Priyanka Chopra beats Deepika Padukone and Mahira Khan to become Asia's Sexiest Woman

Priyanka Chopra dethrones Deepika Padukone to become Sexiest Asian Woman.
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Priyanka Chopra is a global icon; with her talent, beauty and charm she has won the hearts of the audience. Her fan following and her popularity have soared over the years. She is one of the best looking actress today and definitely, most sexy.

Priyanka has topped poll conducted by a UK weekly. Millions of fans voted multiple times to make Priyanka Chopra the winner of Sexiest Asian Woman Title. Incidentally, Deepika Padukone was the winner last year. This year, Deepika has achieved the third position, one below TV hottie, Nia Sharma.

Priyanka Chopra told a leading daily about topping the poll, “I can not take credit for this at all. Full credit should be given to my genetics and optics. I want to thank everyone who voted for me to be Asia’s Sexiest Woman, for what I’m told is a record breaking number of times.”

The top 5 women on the list are actresses, Priyanka Chopra, Nia Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt and Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan was on number 9 on the list last year.

Asjad Nazir, curator of this list told a leading daily, “Priyanka has become an incredible ambassador of India. Apart from being courageous enough to fly into unknown, professionally she has become a strong symbol of girl power.”

Priyanka is currently shooting for season 3 of Quantico in New York City. She recently shared on social media that her film A Kid Like Jake has been selected for Sundance festival. 

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Mahira has sense of humor, her response on Instagram, about this contest, the reason she is number one,with me , is sense of humor is sexy!

Whats wrong with Mahira's nose? She just look like a desi Scarlett Johansson.

Mahira Khan is just BEAUTIFUL! What’s not to love about her? She should have gotten the number one spot.

Lol where are all these mahira fans coming from. She isn’t hot or pretty. What’s up with her nose

Post a picture of your perfect nose ,ugly troll , PC and deepi had nose jobs! Every one know this, read the comment by eastern eye about MK,and then ,leave earth,troll!

Women who post daily pics with using white filters are top 3. LOL

Priyanka is definitely the sexiest! but Deepika is more Beautiful! Mahira is a perfect mix of sexy and girl next door hottie

Im blown away after checking Mahira's instagram. She's my no 1 now.

As a guy i can say mahira is most natural no plastic surgery no still injections....jst clear n natural

This win is so ridiculous, can't it seriously! When such an old woman would be called "sexy"? LOL

These things are meaningless, women should stop falling for this silly crap pitted against each other over looks, where is the feminist group, anti-abuse against women etc...

haters burning and showing their own insecurities on this topic!

This list is Rubbish...i think Jacquiline shud have atleast been in top 3. Also Kriti Sanon, Malaika Arora, Kareena, Katrina, Nargis Fakhiri, Kangana etc deserve to be in top 10

Learn to read, it is the UK pole of south asia, not just india, delusional much! troll!

you also think Rani should be on the list so clearly your option is bakwas

Rani shud hav been number 1 on this list!!

I know Priyanka and she is definitely sexy. I don't know who the rest are though.

Priyanka is obviously the sexiest

Dp fans wanted to crete war blw mahira n pc fans....

BS! PC fans are always jealous about every other actress in Bollywood. They have nothing else to so than insulting them. They should ecxept the fact that Bollywood is done with her. No one needs a woman near the forties here. And sexy? LOL they should look at the pics from her last holidays in LA!

Priyanka is 35, but even if she was 45 she would be sexy and relevant because she's THE Priyanka Chopra! Age has nothing to do with it. Oh and I've seen her pics from LA... she looked super hot! I'm sure all the people that voted her as the sexiest saw them too.

She looked like a wrestler in LA. And don't talk about "all" ppl that voted. Shakuntela and her gang voted since weeks 24/7! She's so obsessed that she even told them how to manipulate the vote. So no wonder:p

keep crying

i love priyanka hot body

Hi SRK!!

This nonsense is getting really old. People on Pinkvilla need to grow up and get a life!

To such an old woman like Priyanka it only can happen when you have a big superstar in your back. That's the proof.

couldn't handle her winning so credit some biggest superstar! LOL chill with the lies.

Where are PC's hypocritical fans who cry out PR whenever the names Deepika and Priyanka are switched?

