PHOTOS: Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sridevi, Rekha and others strike a pose at Adira’s birthday bash

Rani Mukherji and Aditya Chopra hosted a grand party to celebrate daughter Adira's birthday.
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Rani Mukerji and director Aditya Chopra's daughter Adira, turned a year older today and the proud parents hosted a grand party at Yash Raj Studios to celebrate the happy occasion.

Spotted at the party was Kareena Kapoor Khan along with her little munchkin Taimur. Karan Johar also arrived in style with his twins – Yash and Roohi Johar. Sridevi, Rekha and Shilpa Shetty were among other celebrities who attended Adira’s grand birthday party.

Rani looked pretty in a red outfit as she posed with Kareena, Sridevi, Karan, Shilpa and Sridevi. Kareena was seen wearing a grey tee and denim, while Rekha looked stunning in a pink saree. Sridevi, on the other hand, looked beautiful in a baby pink outfit. Karan looked dapper in a black outfit. 

Check out the pictures:

Unlike other celebrities, Rani and Aditya have always kept their private life away from the limelight and have even guarded their two-year-old daughter's privacy from the glamorous world of showbiz. During an interview, Rani had said,  “I don’t mind Adira’s pictures coming out, but I don’t think her father is very comfortable with it. Adi and I are a unit and I have to respect his wishes.”

Rani Mukherji is all set to make her comeback with Yash Raj Film’s Hichki which is slated to release in February 2018.

About the film, she had said, “When the script came to me, I wasn’t thinking about getting back to work.  I really liked the script and said, ‘Okay, we can go ahead with it.’ It was a process that happened organically. Then it hit me, ‘I have to leave my daughter and go to work.’ My husband feels if he hadn’t have pushed me, I wouldn’t have come back. I would be very happy being with Adira whole day long. And that’s true. I am most content when I am with my daughter. Right now, she is taking her afternoon nap, so I am comfortable. The minute she wakes up, I will be like, ‘Okay, time to go."

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At least they are dressed normal .....not like Ashwariya wearing that behenji Gown ,living in a premitive castle..

Why didn't Rekha have any kids with Amitabh if she likes them so much

Shahid Mira probably so jealous!

Thank God annoying attention seekers Shahid and Mira weren't invited!!!

Why are people so fixated on which celebrities weren't present and the ones who weren't there automatically make them the enemy of Rani?!... Like it's a baby birthday!!!!

Anyway Rani looks lovely and all of them seems to have a good time.

I know that over the knee boots are in fashion but Kareena, no point wearing them in Mumbai. It ain't that cold else wear them with a short dress.

Deepika wore the same boot today

Aww second wives club. All were concubine at some point of time.

Awwww so cute. All the babies are looking at the balloon.

Isn't it her birthday ? Wots the point of a birthday party when u cant even have a single picture of the child ??

Shahid has worked with Rani in Dil Bole Hadippa and with Aditya Chopra in Badmaash Company yet he wasn't invited. Clearly he doesn't get along with most of his co-stars.

They may not have invited him to avoid the drama as Kareena is present too ; the Chopras probably interact with her more.

Both Kareena and Shahid attended Karan’s birthday. Kareena doesn’t have issue being with them in a party, we all know her. She doesn’t care about anyone

Am so sick of Rekha always dressed in Saree, she is a very remarkable woman and I will always love her but I am dying to see her in beautiful blouses, chic classy trousers, designer gowns please Rekha enough of these Sarees they make you look older than you are, you are one heck of a stylish woman you are my inspiration for how I will look when I reach your age.

Please wear some thing western for once you will really kill it in jeans because you are indeed ageless.

PV please post.

Karan only went with the idea of having kids for the sake of his mother.....we all know he will never get married or come the easy thing was to buy himself not one but two kids.....typical from Bollywood no.1 gossip party social king....just look at the way he's holding the poor baby....first he looks like someone who never held a baby in his life, second as a parent you always have the instinct to cover your baby's and tidy their clothes and make sure they are covred outdoor so they dont catch a cold...Karan looks more invested in taking pictures and posing with Kareena and Taimur than taking care of his own kid.....poor baby feel sorry for both kids

PV where is the photo Karishma posted in which Bebo and Taimur laughing looking at each other?

Rani is looking cute

How cute and adorable Taimur’s smile is

It seems from the comments that Aish+Kajol+Shahid fans have been burning all the night, take chill pill guys

Here comes Kareena thinking that the whole world is obsessed with her. Take a chill pill Kareena. And calm down on the colon therapy and your insecurities. You hardly hold your own son and are doing item roles. What is there to be jealous of an uneducated and airhead woman who is the second wife of an old man

Colon therapy? How do you know about that? Oh looks like the tube from the colon goes directly into your mouth.

Good one

You are clearly obsessed with Kareena and her son, dear Aish fan.

Such a delight to see Taimur

Taimur and Kareena the best!

Bebo's head is so huge in that pic with the ladies

Where is the BIRTHDAY GIRL?????

OMG Taimur is sooooooooooo cute! I agree he looks like the only kid actually having fun, he's so adorable playing with that balloon

why karan got white babies smh

Rani looks pretty .

Kareena looks so good when she smiles, I wish she would stop with all the crazy pouting pictures.

Rani looks so pretty. Yeah, sounds like she wants Adira to be seen and have fun but Adi ain't letting that happen.

