Photos: Suhana Khan glitters in gold at Gauri Khan's Halloween bash

Suhana Khan attended Gauri Khan's Halloween bash.
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Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is already a stunner and her popularity increases by the day.

Gauri held a Halloween bash last night which was attended by the who's who of Bollywood and they were dressed in their scariest best. 

Suhana was also at the bash and looked gorgeous in a sheer golden dress with sequins and strappy golden heels. 

Check the pictures out:


Recently, in an interview with a leading daily when Shah Rukh was asked if Suhana is interested in acting, SRK replied, "Suhana wants to be an actress. I see that zeal in her. She’s extremely good on stage, I’ve seen her performances. She’s admittedly a cinema fan and wants to be in the industry. But my point is simple — you need to complete your education before doing anything. That’s the only thing I have told my children. Otherwise, they are free to be in the film industry, not be in it and do whatever they like. I will be supportive of whatever they want to do. While Aryan has now grown up and is more macho, he’s building his body and all, Suhana is more loving. I think she’s the softest person in the house. And AbRam is my little monster."

At the occasion of Eid when Shah Rukh was quizzed about Suhana's movie debut, the actor stated, "I have said this very often, going out in public does not mean you want to be an actor. But the point is very clear that and I request everybody with love, I understand it is your job but they are not movie stars, they just happen to be a movie stars children and I think they are very respectful and decent. When they come out with me I make sure they stand with me and pose because I know it is meant to be important."

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Eww. I wish she dressed her age.


Too short skirt for any age

Why don't you guys start a section called Nepotism rocks? what fun it would be

Shove us down our throat toll we get choked, Pv dont do this with a kiddo, I saw the video she was not even okay posing, sanjay kapoor asked her to get clicked. now as usual your illiterate moderator won't publish this comment.

Incorrect. I am not sure which video you watched, the one i watched she was desperate to pose and totally ignored sohails wife seema, suhana seemed irritated even having to hug her. She just wanted topose

Oh God! So much money to spend but no sense of the fact that she looks very masculine doesn't help..she will soon b heartbroken...not at all heroine material

Stop shoving this plain jane below average teenage girl as beautiful. She is only called beautiful because of her lineage. There are plenty of beautiful girls in india without a famous name. People know what beauty means. She looks like an ordinary plain teenage girl trying desperately to be hot in adult clothes. 17 year old is barely legal and she is posing for pictures and wearing adult clothes for pictures. Her mother is going to ruin her by urging her to dress like that and pursue a career in this fickle industry. Girl is barely legal. Let her grow up first away from this desperate attempt for fame. Audience will decide whether she have the zeal to act or not. Parents are always biased when it comes to their children. Her looks are ordinary and so as her acting. look at her play on youtube. Its pretty annoying.

She looks so mature for her age

its okay if she wants to be an actress. If she has realised her dream early in her life then let her work towards it. Recently shabana azmi tweeted she will be fab actress after she her performance clip. Its good she has the talent. Zaira wasim is also 17 years old. nobody tells her to go to school. why scrutinize the poor kid.

I wish aamir's 6 ft tall son steps in a party with a well toned body wearing branded clothes and well styled hair and his daughter who has the best figure in Bollywood comes in make-up and straight hair..i wonder how the others will react to this. cherry on the top will be if the appearance is with step mom Kiran Rao..showstoppers they will be !

She looks stunning haters keep your hatred to yourselves

She seemed removed from all this...unlike so many of the younger star kids. Looks like the pressure got to her. She is a sweet girl though.

Iam not saying that it is okay for her to enter movies at such a young age but even Kajol, Karisma, Kareena made their debut at same age

This girl is gonna become actress. Oh god save us & Bollywood

She looks like Lily Sing(Youtuber) to me. I don't think she has the looks to become an actress but she may know how to act(I really don't see any other reason for her to start this young). If she is interested in becoming an actress already then I guess she is going against what Papa is saying.

I dear God... save us from her becoming an actress. She does look like a man, though.