Priyanka is actually sexy though so there's nothing surprising about this list

Mahira love u

Mahira for me

Hi Ranbir!

I think Mahira is most beauty

Peecee slays wow

Peecee rocks

Mahira is natural .PC fake

Proud of Peecee

Well done Pc

Priyanka is too old.

Priyanka is very sexy (SRK said that too in his KWK episode ) . I'd say 'sexy' is different from 'beautiful' the way a Mallaika Arora is sexy & a Waheeda Rehman is beautiful .

WOW SRK said this? Seriously? Lololololol

Yes , SRK was asked about Kareena & PC in KWK .He replied saying that one is beautiful & the other is sexy without going into specifics but it was clear which actress he was referring to by each description .

hahaha, I know it of course, you don't understand my irony, everybody knows he sleeps with her since more than six years and without his support she would not be where she is now ;-)

Lots of love n congrats Peecee

Happy for mahira she truly deserve it

You call Mahira sexy?

yes, Me and RK, so, get therapy, troll!

Mahira looking so preety on tht pic

Wooow Priyanka and mahira my favorites

Natural is mahira for me

Mahira most preety

Mahira love u u r so pretty

priyanka hot

Mahira , congrats, top 5 on uk pole for sexiest Asian actress! Your also amazingly talented too! Congrats to all on the list!

Only mahira is looking gorgeous n have less makeup

I only like mahira

Look at pc looking eww n dp toh full on makeup n without makeup she looks ewwwwwww

Pc is not natural

I like mahira only

Only mahira is looking natural there...n m.indian

M indian n i can say only mahira is natural she look beautifuo even wuthout makeup

These list are fake AF

Priyanka is 7 years older than deepika.

priyanka is 3 year older then deepika. anyway for me priyanka is on 1 deepika is 2 anushka is 3 jackuline 4 katrina 5 thAT'S IT

Lol priyanka buddhi paid so much of money for doing so.

Priyanka doesnt need to pay fo anything she is the Queen after all n maybe deepika paid lots money as she isnt the sexiest lIke PC

Like deepika paid for it last

hahahahahaha priyanka hottie has won this title, exotic beauty

PC is fake. Mahira is natural. dp too much make up

This mahira khan is so irritating. Every day she keeps posting 100 of comments on pv praising herself and claiming ranbir is in love with her. Let me tell you mahira you can never ever be as popular as aish bebo dp kat or pc. U dont have anything special in u like them to be noticed. Secondly rk is gonna use u and dump u in gutter and u will remain single

Get life troll, your jealosy of Mahira is transparent. RK wrote a statement to protect her, accepted their relationship! Jealous troll! Mahira film as a strong female lead is a super hit! Google,MK is famous, rich,and living the dream !

MK already knows her equation with RK, she knows her reality, why would she have a needs to read and write about herself in PV post , get your head examined, delusional being!

Peec dp are ok.aish is an auntie, bebo looks good, kat is help of Botox as heard of.

"Sexiness" and "beauty" have links with success and popularity.

The worst pic of Mahira pitted against the best-photoshopped pics of Deepika and PC and you call it a contest? You have already decided who should win before publishing the news.

Mahira I am happy for you, congrat, to all! Mahira keep that natural look,freshness!

Uk pole, they are voting for sexiness, PC pic here is very photo shopped , she is the oldest among the actresses! I guess she is always doing the cleavage,and sexy poses the most ,with filters!

im not surprised by deepika and nia sharma and PC but alia and mahira? do people really consider them as sex symbols?? like how is katrina or sunny leone not on this list??

Mahira is natural beauty, ever heard of zaalima, Google the comments, surprised, really,people were sanding the srk and mahira pool pic for valentine day ,on the phone!
Reality check!

Haters gonna burn

Pc competing with likes of Nia Sharma??! And PC doesnt look like a woman anymore!!

