Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have a pleasant date night in New York City post attending a wedding together

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were snapped by the paparazzi in New York City last night. The rumoured couple was clicked outside a restaurant post a date.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' relationship is getting stronger day-by-day. After making heads turn last month at a match in Los Angeles, the rumoured couple has been making several appearances together since then.
A couple of days back, PeeCee and Nick were spotted at a wedding of the American singer's cousin where she was his plus one. The couple looked totally into each other and did make for a stylish couple.
Now, we got our hands on a photo of Priyanka and Nick stepping out for a date in New York City. In the photos, Desi Girl is seen walking ahead while Nick is following her as they made their way out of a restaurant.
Priyanka looked stunning wearing a blue satin dress with a matching belt tied around the waist. She teamed it up with a white blazer thrown on her shoulders and completed her look by wearing a pair of black strappy heels. Cat-eye sunglasses and an ivory bag nailed her perfect chic look. Talking about Nick, the singer looked handsome in a black T-Shirt and a pair of white pants.
Check out the photo and tell us about it in the comments below.
Meanwhile, on the work front, Priyanka will soon be returning to Mumbai to kickstart shooting for Bharat which is her homecoming of sorts after two years. In Bharat, Priyanka will be seen opposite Salman Khan with Disha Patani playing a pivotal role as well. Bharat goes on floors next month and is slated for the next year EID release. 


Isn't Priyanka doing it to get US citizenship.

I am sure Priyanka has enough money to buy US citizenship anytime she wants.
This seems more like an identity crisis scenario after Meghan's Royal wedding in London, and Anushka, Sonam & probably Deepika's wedding in India. She probably wants to get into a high profile PR relationship ASAP to feel good about herself.
After ruining so many marriages (Akshay, SRK) finally going for a possibly non-straight guy. All for PR & Status.

Uh. You cannot just buy your way in to becoming a US citizen and acquiring U.S citizenship, idiot, if that were the reason, all bollywood celebrities would have by now. There is a process, screening, you are required to live there for a specified amount of time, which is longgg

PC I wish I had your courage to just keep living even if the world throws stones at me. Look at me...I am inlove with a boy I cant be with because society will frown. His late wife was my friend.

Why so?

It's not the age difference, it's not even the fact that they share zero Chemistry, but the glaring fact is that PC was always very private about her relationships. I understand two were with married men, but she was almost never photographed with Shahid or Herman either. And now we see her pictures with Nick whoever every other day all of a sudden ? That's what is making everyone think this is a fake PR relationship, atleast for me !

She was clicked with Shahid and Harman many times.

For movie promotions maybe, never on dates like this. Nope !

Not in a private space

Ummm Hollywooe is different. Dating Nick Jonas might give her guest apperances on tonight shows but will never land her a role anywhere.. she will have to do auditions her connections wont help, especially to this puny Jonas

LOL, she NEVER admitted to her relationship even with Harman or even Shahid!! Her quote " I dont want to dinner table conversation." And, she didnt even talk about them but now she wants to be "conversation of the dinner table." Now, she is openly photographed every where!! It's her strategy, she has no work whatsoever and staying relevant!! She wants to also have "lots of kids." That train is sailing pretty soon too!! This woman is a black widow!!

"She wants to have a lot of kids" she has one now.Lol

There is no chemistry between the two of them. PC is usually a private person. What is she trying to prove with all this now?!

PC is so fake it hurts she tries too hard to stay relevant

Such A PR Relationship

She doesnt look even half interested.. she’s using him to stay in the news ... desperation

i think they are trolling the trolls!


Maybe Nick was looking for a motherly figure in his girlfriend...lolwa

Love how these two piss everyone off

i dont think its going to last. I dont see much chemistry.

They’re adults, they can do what they want. Why so much jealousy?

They enjoy each other’s company. He’s always at Priyanka’s apartment too. Good for them.

Well at least desis are equal opportunity ageists I see the same amount of hate on alia-ranbir posts :))

So sad

Why do people have problem with them and their age difference. Saif married women who was 10-12yrs older to him and then dated kareena and went on to marry her who is 10 yrs younger to him. If that is OK why is this seen wrong?

You don't get it, right? It's not about love, it's only about promotion because her career is at an end. Her fakeness is the problem what people annoys!

Why so desperate priyanka ?

She is really ambitious.Same like she meghna mathur in Fashion.

Shahid realised that she will never e able to give him family r time to him which he was craving for. By the time she fulfills her ambitions he would be 40+.Thats y he let her go off. Go chase ur dreams

News mein rehne k liye priyanka kuch bhi kar sakti hai.

I’m happy for them

First she called the papps then tries to look pissed off. Fake again.

She wants to have nicks babies awwwww ye hi milla tha tujhe buddhi lol

They will have beautiful curly hair LoL

moti buddhi

So annoying! Is it real or what ??

Cougar Priyanka and her boy toy

He is always following his mama bear lol

So fake

Again this gay and this lesbian with their fake appearance.

Mubina must be hiding inside her apartment after they’re done with the fake hetero photo ops.

Desperate fob priyanka with her weird fake accent and jumping into bed with white boys to be more Amrikan. Stupid annoying flop!

Leave that Kid alone PC.. aren't u too old for him... hhuhhhh

Well its legal. If it was 2007 people would have objected but its 2018 and he is legal so they can

He is in love, nice couple. He is not ashamed it's important .

Again that bag

hmm ok...

Flop priyanka, nobody cares

I hate Priyanka, she is so corny

Everyday a new appearance for what she calls the papps. Desperate jobless woman.

PC should propose nick, instead waiting for him to do first.

Bad idea. He will dump her

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