PICS: Gauri Khan looks refreshingly different in a sans make up look

Gauri Khan was clicked by the paps in the city today.
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Gauri Khan has been busy with her many interior decoration projects. The lovely wife of Shah Rukh Khan, after designing Ranbir Kapoor's bachelor pad and Karan Johar's twins' nursery, is currently busy with the design of Varun Dhawan's new apartment. However, that is not the only project Mrs Khan is busy with. She has also been travelling all over in connection with her work. 

Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan recently also took a vacation in LA with their little ones - Aryan, Suhana and AbRam. The Khans were seen spending quality time with Sridevi, Boney Kapoor and their girls, along with other good friends. Gauri had shared a lovely picture of herself enjoying a sunny day at the Malibu beach with the little ones. 

After all the fun times, the Khan couple is back in the bay and busy with work. While Shah Rukh Khan got busy with the promotions of his movie Jab Harry Met Sejal, Gauri was seen taking off to Goa on work. Today, however, the pretty wife of SRK, was spotted outside a skin clinic in Bandra, in a sans-make up look. We did think Gauri looked lovely, what about you?

While a lot of star kids are vying to enter Bollywood, SRK and Gauri apparently want their kids to train for it professionally. Shah Rukh had opened up about it in a recent interview saying, "I want my kids to make a name for themselves on their own feet. If they want to become marine biologist, then she should become that. If they want to become an actor or a filmmaker, then that's also great. I don't understand this discussion (on nepotism). When I hear the word nepotism, I feel the other person is talking about Napoleon. Even though I know enough English, still I don't understand it and the discussion. Whether I agree or disagree -- I don't even understand it so how can I have an opinion?"

Do you dig these pics of Gauri?

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She's gained weight and it's gone to her face, likely drinking too much. I feel bad for her.

She's copying someone's lace dresses lately

She looks like a mess

I like her without make up. She looks 10 years younger and beautiful.

Haters gonna hate but I think she looks without make up 10 years younger and she has a healthy thick skin.

Don't care about make up but can now understand why she went to the skin clinic. In comparison, her gang of friends such as Malaika Arora, Maheep, Bhavna Pandey and other star wives don't look like this (skin wise - all bloated). Guess one of those days where she was caught off guard!

She actually looks great without make up!

You mean sans oil look.

any actress would look same without makeup, no need to bash her, infact she is not even an actress, she shld be least bothered abt make up or no makeup, she is fresh and different

wow... this is how beautiful gauri is without makeup??? wow! she is beautiful sans makeup! wow

All who have made nasty comments about her looks, post a pic of urs without makeup/photoshop. You all look pathetic, fact.

She looks nice but she needs to smile.God bless.

She looks scary and horrific.

If this is what she has done to her face, why blame SRK for having affair with other women?

Is this gauri?

Not looking good at all

She looks bad with or without makeup.

So that's y she went to LA to get all her blotched problems fixed

She's beautiful.

She looks depressed

Suhana looks like her younger twin! i really dont think she needs makeup, just needs to take better care of her skin with all the money she has.

Pretty dress.

I like her without make up...more natural & best wishes for this family

Surprising she looks very different, anyway for a change no oli and something simple, good for her.

Spoiler alert. I am NOT a paid troll. She looks awful.

Then you are just a regular troll I suppose, who cant dare to put up his / her own photo while commenting on how someone else looks.

skins really bad wothout the layers&layers of make up..

quite ordinary...

wow..probably wudnt recognize her with all that make up..she looks better au natural&sans the photoshopped &filtered pics...omg...suhana is her mom's child..after seeing this pic..she's gauris look alike.

woah she and aryan look so alike! she looks a decade younger too.

she doesnt look good with or without make up now. I remember she was pretty earlier and could have easily maintained that. looks weird now.

She actually looks nice and fresh. Less grease in the hair & no torn jeans phew!

She looks so much better without makeup on, not greasy and so young, her skin look good

Dress is so cute I want it

Looking nice without makeup but botox is bad

She looks beautiful...
Looks like Suhanna


Don't think it's Gauri Khan!?

Omg. She looks bloated. Botox gone wrong

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