PHOTOS: Rhea Chakraborty steps out of DRDO house post CBI interrogation; Actress likely to be summoned again

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PHOTOS: Rhea Chakraborty steps out of DRDO house post CBI interrogation; Actress likely to be summoned again

Sushant Singh Rajput’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has been under the radar right from the beginning. The actress grabbed further attention when the late actor’s father KK Singh filed an FIR against her and five other people a few weeks back.  The ED has already summoned Rhea in connection with the money laundering case. And finally, the CBI also summoned the actress post which she arrived at the DRDO guest house on Friday. Reports suggest that she has been grilled for several hours.

And now, after several hours of interrogation, Rhea Chakraborty is finally out of the guest house. The actress is accompanied by her brother Showik as she approaches her car while a few other people accompany them. She is wearing a white-coloured salwar kameez and puts on a mask. The actress along with the others headed straight towards the car. As per the latest reports, she is likely to be summoned again. A day earlier, she appeared in a few interviews and tried to defend herself over the allegations that have been made in the past few days.

Check out the photos below:

Talking about Rhea’s recent interviews, it seems like they have backfired as NCB has reportedly claimed she tried to influence the witness and the accused by doing the same. Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on 14th June 2020. Numerous startling facts have come up thereafter. Now, it’s not one but three organizations looking into the late actor’s case – the ED, CBI, and the Narcotics Control Bureau.

