Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan spotted in London

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Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan, who are currently in London for Krrish 3 promotions, were spotted by a fan earlier today.

Credits :twitter

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why is everyone suddenly in London ?!!!!!!!

PC looks pretty in the last pic, she looks pretty in minimal makeup and very down to earth & sweet.

Good one.... 100 % agreed.

Hrithik looks off here

PC looks awesome..

Looking old... Sometimes too much surgery backfires;) LOL

Her lips look like someone bit her

Please sympathize with her. She cannot smile due to all that botox...

She is an angel !
Too beautiful PC

not really.... just another opinion

She needs to smile when she's with her fans. Not a good look giving then a smug/ annoyed look. It ruins the picture. And it shows that she didn't had surgery on her face. With makeup her nose bridge is much more narrow a la contouring, her lips are natural. Only insecure ppl keep these stupid rumors alive.

There are few women who can look decent with less or without make up. Priyanka is not one of them. She needs right make up too look good. Without make up all the works done on her face are very visible.

Totally agree with you.... I always notice the darker 'lines' on both sides where her nose bridge has been 'built' :) And the incisions around her triangular nostrils in the close-ups.

She shud retire... Her last two films were disasters. Her music album is hated by people except for deluded fans. Krissh 3 looks pathetic and hopeless too.. Time to leave PC

You are right..... the TRUE football fans (not desis and blind fans) in North America hated her NFL performance! Everyone can easily tell her voice was altered and the music was extremely juvenile.

What is wrong with her face? Is she on drugs? Perhaps she still hasn't recovered from the Zanjeer and deewana mein deewana heartbreak:(

Looking like an average girl.. Only photoshop can make her look good! She isn't a true star.. Only a desperate girl trying to seek attention

pc looks hot even without make up.i m waiting for srk n pc next movie.n don3

lolxx that's so not without makeup rather that looks so puffed.

She looks exhausted!! Poor thing! She shud go for a spa! There are many in London.. She needs to relax.. And probably do something about that terrible skin texture and baggy eyes... And even dull hair.

Weird :-/

her face and nose and lips look are so puffy

Pc should seriously take a shower

What is wrong woth priyanka's skin?! Even with foundation it looks weird...

PC looks different outside studio and in the movies

PC looks beatiful without make up:D

when did they go? never even saw any announcement, pc looks cute, sultry

pc without make up. so gorgeous

her face is "evolving" itself....

chopra needs to stop pouting and making her super massive lips even more massive

pc needs to smile when she is with her fans!!!

mehhh pc

hrithik is smarty

What're SRK and PC both doing in London?

you are so outdated. SRK left London before she came. He is in france now honey. better luck next time to milk some trash from this girl.

Forget the actors...first pic the guy is super HOT!!!

Are you that guy ? LOL

pc without make up. so gorgeous

What're SRK and PC both doing in London?

Srk and PC both in London?

PC is best


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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement