Photos: Sridevi rings in husband Boney Kapoor's birthday in Chennai with Jhanvi Kapoor-Khushi Kapoor and others

Boney Kapoor is celebrating his birthday today.
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Ace Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor has turned a year older today. He ringed in his birthday with wife Sridevi, children - Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor along with friends from the industry in Chennai.

Sridevi posted a picture on her Instagram page where Boney is seen giving a peck on Khushi's cheek while Sridevi and Jhanvi are all smiles for the camera. She captioned the picture saying, "Happy birthday to my love"


Happy birthday to my love

A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on

The veteran actress also shared a picture of Jhanvi and Khushi by saying, "Babies."



A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on

Bollywood designer Manish Malhotra was also part of the celebration and shared a picture posing with AR Rahman with wife Saira Rahman, Shabana Azmi, Sridevi and Boney. Manish posted the picture saying, "In Chennai for BoneyKapoors Birthday Celebrations hosted by Sridevi to perfection ... #funnight with @sridevi.kapoor #boneykapoor @azmishabana18 #shabanaazmi #arrehman #sairarehman#funtimes #love"

He also shared a picture with Sridevi, Khushi and Gauri Shinde. Manish captioned the picture saying, "Loving and caring host @sridevi.kapoor at her chennai home ..... #allaboutlastnight with the #incredible @sridevi.kapoor #gaurishinde and the young cool #kushikapoor #fun #funtimes #happiness #positivity #love"

Happy Birthday, Boney Kapoor!

Check out the pictures and tell us about it in the comments below.

Recently, at an event when Boney Kapoor was asked about his daughter Jhanvi's debut, he stated, "As a father, I would wish her the best. She is very hardworking and focused. I am sure like her mother she will be loved by all and I would seek everybody's love for her."

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Its a happy family after all happiness is the key to life!! indeed they are celebrities. Its true love and love means everything Boney is very dedicated and Sri has supportive god bless them all praying for Jhanvis success

people are envious of happy people cannot see happiness of others Truly loved couple and happy family
God bless them all i wish them success

Sweet family Sridevi is a Bollywood Diva. True love !! awesome family love of people ENVY their success since they are ordinary

Gauri, don’t let friendships and past relationships bog down your creativity, choose to work with prikanya juhi. Sridevi or vidya based on who suits best for the script. Do not allow yourself to be pushed by others.

Khushi kapoor is effortlessly beautiful. I just can't take my eyes off her. Look at her smile in all the pictures. Hands down the best star kid I have ever seen!

It was in 2012 after EV released the entire family was present for Boney's birthday including Arjun standing right next to Sridevi. May be this time he refused or couldn't make it to chennai.

let them do what they want..why do we have to bash up&nag these celebs..all the time..its better not to give them any attention at all instead by just staying quiet,attention is what they live's their food !!!

Pv plzzzzzz post my comment

Desperate girls. I know this comment looks irrelevent, bt seriously that's the only word that comes to my mind when i see sri's daughters. Seems like they are hungry for attention, to show themselves as divas, which they are clearly not.

Where are arjun and anshula? i guess they are only left with dad's money after his marrige with sridevi. She's definitely a home wreck.

Ok madhuri.

Why drag madhuri in this? U think madhuri has time to read and comment on Pv? She never said anything negative in her prime so why she will write negative now?

Atleast these girls r wearing decent clothes today unlike sara who wore hot shorts on dads bday...

Its short shorts, Sridevi ji

Thank you, Madhuri ji

Arjun anshula? Its their father too! Shabhana was always on mona's side.. she is very close to arjun and anshula. She attended this party for boney as she is close to the kapoors.

Where are his other children from first marriage?

Happy birthday bonerji!

Happy birthday nepo father

Happy birthday boneyji.

Didn't she invite the rest of the Kapoors ? Arjun & Anshula (unless they refused ) ?

enough now pls.let people live their lives.

I Was thinking the same thing. Not only are Arjun and anshula not there but his own brothers are not there. It's very obvious that his marriage to Sridevi completely divided this family. You never see Sonam and Harsh with these girls but Sonam posts so many pic she with Arjun and Anshula. I could be wrong but it's just an observation over many years.

If the mother had granted Boney proper visitation, they would be closer. Children should not be used as pawns in a divorce.

Sri's girls are much younger than Sonam so they may not really hang out all that much . Sonam probably interacts with cousins in her own age group more . I have never seen Arjun with Harsh either . Sanjay Kapoor's daughter seems to be very pally with Suhana Khan .

Arjun as there when Harsh's movie was releasing and also there is banter back and father on their social media accounts. It was posted here in PV. I just have never seen interaction like that between Anil Kapoor's kids and the other cousins but you're right it could be just the age difference because I've also never seen it between Sanjay's kids and any of the cousins either.

Is it only sridevi fault to marry boney kapoor, Was he not behind her for ten years. It was boney kapoor who decided to leave every relationship he has and marry sridevi. But I agree he was truly in love with sridevi.

Ultimately audience is the king and for both movies and for pinkvilla don’t give gyaan here. Don’t like comments don’t read them.

If u don't like nepo kids its fair.coz audience have the power who they want to see in theatre..but v don't have any right to question them like y the nepo kids joining this industry ?coz its theirs money ( boney kapoor

Why only u expect only compliments if u are a public figure then be ready to take criticism.

Just like they have right to launch nepo kids non nepo viewers have right to write comments and read comments.

I love Hindi cinema and want to see talented actors and people like me feeling helpless I think this is my weakness and my fault.

First let them launch & then judge

Sweet family, you can tell that he is a great dad to his daughters, they adore him.

Manish, Shaban, Gauri all travelled to chennai only goes on to show how much they love sridevi. The most happiest woman in the world!

Happiness Love is all I see. Truly blessed family!!!!!

Happy Birthday to baby.. and God give bollywood fans to courage,patience to bare all the nepo kids.

You want to bare them? You naughty perv.

Troll Troll get well soon

Irrelevant comment for a post like this only shows your character. You first need the courage yourself to ignore these star kids if you accuse them of nepotism. #Troll!!!

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