Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas gaze lovingly into each other's eyes at an event in Mumbai; view PHOTOS

Newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attended an event in Mumbai tonight. The couple posed for photos for the media. Check out the pictures.
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Priyanka Chopra attended an event with husband Nick Jonas in Mumbai today. The couple gazed into each other's eyes and beamed with happiness. Priyanka Chopra has invested in a company and had hosted a similar event in Delhi. The newlyweds had attended the event in Delhi a day after their wedding reception.Today, at the event in Mumbai, Priyanka dazzled in a multi-colour sequinned dress. She completed her look with a hair bun, fresh frace make up and a bright smile. Nick Jonas kept it casual in a grey tee and dark grey pants at the event.

Priyanka has dived straight into work after their wedding and even gave media interviews in Delhi. She revealed that she has several commitments besides the shoot of her film, The Sky is Pink this month. The newlyweds will host a wedding reception in Mumbai on December 20, 2018 post which they will head for their honeymoon. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married on December 1 and 2 after dating for six months. The couple tied the knot in two separate ceremonies.

Priyanka added Jonas to her name on social media and her handles now read as ‘Priyanka Chopra Jonas’. Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra talked about the couple’s wedding in an exclusive interview with us and said that Nick is mature and well-mannered and comes from a very cultured family. She also said that there were many emotional moments during the wedding festivities and a special moment was when Priyanka told her to walk her down the aisle and also do kanyadaan, she was very moved.

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Fake to the core.I feel sorry for her.

Don't they get tired of smiling all the time . don't their cheeks hurt ?

Love the dress! Priyanka looks great

Why is she wearing that bling bling dress? and that loud red lip...urrggh

sorry to say but she is looking more like his mother here

Seriously can’t see what she sees in him but I don’t know him so. She’s too good imo

I love her dress.She looks hot

Well done Priyanka love your dress.

Beautiful couple!

oh, nick looking depressed maybe he can't withstand the pressure of an older lady anymore!

They look good

Why do these women wear candy wrapper like dresses?!

It’s one of the trending deign in USA right now during festivals .. Almost every brand having something with this design ..

Priyanka has achieved milestones in Bollywood and in the USA. Now she is married to a very nice guy with a beautiful family inside out. Priyanka is National award winner/Padamshri Winner she produced movies & won a national award also. Priyanka is the highest achiever in Bollywood. Being an actress was a launching pad after she became Ms. World. Now she does not need a job in Bollywood.

Priyanka will become very sucessful Business woman. She is very ambitious/focused and goal oriented. She is setting a benchmark for a lot of girls in India what they can achieve.

Only person who has done second to Priyanka is Preity Zinta she knew actress carrer is short she went to buiness school in USA learned about buisness and bought her own Cricket team and is very succesful in that.

Not Undermining other actresses in Bollywood but these two
are amazing have done things out of the box to be sucessful.

Proud of them. They both did not have a God Father in the flim industry.

So True.

Married life is suiting Priyanka. She is glowing. The happiness radiating off her face is so evident. She looks gorgeous! Love Nick as well :)

so sweet! Priyanka is stunning!


I saw more pictures and they look so hot

Priyanka looks stunning...impeccable dress sense during her wedding and also post wedding till date. She looks super fit and radiant. Most important for a new bride. You go girl !

there is something about smile and look. when she smiles her black gum is quite visible and the red lipstick sticks out. otherwise she is a good looking woman.

Oh Shahkuntela, master of the buttons is back, hahaha

No doubt. And she only likes her own comments. Easy to notice what they are ;)

Very Bholi punjaban kuddi type ott look she sporting post marriage.
What with chudas,red lipstick,sindoor,and jhango western outfits.

No, she looks great. Only thing uu should not have with western outfit is Bindi.
Priyanka looks stunning.

She has some amazing luck making it as far as she has because she is one of the ugliest famous women. Really bad looking with that big puffy face and football player shoulders

Not at all her fan, but I would love to see how you look calling her ugly.

She’s NOT attractive

Her dress looks like a Christmas

wow...she dresses up so well

She is... he isn't!! lol

Priyanka looks stunning, love her dress.

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