Photos: Sunny Leone returns to the city with husband Daniel and daughter Nisha Kaur Weber

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber return from Delhi with their daughter, Nisha.

Sunny Leone had said in an interview earlier this year that she planned on expanding her family. Soon, it was announced that Sunny and husband Daniel Weber had adopted a babygirl, Nisha from Latur. Sunny was today, spotted at the airport as she returned from Delhi after launching the first look of her upcoming flick, Tera Intezar. Sunny stars with Arbaaz Khan in the film. The family looked color-coordinated as they stepped out in shades of black & grey. Sunny and Daniel looked lovely as they stepped out of the airport with their darling daughter. Sunny seemed anxious with the presence of the paparazzi and flashlights.

About her experience as a mother, Sunny had told a leading daily, “I think the best part is when she looks at you and smiles. She wants to be around us. She copies and mimics us which is very cute. Right now, it’s all so brand new because it has just been a few days. The moment we got the picture (of Nisha); I was so excited, happy, emotional and [experienced] so many different feelings. We literally had three weeks to finalise everything. Usually, people get nine months to prepare."

Nisha is two and looks adorable as she cuddles up to dad Daniel. Sunny had talked to a leading daily about the experience for her and Daniel of becoming parents and said, “Daniel and I are truly hands-on parents. We just want to do everything because she lost that time and we want to make up for it. She needs to know that we are her parents now and we love her forever. Those are the changes that have happened and we have been waiting for it for a long time. This is a very special moment”





Credits: Viral Bhayani

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Loving people..... kudos

Karan Nasty Johar, learn something from Sunny and her husband.

You really need a big big heart to adopt a child who is not of your blood. More power to people like Sunny & Daniel.

God bless the family...

People my judge Sunny for her past but unlike the rest of the B-town brigade she has a pure heart.

whatever people call Sunny but she has a heart if gold. Instead of going with surrogacy she adopted a child and that too a dark one(lets face it, In India people's worth is more based on their skin color). I wish SRK has done it too instead of surrogacy.

Love this sweet amazing couple

God bless this couple ! Such a big heart to adopt a child and give her love as her own Only people with great soul can do it .I always felt all the blessings and the level of success Salman Khan and his family got only after bringing Arpita home. Everybody works hard but the level of success only few people see and definitely there is a force that helps them achieve that.I'm not saying everybody should adopt one. What I mean is when you do this kind of act selflessly and without any expectation blessings definitely comes.But only few have that kind of heart to do it.

What in the world! No Nanny? Lots of love to this awesome family.

We have a winner, here is the cutest baby of bollywood :)

hey cutie pie nisha !!!

She mimics us and copies us god please show her why ur famous

She is a baby and show her what

Aww cute

What a beautiful family!!

My respect for her.....really....amazing...plz be happy in life...

What a cute family! Sunny will make a great mother but I have feeling Nisha will be a daddy's girl.

The baby is so cute! God bless you dear and your beautiful family!

God bless Sunny & Daniel for giving Nisha a beautiful home & a happy life.

these paprazzis should leave flashes when babies are present.

sunny looks super cute i love her look. adorable family daniel seems like hands on dad. so heartwarming to see it.

What a lovely baby they have !!

so sweet, happy for them.

I just hope that Lil girl is safe in their dirty house.. Honestly it seems like a ploy to endear themselves to Indians... #yuckcouple

Get over it that was her past stop judging

Her life is probably a million times safer than it was before

Hi Kareena and K jo!

It's YOUR mind that is dirty.. not them.

You guys are wonderful. Big hug.

Respect for people who adopt!! Blessings to the child!!

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