Rani looks hot n stunning...she is the best dressed here..Kareena & Karisma look awful. Thank God Rekha gt rid of her Gloden Saree!!

Rani is actually worst dressed here

Looks like Aish and Kajol were not even invited!!

Karan looks like he's never held a baby before in his life. He looks so uncomfortable. When does he have time anyway? He is always partying and traveling by himself. Now doing a photo op.

Yes, somebody please teach Karan how to hold a child esp girl child.

Saif shoulf. He is a pro in holding Taimur

No offense but Karan's kids are too white. Why didn't he get an Indian egg donor? It's crazy how desis want white children so badly. At least Tushar Kapoor's kid looks Indian.

where is birthday girl and his father?

Rani looks so beautiful, young and vivacious. Love red color on her.

Kareena looks the older among all. She has a very matured face

Alia looks younger than a ttenager but looking young means looking good? Kareena is the prettiest among all

How to get legs like Rani? Her legs are so fine and extremely sexy. I am taller in height, skinny but got cankles instead.

Having a baby is easy. What is unfortunate is that He doesn't know HOW TO PROPERLY HOLD A BABY.
(P.S. He never forgets to pout for the camera)

OMG all this babies are so cute. Karan can make movie BABY OF THE YEAR. I hope they all grow up to be so down to earth.

“I hope they all grow up to be so down to earth”

Yea...good luck with that hope.

Where is the birthday girl????

Three adulterous women posing together

Adulterous women ?!!! Almost every lady in these snaps are their husband's second wives - Shilpa ,Sridevi , Kareena (who did end Saif's marriage) & Karisma . Rekha is single .

HUH??are we missing something??Saif was with Rosa FOR YEARS between his first wife and Kareem's!! Don't say untrue things just for the scandal factor

Kareena ended Saif’s marriage? Yeah Mira

Apologies , that was my mistake . I meant out of all the 2nd wives here (including Rani whom also I somehow forgot ) , Kareena did NOT end Saif's marriage - which's why I specifically singled her out in this gang -can't imagine how I omitted the all important 'NOT' there. And yes , Saif had a fling with Rosa Castellano whom he met while shooting a movie leading to Amrita finally showing him the door .

Promotion for Hichki. Adira isn't even in the pictures. Whose birthday is it? Adira or Rani's?

Shilpa, Shilpa. Invited to Aradyan's birthday and Rani invited her to her birthday. Then her cousin's ex bff gets an invite. Rubbing salt into Aish and Kajol's wounds.

Kajol would feel really terrible when she sees these pictures. Karan finally poses with his babies and Rani is in the picture. Forget the likes on Instagram and Karan's speeches. SRK or Manish probably made Karan say them. Karan just proved that his friendship with Kajol is truly over.

Al kids are more intrested in the balloon than the party

My eyes are only glued on sweet munchkin

Taimur's a very cheerful baby ...and a bundle of activity ! Shilpa's son & Karan's twins are also darlings!

Poor mira wasn't invited . Didn't get chance to attend another party to show off. Looks like rani didn't find her and husband important to invite them

Shilpa was the only Bollywood mum invited to Aish's daughter's birthday and she's also invited to Adira's birthday. And KJo used to be Kajol's bff. Way to kick both ur hated enemies Aish and Kajol

taimut tum ittne cute kyun HO

taimut stole the thunder

where is adira?
kareena is bliss .. taimur cutie.!!!!! karan’s babies r cute but too white !
shilpa looks good too

Rani - the junior Rekha who won! Rekha must have tutored Sridevi and Rani and warned them not to make the mistakes she made. Sridevi and Rani succeeded in kicking out the first wives and married the men.

Taimur was like give me the baloon and then I'll smile for a photo. So cute bless him

Poor mira wasn't invited . Didn't get chance to attend another party to show off. Looks like rani didn't find her and husband important to invite them

The birthday party is obviously to promote Rani's upcoming film. The birthday girl is nowhere to be seen

Kajol must feel terrible seeing her former bff posing with his children for the first time with Rani of all people. Most of her previous closest friends are now Rani's husband and pals.

I thought she turned 2? Wasn't Befikre released on her birthday as a present?

OMG Rani is glowing and that colour on Rehka looks ravishing. Happiness. Bless!

Such happy vibes. All Bollywood mums and their kids are at the hottest bday party except ash and her daughter. Awkward.

Aditya Chopra is so OTT you host a birthday party for your daughter and know people will take photos but don't even let your daughter be involved in even one 'group' photo. Seeing taimur and Yash Roohi is great and everything but not one photo of the birthday girl whose party it is? nevermind..

So almost all star parents were invited except Shahid and Aish

Want to see Manish and Karan together with the babies !!!!!!!

It’s great to see them all together. Lovely photos ^^

Rani should hire a stylist ASAP.

Taimur is such a witty and playful kid, love his energy

Taimur is too young to even speak. How is he witty?!

The way Taimur look at that balloon, toooo adorable

Kareena and Taimur just stand out

Amazing amazing pictures...All these actresses look happy and love their smiles with their babies. The joy of motherhood is definitely showing on their faces. They are glowing with true happiness.. I found Karan Johar holding his baby very adorable. Great great pictures !

Even Yash and Roohi seem to be smitten by Taimur

Why is Rani posing alone. here is the birthday girl Adira?

Like Aditya Chopra, Adira is also invisible in pics

My precious taimur. Stands out in the crowd just like his mommy

Like yash chopra, Adira is also invisible in pics

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