Oh, so they are totally launching her in films. She reminds me of how much Shweta resembles Big B. Abhishek lucked out that his face doesn't constantly remind us of his famous father.

She's so young, wish she would have more fun with her outfits and not look like she borrowed something from her mom. The girl has the resources, use them!

.people in india dont celebrate halloween....these celebs are so wannabe always apeing the west

First of all, Halloween has religious significance in Christianity. And guess what? There are millions of Christians living in India. Second of all, GLOBALIZATION - Google it. And finally, if you don't know about what you're talking about, take a seat and shut it. :)

Post it PV.

Halloween has 0 significance in Christianity.

It is pagan festival

Nothing to do with religion

Suhana, darling go back to studies. Trying so hard to have your pictures taken in a party thrown for your mom and her friends, desperate much!

mark my words. shes going to be the next PC.

Please don't do movies. I am a well wisher and been a big fan of Shahrukh Khan. You are getting free advice from us, so do take it seriously.

I dont want to sound mean but she really looks like SRK in "Duplicate"scene when he was dressed as a woman!

The makeup ruined it all

The makeup is definitely bad, yikes. And while the dress is nice, it ages her. Enjoy your youth girl and wear something cute. There's no need to rush.

only the body is bangin

india's lady boy

The make-up didn't work at all! Suhana Khan is an average looking teenage girl. While she has the freshness of her age, she is not exceptional. Extraordinary attention is paid to her looks (described as 'beautiful' or 'gorgeous') purely because of her lineage.

Dont go into films. Amitabh's daughter became a doctor, not all star kids have to be actors

When did Shweta become a doctor?

I dont understand. Suhana is Gauri khan's very own daughter and she is living under the same roof as her. What does PV mean by," suhana attends gauri's bash?"
Makes them look like exes!


I think she looks like superwoman here

perfect halloween get up look look its srk in girls dress



Sorry but I guess in her head she's looking glamorous but indeed she's got perfect Halloween look and that's scary lol. So much money and tacky, stay away frm limelight right now N come with bang !!

Suhana. Please don't follow your mother's fashion advice. Or whoever gave you this advice to wear the kind of clothes you donned on. You can look very pretty if you dress decently.

It's supposed to be a HALLOWEEN PARTY!! why all the glam up??? why no Halloween costume or character?

Oh no she has got her mother's sense of style!

guys please dont say mean comments about her face. look how many star kids have already undergone plastic surgery already. She doesnt need to see this and feel pressure to change her face. We shouldnt be encouraging this

Looking like younger sister of PC

and what is she dressed up as?

She's 17 years old.. the same age Britney Spears was when she debuted. It's young but not THAT young that it's creepy unless you're an old uncle looking at her then it's creepy but for normal women or teenagers to look I see nothing really wrong with that. I mean she's a 17 year old with a hot body.. wasn't Katrina also 17 and Priyanka also 17 when they debuted or were doing their modeling careers? Anyway I feel there is probably too much pressure for these people to be prettier than the next person. I was so insecure when I was 17 and on top of that they have the media glare and attention. She should just focus on living life in school and maybe go back to London and have a normal life. Come back to Bollywood when your school is over and you're ready to face the media glare.

All the names that you mentioned here were forced by thier parents to start working...but her she doesn't need all you said she should go back to her school...

The makeup isn't too good tbh. The dress is nice.

Hey cover up girl

Whenever I look at Srk, Sri Devi daughters My admiration for Aamir and his kids grows. Class can’t be bought by money!

The fact that Junaid went low key about his theater debut reflects Intelligence. Perfect your craft and then come out in the media when you have something to offer. Aamir ensures enough media coverage is given to his films so they don't need to create the hype now. I think junaid would also have had liked to attend the parties and enjoy the attention, but patience is the key. Thumbs up. PV please post this

It's surely Gauri's sensibilities that are being shown in Suhana

Makeup is a little tacky

Where's the costume. That's not how you celebrate Halloween

stunning suhana needs no such make up and old man's dress!

What's Halloween about it?

A Halloween party but dressed up as if attending the oscars. Lol at these people

Boy is SRKs genes strong or what!!!!!!

