PM Narendra Modi has the same gift for Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas as he had for Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding reception in Delhi today. He congratulated the couple and gifted them a rose.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding reception in Delhi is underway. The couple tied the knot over the weekend in Jodhpur and are hosting a reception in Delhi tonight. Prime Minister Narendra Modi graced Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding reception in Delhi today. He congratulated the couple and gifted them a rose. Priyanka introduced her in-laws to PM Modi. Last year too, PM Modi had attended Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's wedding reception in Delhi and had also gifted them a rose.

Priyanka Chopra looked beautiful in a Falguni and Shane Peacock lehenga with beige and white threadwork. It was paired with choli and dupatta over worn both the shoulders. The look was styled with a multi tiered diamond necklace and drop earrings. Nick Jonas looked handsome in a black tuxedo. The couple obliged the media with photos and the stage had the backdrop of 'NP'. The couple's wedding was beautiful and People magazine shared a few photos. The couple's Christian wedding was officiated by Nick Jonas' father and Priyanka Chopra was walked down the aisle by her mother, Madhu Chopra.

The couple said in the interview with People magazine that they had emotional moments during the wedding ceremony. In a video shared by People, Nick Jonas gets teary-eyed after looking at Priyanka in her Ralph Lauren bridal trousseau.

The newlyweds will also be hosting a reception in Mumbai to celebrate with their friends from the film industry. However, the couple has not decided on the venue and the date yet. 



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it's embarrassing that indian PM goes around attending all these celeb weddings. you didn't see obama turning up at hollywood weddings. only in india

Obama attended every TV talk show, oprah, ellen, all the "late night shows", and several other TV appearances. Name one world leader other than Obama who attended so many TV shows? You talk about "Embarrassment"!

Proud of my Queen pri

Lol father Chopra's influence lives on - these people wine and dine politicians for favors - hence we have roads named after father Chopra even though he has done NOTHING for the nation when compared to actual soldiers who have given their lives for the nation. And just as chaalu daughter Chopra continues the "heritage" by sucking up...encourage by the mother to be a fake, and do anything to claw the way to the top. Anther Padma award due soon!? Makes me sick. Unscrupulous people hope time will expose all these crooks.

How can you even make this comment? Her father past away and he was a doctor in the Indian army. You think being a doctor in the army is an easy job? Do you even realize the types of things they see, constantly traveling, etc. He would have made far more money as a doctor by not joining the army. I'm sorry that you think doctors do "NOTHING" especially a doctor in the army. He has done more for his patients and hence the nation. This was a very disrespectful comment not just to her father, but all doctors serving in the military.

He was a doctor. He has done plenty for his patients and hence for the nation.

Proud of PeeCee n whoever u r if u cant appreciate others plz shut ur mouth judgemental hater n u know noyhing whst his dad did he was a doctor n also worked in the army long back so get real n know what u speak

Yup proud of PC too! Well done!

You are sounding deluded spin doctor.

I dont remember the last time I saw Mukhesh Ambani attending a bollywood wedding. His wife attends but it is extremely rare for someone as busy as mukhesh to attend a wedding for 3 days..speaks volume of PC's sphere of influence.

Priyanka is more of a business woman now more than ever. She will do few business deals with famous people along with Nick.

I think Priyanka looked the best at her christian wedding and here at this reception I guess the nerves have gone because she seems more relaxed and herself here! The only picture we've seen so far of her at the Hindu wedding was her with her head down so waiting to see more but I really like all the looks so far (other than maybe the Mehndi one!) Her sangeet was SO "desi girl" and classic her I'm glad she went with that sexy glittery sari. The christian wedding I'm so glad she went with a red lip and her custom Ralph Lauren gown was exquisite. The hindu wedding I think it was a great choice again to go with all red versus a light pink or other color, red suits her. And the reception outfit she looks the most comfortable hopefully she enjoys herself! I wish her bun was a bit more padded for the reception outfit but overall all her looks were nice!

Seems the one and only PC fan got no sleep in the last five days. Commenting and clicking 24/7. OUCH.

I am not surprised Modi didn’t go to Ranveer and DP’s reception. One they had no reason to have one in Delhi, they kept it to their hometowns. Two when DP was getting death threats this PM sat smugly and didn’t utter a word. I put this man and Hitler in the same category.

Now deepika fans will hate modi..another added to their long hitlist

Priyanka really got Modi Ji to come to her wedding, that answers all the people who were raising doubts over this as some PR news.

