Photos: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt can’t stop smiling as they return to the bay from their vacation

Lovebirds Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were on vacation together. Today, Ranbir and Alia returned from their holiday and couldn’t stop smiling as they were snapped at the airport. Take a look.
Photos: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt can’t stop smiling as they return to the bay from their vacationPhotos: Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt can’t stop smiling as they return to the bay from their vacation
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Lovebirds and Brahmastra co-stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have returned from their vacation today and were snapped at the airport while making their way to the car. Ranbir and Alia have been dating each other for quite some time, however, it was on Koffee with Karan 6 that the latter admitted the same and mentioned that she is enjoying the time she is getting to spend with her beau. On many occasion, Ranbir and Alia have been spotted together. Be it Sonam K Ahuja’s reception or Brahmastra logo launch, Ranbir-Alia have always stolen the limelight. 

Today, while walking out of the airport, Ranbir and Alia looked totally fresh and happy. Alia is seen carrying a huge white bag as she walked to her car. In the photos, Alia can be seen sporting a casual look in a pink polka dotted top and a pink pair of jeans with sneakers. She also added a pair of sunglasses. On the other hand, Ranbir can be seen sporting a white tee with an orange light blue shirt on top of it. He teamed it up with basic blue denim, sunglasses and sneakers. 

The lovebirds were returning from Lake Como, Italy where they were spending some quality time together. The two were seen giggling on something as they came out and walked to their car. Rumour mill was ablaze with reports of Ranbir and Alia’s wedding and that they were in Lake Como to see the venue. However, in an interview with IANS, Soni Razdan ended all speculation and mentioned that the rumour is totally baseless. On the professional front, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt will be seen in Ayan Mukerji’s Brahmastra which is slated to release in the Summer of 2020. 

Check out the photos:

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I think obsessed lovers of other celeb's shows this much obsession of hate to this couple

She Wears night suit and granny sneakers to airport? Nice should be comfy

RK’s only claim to fame.

Whenever I come to read Ranbir Alia post realise their ability to made ppl jealous and frustrated.

Nobody is jealous of their fake love or rather lack of love. Frustrated...
YES!! From having them shoved down our throats all the time, especially when their movie needs more publicity.
Seeing real couples with true love and respect between them is always pleasant like Virushka, Nickyanka and Jophie.

The way ppl like u shows hate towards them looks very personal. Like they harm u personally. When other ppls happiness effect someone like this called jealousy. I am not fan of them but all the time too much mean comment about them piss me off. They r not criminal

I watched their video , they were not so lovey dovey or smiling, but cameras clicked them within 2 mins when they did this. So their PR called Bollywood Hungama reporters and asked to click pic in certain way. There were not many reporters too it was all empty hence this is totally staged

This is all staged, how come Media was not there when RK went to Europe. Their PR calls media when they want, and this one is staged. Below is their PR strategy
RatAlia thinks people will think of her as desirable, if RK picked her over others.
RK thinks he will be considered as casanova and most desirable just like his idol Salman khan if he tags along Alia
Kjo wants two desirable actors for his movie Bramhastra , hence he is fueling it to create their image.

They make one heck of a cute couple loooove thhhem

RK ending up with Alia is the Karma at his best we’ve seen!

Kalank..Dp/ Aish
Hook up:Kat/Kkk
Real life: Zero personality

Rk is a big meesna

Desperate wannabees

When I want comic relief I watch Alia's soty 2 item number. No joke I literally laugh out loud. Kudos to all the real hot sexy divas of BW in the likes of katrina kareena deepika priyanka and kangana to name a few.

LOL ! I am happy that he will end up with short and fat.This is what he deserves.

Its all for the cameras. Wonder how RK reacted to her cringe worthy dance in soty 2 .... Alia trying to channel her non existent sexiness lol ! TBH I want these two to end up together. Let them pretend and act in front of the media for the rest of their lives. It would be karma at its best.

Alia used to say in her interviews before that she's a 'very gentle person who can never hurt anybody' and yet she is dating this douche who sent women into depression and dumped her bff after living together for 6 years. Very strange and puzzling. Either this relationship is fake or Alia is fake about how she portrays herself.

Now both are high on drugs, probably discussion how they fooled their exes

Like their pair as I hate both of them. Ek dusre klie perfect. Venom

Both look awsome together

Wow what comments lmao seems like people really loathe Alia in general. I just don’t understand one thing though. If everyone dislikes Alia so much, who are these people who go to watch her films and make it superhit?!?!?!? Kalank was exception as it was disastrous. But apart from that she keeps giving hits all the time. Please guys I’m one of the dislikers too and I never go to watch an Alia film in the theatres no matter who else is in it. So please boycott her films and then she will be removed from being given these spoon fed roles due to being a nepokid. It’s in our control. Let’s do it with our action. #AliaSucks #AliaIsAMan

I am second hand embarrassed for Ranbir. Poor guy doesn't even feel like walking with his head up. That is some disturbing body language. God, how did he get stuck with a rat like her.

Alia is inspiration for fat and short girls, if u have contacts you can get anything

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What a comment literally I laughed out loud

Two boring people...just looking at them makes you yawn!

Ayan must be really jealous

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Ranbir with his teenage brother lol.alia is so masculine.

Alia tried her best to look hot in her recent song but failed so miserably. She the biggest wannabe in bollywood always copying other actresses , people r bored of her now!! FLOP BHATT

Lets hope he don't dump you like his others girlfriendsss

Lets hope he don't dump u like his other girlfriendsss ...

Ranbir taste has downgraded a lot but good for him.Karma!he is stuck with ugly alia.

Both are biggest kalank of bollywood and their brahmastra will be a huge disaster just wait and watch

So much hate! She's gorgeous and talented, support her rather than tear her to shreds

She is a fake and a bad person plus an average actress with bad looks

most Fake laugh last pic.She thinks she is fooling us but she is the one who looks like a fool, RK will use her, dump her after brahmastra.She will come back to reality in 2020.

Shivangi Joshi who is a TV actress is Alia's height yet looks very hot and charming. Alia just doesn't have it in her to look hot, and it aint because of the height. I liked her because she is a decent actor, but her obnoxious, competitive personality makes me hate her. RK is one big fake dufus.

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2 men in one frame

Your love is not at all genuine alia you show people you are innocent but you are extremely clever .. sidd made one flaw and you left him instantly.. this guy on other hand has so much flaws still u being so nice to him that itself speaks u use your mind in relationship more than your heart...Varun and Natasha, tiger and Disha are far better than u guys

Wat are they wearing? lol

Shorty with drug addict, even my maid looks better than alia

Why shouldn't your maid look better? That benchmark shows your character! #shame

Once upon a time, RK used to be Bollywood’s quintessential Prince Charming! Ever since Papa Jo started spreading rumors about him and Alia, he has become a joke!!

Alia and RK both copying Deepika again. They are rude and full of attitude in their airport looks, as Alia mentioned in coffee episode she wonders how can DP keep laughing etc, now she wants to copy that too

Alia looks old and boring now. We are tired of you guys. Bramhastra is flop

Two ugly cheaters

How bad is their movie that kjo and his baby have to resort to such ghaathi level of publicity and promotions? Alia should buy a personality she is a zero

fake relationship directed by Karan and Ayan his true boyfriend

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such an ugliest dressing sense this girl has got:/

Two people who absolutely deserve each other!

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promotions of flopbastra already start keep spreading your fakeship useless!!

fake pr! where is his bf Ayan!? he was with him

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