She is gorgeous but this make up is too much for a little girl.

These so called 'celebrities' never seem to be happy for who they are..younger ones dress up,act like adults and old ones as teens

With the makeup she suddenly seems all grown up

She has a great figure but face wise not really Bollywood material very average looking. Also too much make-up does not suit her prefer her fresh faced.

Stunning girl with bad style indeed

Poor suhana now bc of the all the trolling she will try to prove how beautiful and sexy she is...all this girls like suhana,jhanvi...are to young to worry about thier look and what people think about it...they should be in school spending the best time of thier lives being innocent and spontaneous...

Scary looking girl

Can't believe people are actually commenting and ogling on a 17 yo body..let them adult jeez

She is so fierce!


Gorgoues little girl using her mom's make up and clothes

She is toooooo young to dress up like her tacky mom style

Even Jhanvi seems more real now.. she's atleast taking dancing classes and going to the gym.. Suhana is doing what to enter films??

and who told you that Suhana is entering films NOW!! and FYI, Suhana is does act in schools theatres since a very young age and has a black belt in twakwando and is a soccer player. She also studies still. Having putting some adults make up for one party or two doesn't make her have nothing else to do! She is only 16/17. so spare her your judgments.

Maybe she is beautiful but I just can’t get over the fact that she looks too much like her dad so much so that it’s weird and scary. She is all dolled up but all I can see is shahrukh dressed as a lady. Honestly it’s just too weird to even look

yes she is beautiful and I yes she is damn lucky to look like SRK tbh.

get over yourselves. She is beautiful and you should end it there. Stop watching too much SRK yourself.

She is so gorgeous and yes, we used to SRK as he is a man and all but this is so rude to say things as such. She will find her own groove.

Completely agree.


Omg!! Her figure is to die for! Her face is beautiful but the foundation is too gloat!

Love her!!!

Gorgoues with bad styling

She is stunning and her body is perfect. Too bad she got her mom's tacky style though

Lol. Priyanka has worn a similar outfit in her recent photoshoot.

Nice body with curves in right places

She would have put on a mask perfect for Halloween and herself as well.

God save us one more nepo kid is ready.. gym pics dance pictures and one movie by KJo.

Very bad ! Am not Indian but I feel pity for the real talents who don't stand a chance bcz of these stars kids that want only to join the industry ! Let's be frank ! Suhana, Athia and few others ! They don't have the star look or persona !

all those who made fun of f and criticized sridevi kids for wearing short cloths and too much in news, where are they gone, now comes this gal to be in pappz eyes all the time

No shes not a stunner stop over using this word

Everything except her face is great.. including her hair!!

yeah! The make up is too much for her young face. she doesn't need all that.

Halloween appropriate makeup!!!

How is it that she is walking into her own house her own party dressed up from outside? Just for the photo ops?

No amount of make up or styling can change that SRK face .... sorry Suhana !

She is the next athiya shetty. Very 'odd' looking.

Athiya is a stunner gorgeous gal.foreign celebs can see it but Indians are blind when someone doesn't fit their conventional ideas of beauty

Everything is great except for that face. Damn

She's gonna give competition for Jhanvi.. But Jhanvi is better looking compared to her

Even with makeup and styling she does not have the aura of a mainstream bollywood heroine.

Scariest best? Are you kidding?

This look s not working

She looks scary! Happy Halloween!

Whats with SRK's daughter acting like typical high end Mumbai socialites kids? He said their upbringing is different and middle class..Till now Suhana was interested in sports,studies and theater.Suddenly she is everywhere dressing as fashionista.I hope she is doing it on her own and not Gauri enforcing it.
I bet SRK wants to bring up his kids like Kajol does.Grounded not attention seeking.

her best friends are shanaya and ananya. imagine being a 16 year old when all your friends want to be actresses. this is but natural. cut her some slack.

Look at Aamir's kids Junaid and Ira. They act as regular folks. Respect for Aamir and Reena.

Only Reena, Aamir was too busy with other women to pay attention.

Neck down fit and Fab...above too much if make-up

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