Where is that hater that said it was lie that he will attend? Priyanka looking like a princess.

One time Kareena made a nasty comment that Katrina is bigger than Priyanka. Kareena “eat your words”. Priyanka has reached where no one has reached from the industry.

That’s true. She gets this hate from small and jealous ppl. Who would give their right arm to be in her shoes. Look at Kareena, she uses her son to stay relevant. What’s more pathetic than that.

The PM is there so the haters who claimed it was her overactive PR should eat their words.

Whether you like her or not, you have to acknowledge Priyanka is very influential.
The biggest global female celebrity of India.

She has A list hollywood friends, married a popular boy band singer and now the freaking PM attended her wedding.

Yes with a heavy heart most haters know this deep within. Hence the jealousy!

Yeah just apart from all the Married men she dated she’s been a go getter for sure ,

Did she date them in isolation?? Have you called them out hypocrite!

she is also doing so much more social awareness and charity at the global level. Amazeballs!

Wow, the PM attended Priyanka's wedding. That's a huge deal

Priyanka proved she is not just a bollywood heroine! She is an go getter, achiever right from her teenage winning Miss World. Even though I am not a fan , she has done things her style, learning to go ahead from everyone. Her wedding is goals for every girl! Nick & Priyanka looked gorgeous, happy and in love and NOT one thing was artificial,

She is just so influencial and we need to appreciate her .


Wow Priyanka looks the same she is going to age well

Nicki will not handle long this circus Priyanka starts everyday. Mark my words. A kid and in one year this horror will be over for him! All the best dude!

All the haters cursing PC and making fun of her? why don't you all admonish SRK, he chased her during DON , she is 18yrs younger to him and he used her, although being a married man with 2 kids and ditched her. Why don't you all boycott him or Akshay . why are you targeting a girl? Come on Society!!!!!

Yay!! More power to Priyanka

Can't decide who's more corrupt in this frame!

You are

i love you MODI ji :) best PM and human !

Worst PM ever in Indian history, He stole all Money and sent to foreign by Vijay Mallia, Lalit Modi and many other

PC is indeed a star.Love this inspirational lady.Good luck to you PC .May god give you lots n lots of success and happiness.Amazing lady you are.Boss lady .Haters gonna hate

kangana must be burning. lol

Why would Kangana burn? She has four big movies coming out where she’s the lead protagonist and three national awards. I think you’re burning. Like the rest of this message board which openly flays PC unfairly because she’s succeeded wherever she’s gone. Haters gonna hate.

I definitely applaud Priyanka for one thing. For choosing various designers for different occasions and not giving us a Sabya overload. Also, Someone rightly pointed it above. She has a great clout if she is able to manage to get PM Modi to come to her reception. So one has to definitely acknowledge that she is superior to Deepika on that front.

Dp hasnt still reached the league of Priyanka, Aishwarya, Rani,Madhuri,Sridevi,Rekha, Hema who are immensely repected outside bollywood and it is not because of their acting prowessonly. She has been at top for last couple of years but it takes a lot more to enter the same league as the above mentioned actress.

Um given the Karni Sena had tacit support of bjp why on earth would deepika invite modi? Not everyone finds politicians respectable especially in india.?

Everyone knows Karni Sena had a pact with SLB. If it were not for all the commotions around the film even 200 cr would have been tough given its huge budget.

The whole point of thwowing the reception in Delhi

when Modi went to Virat-Anushka's reception people said it was only because of Virat and they put down actresses and their profession but at Priyanka-Nick's wedding he's there because of Priyanka! Respect! Moral of the story don't put down women and actresses.

And I appreciate the fact you praise both Anushka and Priyanka here and not being a blind of any one actress while bringing others down! We need more such sensible audience for this site. Kudos!

Someone needs to tell Nick this is worse than having Trump come to your wedding

You clearly have no idea about our PM, we voted him to power, he is people’s man & the best PM so far & we are very proud of him

Be responsible! He is the PM and his chair deserves respect! Even if you did not vote thousands of Indians voted him into power and that counts..

Get a life !

Then please ask Ariana to make trump attend her wedding when she is getting married or even nick.. please there is a huge protocol and they just won’t attend and break the protocol. You will lose your ground on that basis. Priyanka could and that’s huge. If you can’t appreciate you are in denial. Peace!

That is sweet of Modi ji

When u have got the richest and the most influential person in india gracing ur wedding, just u shldnt care abt blackhearted bolly ppl wishing u r not...pv post...shame on bollywood

Priyanka is seriously gorgeous

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