Photos: Taimur Ali Khan chills on a swing and it's a delightful sight

Taimur Ali Khan clicked at his home by the paparazzi.

Taimur Ali Khan's pictures are something which fans wait for the whole time. Whether be it with his parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan or nanny or enjoying on the swing at the balcony of his home.
Today, the little munchkin was snapped at his abode chilling cutely. He was gazing at the paparazzi and the pictures are too adorable for words.
Check out the super delightful pictures and tell us about it in the comments below.
Earlier, when Bebo was asked about Taimur being paparazzi's favourite, she stated to a leading magazine, "I do understand that. But I just don't want him to be looked upon as a star kid. I want him to grow up as normally as possible. I want to let him be just the way he is."
Taimur's pictures have been making the rounds since the time he was born. When asked about the same, Kareena said, "In today's times, everyone is seen and is out there. You post pictures on Instagram, on Facebook... because you want to share your life with people. Everyone is posting pictures of themselves at different events, in different outfits, tagging people..."
She added, "I guess nobody can say this is private and this is not anymore. Because everything is pretty much out there."
Bebo concluded by saying, "When I was pregnant, both Saif Ali Khan and I had spoken about this and how we'd handle it. He was like there's nothing to hide. He's our child and this is the way it's going to be. He's going to be photographed, so be it. It's convenient for stars when they want to be clicked... like at events while putting on makeup, wearing an outfit... and so on. So why hide your child? We're pretty open and clear about it."

Credits: Manav Manglani

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He just makes my day on PV. Such a little cute, handsome and adorable baby. PV PLEASE POST


babies should be protected small kdis esp when they r this cute get nazar really quickly..

this little munchkin is so little... chubby and adorable look at him awww

The only pure thing on PV.

Very true

godbless u beta

Cutie pie

I think he is curious right now but what happened to suhana khan few weeks ago was invading privacy. She Cleary did hide her face and I feel that should be respected the paparazzi still clicked photos of her. Yes Taimur is too little to give his consent but to be honest the parents said clearly they won't hide their child and if it means that the paparazzi will snatch pictures like that be it. I find Taimur very cute and I do love his pictures and yes I even check pv because of his pictures.

do the papz live outside kareenas house in a makeshift tent or soemthing..??

nobody hides their babies but then nobody should flaunt their babies for PR. Taimur has become a publicity tool for his parents sadly.

lol jealousy in person

ALTHOUGH I love to and can't wait to see this beautiful lil buttercup everytime, I feel so sad that his privacy is being invaded. The paps are always outside their home, not giving him any privacy. Even a channel on YouTube keeps posting pics of his head on another baby's body, claiming it's him. Don't suppose there's anything they can do about it. He's always so engaging and curious. He always looks like he's wondering why all those people scream and take his pics.

curious butter ball. He makes my day.

The logo is right in his face, can't see his cuteness

He is looking directly at the camera & his chubby hands are so cute.His pics make my day.

Star kids are not star. Let them grow up in private! HW kids most stars like to give their kids privacy, normal life!



Soo cute

He's adorable and look at the way he's looking at the papps and cameras . I'm sure all the screaming of papps attracted taimur attention to them . Bless him

He's such a cute little child just like a teddy bear

Saif said in a interview that the papps are always outside their apartment so I don't think they click taimur with Saif kareena permission

I am not sure whether paparazzi is doing this with permission? But this is so wrong. You shouldn't be able to take pictures of kids without permission from parents, shouldn't there be some kind of boundaries?

Why will this paps be invading this baby's privacy.

He and Abram are the only star kids who like cameras, they are so funny

He is just too cute

His innocent face is like fresh air between posts on fightings between evils in BW

His curiosity makes him beyond adorable

Love this little kid soo much. Always lovely to see his photos


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