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Anonymous : Snake kam se kam 49 CR jo ghapla kia, you should have bought a CAR atleast. Kab tak Akhtars , SHibani, Anusha Dhandekar ki chaate gi. This car belongs toFarhan Akhtars GF Shibani sister Anushka's Makeup MAN car. PV PLS POST
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : I don't have a shred of doubt in my mind that SSR's sister are the real culprits. They way they have used political power and handled media, to hound and crucify Rhea and her family is really really evil. Horrible people
REPLY 3 11 months ago
Anonymous : Yeh sab tho thik hai chudail yeh bol itne paise kahan se apne expensive lawyer ko pay kar rahi hai. Ugly chudail
REPLY 16 11 months ago
Anonymous : Let the CBI decide. Everyone has a right to put their story out but I am sure CBI will be able to find the truth. Don’t treat people so poorly. It’s not a good to mistreat people based on hear say!
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : If she is the murderer..all Okay BUT if she is innocent? All this trolling,her dad shamed,her career lost..can anyone give it back? Let the truth come out first.
REPLY 9 11 months ago
Anonymous : karma will get them. Including Ankita.
REPLY 5 11 months ago
Anonymous : Hahaha career lost? she didnt have any career that's y she used SSR!!
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : sabko pata hai kya truth hai .U rhea PR
REPLY 6 11 months ago
Anonymous : So white is now the color of murderers. Pv post this
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea seems to have a good collection of white Indian wear.... Lehangas, kurtas and salwar kameez..
REPLY 21 11 months ago
Anonymous : Her arrogance is unbelievable. Even if she is not guilty, conduct has to be right. She has an air of “you can’t get me”..
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : It is in your head. Get yourself checked before it is too late
REPLY 1 11 months ago
Anonymous : Witch Rhea needs to be in jail. Her face is so evil.
REPLY 31 11 months ago
Anonymous : She was planted to make and feel him sick. Wen tym came she was asked to leave . As soon as his sister leaves boy got killed.. everybody of bollywood know what has happened.. but koi ni bolega... salman arbaz chopra kapoor jauher sab ka naam hi... imtiaz khatri one builder... drug distributer also
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : strong woman !! coming out when whole india is against her, facing all the allegaton !! she is very strong in my eyes!! it is not easy. when media is dong their own trials. sushant was no saint that i know and his family is shady... especially that attention craving sister on USA!! pinkvilla plz post this comment. truth need to come out. especially in our crazy country where pople have stopped using their brain all togethr!!!
REPLY 28 11 months ago
Anonymous : What strength are you talking about? Strong women don't use men as a walking credit card, with her entire family living off of his money! Gang of media libtards are using her for their agenda. Lot of stupid people whose entire knowledge and experience of the world comes via fluffy sound bytes on social media and keyboard activism are easily misled by painting a picture of this liar as a wronged, grieving woman who is being subjected to 'insert buzz word of choice here' misogyny, state might, undemocratic, women's rights, elections, religion, nationalist. It's sick how they manipulate and spin the truth and reality to control the narrative! People are seeing through you!
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : Questioning is part of reporting. Intimidating isn't. Press has no right to trespass. No social distancing is maintained by the reporters who are spreading COVID 19 every day.
REPLY 19 11 months ago
Anonymous : The white clothes won't whitewash your image!
REPLY 39 11 months ago
Anonymous : All producers directors plz hire her... she’s an excellent actress.
REPLY 26 11 months ago
Anonymous : This is amazing even after so many things, inconsistencies, Money laundering, drugs, fraud, she is roaming around freely.. If this was the case in USA, she'd ve been in Jail...
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : She gets police protection too only given to VIPs these days
REPLY 14 11 months ago
Anonymous : no USA is not banana republic like India
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : ya we get it that you are innocent rhea and everybody was wrong and only you and your family were right for sushant dramze baz criminal. who runs a drug cartel, money laundrer, killer
REPLY 12 11 months ago
Anonymous : I don't buy her I blocked Sushant because he didn't care for me story, she herself says he messaged to ask how she was doing, that's what you ask if someone is sick, what else did she want from him? She just wanted to show she had no communication with him when he died so she is safe.
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : TAI was no act, that is the real Rhea and it's coming out in her interviews now. All evidence is destroyed , nothing links her directly to the crime and that's why she is so confident and arrogant.
REPLY 29 11 months ago
Anonymous : She killed him slowly , she has been killing him since she met him last year. She ruined a person's spirit, his laugh, his life, his ambition, his passions. His friends are saying how she isolated him from them too and dominated him and bossed him around even in front of producers and directors. He could not do anything without her say. She is involved with some serious gundas and she was threatening and blackmailing him big time.
REPLY 30 11 months ago
Anonymous : Saw her interview with NDTV , was appalled at the level of narcissism this woman showed. Here you are contradicting everything she is preaching. She talked about showing respect yet she thrashed sushant’s reputation, and how she has the right to spend his money. Her interview was all about saving her arse! Look at me... I’m so fragile.... look at me I’m wearing a white kurta just to gain sympathy. Pathetic woman.
REPLY 44 11 months ago
Anonymous : Great comments
REPLY 11 11 months ago
Anonymous : Nothing will happen to her . It looks like she has already prepared fake papers and proofs to get out of this . She is not an ordinary con person . The whole world against her will not be able to do anything even after knowing that she is the main culprit. It is very disheartening to see all this happening. We are living in Kalyug where evil wins over goodness.
REPLY 27 11 months ago
Anonymous : never for long, she may walk free but she is DONE in India. People saw her for who she is.
REPLY 20 11 months ago
Anonymous : One brave girl.
REPLY 8 11 months ago
Anonymous : The amount of arrogance and over confidence in a flop actress.
REPLY 36 11 months ago
Anonymous : So truly said.
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : safed suit pehen ke drame kyu kr rhi hai.Interviews mein kr toh dia drama ab aur kya chahti hain
REPLY 25 11 months ago
Anonymous : this is now her only chance to act so try to understand her desperation
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Rhea should be in jail. This is getting intolerable
REPLY 27 11 months ago
Anonymous : Truth will prevail!! Stay Strong Rhea!! I trust you!!
REPLY 13 11 months ago
Anonymous : Lol ONE more idiot !
REPLY 2 11 months ago
Anonymous : Si you trust lies and fake people ! Poor yourself !!!
REPLY 10 11 months ago
Anonymous : Yeh white kapde pehen ke kya dikhana chahti hai ?? Go to jail
REPLY 29 11 months ago