looked more disinterested lol

the ring....the same one he wore last year during chrismas...something is fishy.

Why so much hate for Alia when Kat is no less than her she ditch her sugar daddy Salman for Ranbir. Alia at least from beginning saying having crush on Ranbir not like other his ex gfs running after money and status.

I don't like Alia but RK is a pathetic loser, so he takes her to a salon coz he's embarrassed by the way she looks and then he won't even look at her face, men like Ranbir are disgusting, they play with women's emotions and confident, he will dump Alia soon, hope no girl will ever date him because if that's happen no one will sympathies with coz you have no self respect for dating this major loser

Be aware with the snake

If you look carefully Ranbir is trying to push Alia from behind so she falls on her face LOL

Watched that hook up song where Alia was looking like a crazy lizard in lingerie dancing like she's on drugs...seriously can't stop laughing at Ranbir current sex life hahaha

Ranbore will not marry aloo...he is already dating Ananya Pandey...

Nobody cares abour ranbir and his gf, he used to have so many views n comments previously, now no hype

ALIA spent 5hrs in saloon and make up to pose for this outing with RK. Still she looks ordinary and mediocre! shorty!

who is this man with ranbir ??

I am a hater of this couple but being a guy,I can clearly predict that alia will suffer so much of she ends up marrying him. She looks so serious for him that she didn't care that she looked totally like a bitch dating her friend's ex who did hurt her very much and ditched sidharth in his career's bad phase though at one point of time they both claimed to be in love. Ranbir knows that he has to move on in his life anyway so why not with alia bhatt who is currently the numero Uno actress. But he clearly isn't in love with her. She is a bigger star than him( that have been the case with his all gfs) and he knows she can give him headlines and keep him in news because of her youth connect. Alia is a silly girl and she will repent so much in future. But she is already a good actress and heartbreak will alia a phenomenal actress.

Alia sid - no one believed it, any gf of sid is just a cover up.

Also when you so easily date your gf's ex like alia has, dont think she is naive. she isnt going to repent ever.

Believe it or not but they were dating, broke up twice times or more also Ranbir & Sid were friends and were spotted sometimes together in parties, football.. before Alia's happened.

Alia break up with sid in 2017 diwali n easily move on in rk 1n 2018 such a shameless girl

Look at rk expression in every pic he is not in love with her seems that he wanted a non filmy girl not this mouse alia rk if you are not happy with her then please live her and find ur true love

Deepika is also so fugly

In his head RK is thinking about Rakul Preet Singh after watching the movie.


Katrina is also so fugly.

Who else thinks Alia copied Katrina from RK-KAT last outing at Kapoor Christmas lunch ?

With his facial expression RK is always giving a subtle message to audience that he is trapped with this shorty due to pressure from Kjo

Currently alia bhatt is the most hated heroine in India because of kjo hanging around rk betraying bestie kat alia knows that she is not worth of rk rk deserves much better please rk leave this average girl hope u rreading this

Why always so depressed my baby rk when u have such a beautiful and small smile

I saw yesterday video of rk aya alia rk is not interested in alia he never sitting in last seat of car with alia he sit in front seat

Deepika, Priyanka and Kangana are in Cannes, representing India to the whole world, and Alia is stuck at home with a fake showmance because of nepo papa. She really lost out.

I don't get how Alia is all too happy to pose with a VERY disinterested Ranbir. I honestly don't understand all these beautiful women like Deepika, Katrina, Mahira, and now Alia investing so much in a guy who looks like he is dead on the inside. Ladies, if your partner is not gushing over you or showing pride being around you, he is not worth it.

It was Karan who advised Ranbir to leave the relationship when he was with Katrina he asked Karan how to avoid making mistakes in relationship. And he advised alia that Ranbir could be the best husband in the world so basically this relationship is very well made up by Karan for alia baby

Alia you are trying way hard to impress him by wearing those white and off whites gowns to look angelic but frankly you don’t come close to those beauties who look way more innocent you are cunning and clever .. you have grabbed the opportunity to woo Ranbir but you will fail miserably

He doesn’t look happy with her nor at ease when out and about with her, why be in such relationship.

Awesome couple

ideal unethical couple: backstabber girlfriend and boy does not value relationships

I have seen in the video that he didn't want to pose. Uglia said 3 times "let's pose" then he gave pose with her. Why he is with her.He can find better than her. How can two good looking boys rk & sid choose her. Well happy for sid but rk better to leave her.

After shopping in Barneys and Saks , RK is now shopping clearance section in Ross.

Hope he doesn’t end up in Dollar Tree!

Couldn’t have said it better. From riches to rags .. RK’s mighty fall from grace.

Shaheen is way prettier than Alia. This one looks like a chipmunk... yucky girl with the brassy hair.

as a fan i request you RK leave this girl. she doesn’t worth u. You can do much better. I can’t tolerate her anymore. Sid is also my fav i’m tired of seeing her with all my idols. Just please stay away from her so she will realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her.

Rk always looks miserable with this alia he never happy in this forced relationship by neetu kapoor and kjo for brahmastra she is not so beautiful for rk average looking girl

He has zero interest... she is trying freaking hard as always

They look so good together. I hate them so much I hope they live together forever and make each other life miserable

all the makeup she wears with him ages her, meanwhile he’s like get me out of here. you obviously alerted the paps, stop faking it

Does he not care about his image seen around with this shorty yellow teeth ? She is currently the most hated heroine in India.

poor guy seems to be in pain whenever with her.. he is going to get depressed soon.

God, RK's face speaks volumes about how content he is in this friggin relationship.

There's the face you would hope to never see with a person you are in a relationship with.

Anyone would feel that after dating the likes of Deepika and Katrina...

Have you seen Deepika in real life without lights and makeup? Lol and I’m not even a Katrina fan

constipated and forced :P.....cant help when papajo has signed big cheques in both there names ;) PR banta hai

fake relationship directed by Kjo

lol weird couple and he's drunk always

Two boring and fake people,just looking at them makes u yawn!

Where is Ranbir's boyfriend and true love Ayan?

He always has the same zombie expression

Both looking bored and old

alia bhatt is so fugly.

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