Pictures: Kajol and Ajay Devgn celebrate Diwali with kids in style

Kajol and Ajay Devgn celebrated Diwali in style with kids Yug and Nysa.
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Kajol and Ajay Devgn are one of the most adorable couples that we have in Bollywood. The two were today clicked celebrating Diwali with family. Kajol shared a picture with Ajay on Twitter and captioned it, ‘’Lights love family . Happy Deepavali to everyone.’’

In the picture, Kajol is looking beautiful in a saree, while Ajay is looking dapper in a black kurta and white pyjama.

Kajol shared another picture with Ajay, daughter Nysa and son Yug. She captioned the image saying, ‘’ Playing to my strengths this Diwali.’’

Recently, there were rumours that the husband-wife duo will be reuniting for Pradeep Sarkar’s next. Talking about it, Ajay said, “Things didn't work out with Raj Sarthi and now Pradeep Sarkar will be directing that film with me and Kajol in it.”

Ajay Devgn and Kajol have worked together in several movies namely Goondaraj (1995), Hulchul (1995), Gundaraj (1995), Ishq (1997), Pyar To Hona Hi Tha (1998), Dil Kya Kare (1999), Raju Chacha (2000), U Me Aur Hum (2008) and Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010).

Kajol's latest outing Velaiilla Pattadhari 2 (VIP 2) has won hearts all over the nation. The film directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth stars Dhanush in the lead. 

Talking about Ajay, the actor’s latest movie Golmaal Again released today. Ajay is all set to star in a film titled Raid. He will be seen playing the role of an Income Tax Officer based in Uttar Pradesh. The film will be set in the 1980s and helmed by Raj Kumar Gupta of No One Killed Jessica fame.


love them!
thes pictures have got the most likes in entire bollywood!

Yug looks similar to how Aryan Khan looked as a kid.That means Kajol must be sharing facial resemblance to Srk or Gauri but people missed noticing it all this while.

Mrs.Devgun is gorgeous and she doesn’t have to try. Beautiful kids !

beautiful lovely pouting, no show off..SO different from the Sridevi Boney Kapoor family..Yay to Kajol for keeping it Sweet n Simple!!

Do us a favor Nysa never join bollywood. Bollywood already have a male version of your dad and it doesnot need the female version of ajay devgan in movies. Spare us the horror.

Beautiful family. God bless !!!!

Always knew u r not a Rani fan

Beautiful family!!! Bless bless

The work on this girl will begin in 3-4 years. All of a sudden skin will lighten and face will emerge with sharper features. She will need to get sculpted for bollywood and she is going to need a lot of help.

Looks like you are shattered after seeing Jahnvi and other kids...sad but what u said is true!!

L u kajol u r the best

Such lovely pictures!

Kajol looks beautiful.

Ajay is a lucky guy

Ajay didnt invite her new gf Ileana d'cruz

Ileana has a boyfriend she loves. Stop accusing her of nonsense.

very beautiful kajol. adorable couple love you both. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️beautiful family

Sweet picture! Just the Plastik bag irritates

Ajay looks so uncomfortable around Kajol. Fake marriage!!

Nice jodi

They look lovely! Happy Diwali!

Nice very nice

Kajol is a brat and very loud but when it comes to family, she's very sorted. I like that about her. Doesn't joke with her husband and her kids, doesn't joke with her mother and in-laws and doesn't go about with her usual partying friends.
I don't really like Ajay Devgn because of his usual confrontation with Kajol's friends and his rumoured cheating ways, but he seems to be a good father, doesn't go partying about and doesn't go about talking about his close ties with certain individuals. I never would have guessed he's very close to Salman Khan but he is.

He doesn't go partying because he occipies himself cheating on his wife.

Guys, have you heard of lighting? I have tanned skin, but occasionally end up looking very light, based on the position of the lighting when the photograph was clicked. Unless anyone here personally gave her whitening treatment, why make presumptions?

this pic got 29k likes in twitter much more than deepika's padmavati poster and compare the followers they have

Lol, yet Dilwale flopped and Bajirao Mastani was a hit. Kajol is past and a has been

Well, it is skin lighting. It's not mehendi. It's clearly the treatment with synthetic drugs/ injections. I work in that field so I know very well about these things.

No my dear... It's not skin lightening. It's our plain old mehendi. Haven't you ever applied mehendi to the back of your hands?

How come priyanka chopra has not undergone this amazing skin lightening treatment.does it work only on Kajol?

Doesany1 know what kind of skin lightening treatment Kajol went thru

Look at her daughter's hands. She is undergoing skin lightning treatment. Her hands look scary.

Ileana is preggers. Is it ajay’s?

Stop accusing Ajay Devgn of adultery when there's no proof. Kangana didn't mention his name so Stardust just maligned Ajay Devgn's name for nothing.

Simple celebration at home. Nice. I'm glad Ajay chose to spend this time with his wife and kids.

He's playing good husband now, covering his ass before roam around with different women outside again. Cheap man.

Nysa looks like Ajay

Kajol looks great.

Kajol has the most beautiful face and smile! Yug looks like a charmer. While Nysa is not blessed with her mother's good looks, she looks like very pleasant & nice.

God bless your beautiful family!

Kajol is one of the rare few beauties that look great no matter what they wear. Looks lovely!!!!

Lights, love, family and carrybag strewn on the floor in the background.

What a lovely family photo.God bless them all.

What a beauty Kajol is! Love and adore you!

Kajol has taken Rin safedi way too seriously. She was of her daughter's complexion before and she was still lit !!!

Success in Gokmaal 4, Ajay Devgn. You have a beautiful family. Don't joke with them.

I think it's sweet that the Devgn's don't see the need to go to some bash and take selfies like some other celebs when they can celebrate at home as a family. I think Ajay and Kajol are doing a great job as parents.

Awwww!!! Son looks like mummy and daughter looks like daddy!!! So cute!!! Same in my family.

Kajol looks so so pretty here!

Kajol looks so slim and smart here.

Kajol lioks so beautiful better wit age

Kajol looks lovely!

Such a pretty wife he's got still he keeps cheating on her. Surprising.

I don't know how she can stand so lovingly to this cheater husband of hers...he looks like such a creep !!!

wow beautiful kajol

Nysa is pretty. Always nice to see a reminder of what Kajol’s original skin color was before whitewashing. I really really hope Kajol doesn’t impose her archaic ideology of beauty on her daughter. She is beautiful as she is!

Yug is adorable he is a total photocopy of Kajol and Nysa of Ajay.


Ileana must burn when she sees these pictures

Only ileana missing

bolo jubaan kesari

Ye Diwali vimal wali

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