Photos: Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal walk hand in hand as they get papped post a function in Mumbai

Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are among the most loved couples of Bollywood. Last night, the adorable couple was snapped post a function in Mumbai. Take a look.
Photos: Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal walk hand in hand as they get papped post a function in MumbaiPhotos: Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal walk hand in hand as they get papped post a function in Mumbai
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Bollywood has many couples who have been together with each other for quite some time and are head over heels for each other. The ones from the younger generation don’t shy away from the paps and often get snapped with each other. Speaking of this, Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal are among the most adored couples of Bollywood. Varun and Natasha have been dating for a long time now and often are spotted with each other. Be it making appearances at events or weddings, Varun and Natasha often are seen walking side by side. 

Last night was no exception. Varun and Natasha were snapped post a function in Mumbai. The two lovebirds were making their way to their car when the paps clicked them. The 31-year old Kalank star was seen smiling as he got papped with his ladylove. Natasha and Varun walked hand in hand in the wee hours of the night as they moved towards their car. Varun was seen wearing a grey waistcoat with grey trousers and a white shirt and was nailing the formal look. 

On the other hand, Natasha was seen dressed on Indian attire in a purple sharara with a kurta. She had donned minimal jewellery. Both Varun and Natasha seemed to be coming from a function or a sangeet party. As the two have been dating for a long time, speculations were rife about the two getting hitched this year.

Check out the photos:

Varun recently returned from Phuket, Thailand where he celebrated his 31st birthday with his close friends. Rumours were rife that Natasha and Varun will soon be engaged. However, as per a report yesterday, the engagement has been kept on hold. In an interview with MensXP, Varun's dad David Dhawan spoke about his marriage and mentioned that it might happen next year and not this year.

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he saw true colors of aloo so he found where loyalities lie and now is seriously involved with natasha

Why she has to fit in and get everyone’s approval? Whoever criticizes her, post your own pic with your comment so that at least we can see which DIVA is complaining about Natasha not being conventionally beautiful. I DARE you!!!

Varun is looking very dapper & handsome. Like Natasha's sharara dress. I agree with other comments here about her hairstyle. She has a rather unusual face shape and covering her forehead with fringe and softer rounded hair style might improve her look.

I don't understand why people seem to forget that she runs a fashion label of her own, she actually does something for a living besides pose for paparazzi in gym clothes and get surgeries.

I agree she needs a change of image. She's an actor girlfriend and should understand that she's gonna be judged AND Varun is gonna be judged for the way she looks. Being aware of your look does not mean being fake. She's a public person now so she has to follow some basic rules. There's nothing fake or offensive in this.

Who is this ugly man with varun ???

Fact is he's a good looking chap and in his career, he will always be exposed to good looking women. Fights and jealousy will be unavoidable. For her own sake, it's important that she pay more attention to her appearance so she doesn't start to feel insecure later in their marriage.

It all depends only on the spouse, if the wife/husband stay true to their commitment any spouse will feel secure. and if they are not, then even someone as good looking as hrithik cant feel secure.

i mean she is only an actor's girlfriend/fiance why would she have to look pleasing to you?
i like her center part style

I have always wanted to dislike Varun but I remember watching a charity based show on which Varun participated just after his first film (if I recall correctly). He did the job of a Market Porter for a day, and the grace with which this guy undertook the task was extremely impressive. I have happened to see him in a couple of programmes since and he has always come across as down-to-earth and genuine. I don't think this is acting. I think Natasha is very lucky to have him, but she must also be a wonderful woman to have his attention. In the position that Varun is in, he could have had any girl. Rather, he has chosen to stay with Natasha despite her not being conventionally good looking which is the only thing people seem to value these days. From Varun's own words, it seems that Natasha has been supportive and always honoured him, and I am glad to see that they have created a relationship where they have this mutual respect, admiration and love for one another. All the best for your upcoming nuptials. Long may it continue!

You have commented so respectfully mirroring my opinion. God bless both of them☺

Sigh and here I thought Varun wanted to protect his relationship...the last year it’s only his relationships that’s making headlines

They look drunk.

This girl needs a makeover. Needs to improve her posture. Needs clothes that fit better. And definitely needs a new haircut. She has a big forehead, a fringe will help conceal it. The centre-parted hairstyle needs to stop!

For what. Why she can not be as she is? Why she needs to be fake to to world?

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