Even nia doesnt totally look like a woman on her face value while Pc is the best yet i like both n Pc rocks

Priyanka isn't competing, she's the winner by far... no competition. Deepika and the others are losing to Nia Sharma though

Priyanka is surviving on these kinds of polls only.. she doesn’t have any work in bollywood

Woohoo so proud of her

Yipee PEECEE won again

Priyanka Chppra is the sexiest n bestest wow

My jaan Peecee is awesome

Love it totally

Well deserved honour n praise for her

Sexiest woman alive Queen pri slays

Hands down 2017 winner again the 5th time yay PeeCee u sizzle

Sexiest human being she is for sure Love U lots PC

Sexiest human being she is for sure Love U lots

Love her so much

Miss Chopra rocks

Brilliant win for Peecee

Priyanka is my Favourite yipee Proud of her

Numero 1 has always been Peecee n should remain her yay

Very nice yay

Indeed thats so cool

Yess she deserves to win again

PC is overweight and over aged. She should stop now and make a family and settle down or go to outer space with that jacket and ugly rat. She's done. High flying indian dude she's been stalking asking for book recomendation honey he's not interested, text your mom instead k. sweetie pie. leave him alone.

You seriously need mental help

You seriously need mental help hater!

Love U PeeCee a lot

Thats truely Our Pride of India honour yay

Smouldering hot n sexiest actress Priyanka rocks

Fantastic Yay PC

Sexiest woman alive is Queen pri wow

Priyanka has always been the sexiest

Huge Congrats to her

Immense love n happiness for her always

Yipee so happy for PC

Very proud of PC

Well done PeeCee

Claps n Big hugs for her yay

Priyanka Chopra is simply the most beautiful hottest n sexiest artist ever

Priyanka totally sizzles

Thats such great news wow

Fabulous priyanka chopra

Just Love n adore Peecee

Huge Congrats again Queen pri

Proudest Fan of Miss Chopra

Rocking superstar Queen pri

Amazing priyanka slays

Pc won with a little help by her friend plastic surgery, filters,and 6 kg make up! Reality check, i

Mahira Khan looks beautiful without makeup. And has had no surgeries. Unlike the rest.

There's Mahira and there's so called indian beauties. No wonder ranbir is crazy about her.

Love Peecee

PC is out of control,keep praising herself, on this post , no shoot tonight!

Slay Queen pri

Proud of Our Desi girl priyanka Chopra

Proud of PeeCee

Priyanka is far more gorgeous outside n inside as well n the sexiest wow

Thank god no kat.

Congratulations. I agree with Priyanka at the top.

5th time PC won! No denying Priyanka is the sexiest!

I didn't vote but I would vote Priyanka as #1 too


SRK does everything to make ppl believe that his mistress would be relevant in India. It's fact that no one has interest here in this Hollywood wannabe.

This is your excuse for everything and anything. Keep burning!

*Full credit should be given to my genetics and optics*.......hahahahahahahahaha

Proof Priyanka also had an affair with this A.N.

Joke of the day.

Thank you Shakuntela and her gang for voting 24/7 since months. Muaaaahhhh, lots of love. Your Priyanka ;)

Hahaha, beer and pizza queen? Do we need more proof for fake awards?

Mahira khan number uno on my list! still congrat to all,being in top five is excellent!

Priyanka is the best n will remain while mahira is nice too

I’m shocked that even Alia Bhatt made in the top 5 list. HOW?? 0_o

She is becoming gradually sexy now n is hitting the gym do u have a problem with that now while Peecee slays n won again


Where are those dp haters who accused Dp PR buying this title last year? Will they say tge same? Yes nothing against PC. I love her too.


So? Dp won it last year.

Yay She has been wining over 5 times n shall continue to win as she si the best n sexiest woman Peecee slays

Dp won really> bcoz of fans n her xxx look maybe however Peecee has won 5 times n shall continue to win

Dp may have won rarely bcoz of her Pr n fans yet its Priyanka who won more than 5 times n she rules

Priyanka has won this 4 times before this as well

Priyanka will always be #1

PC pays with special Favours

R u kidding me.

No its so serious n she has been wining over 5 times n shall continue to win as she si the best n sexiest woman Peecee slays

Priyanka is far more gorgeous outside n inside as well n the sexiest while stop getting jealous stupid hater

Yeah my queen slays

Yup totally deserving Our Queen slays

PC,deepi , are about sexiness ,with their photo shoot, Alia is not sexier then Mahira! One short white cotton dress caused so much contervirsity, being in top five , from a conservative country, Mahira, is not going to complain! On my list, she is #1, congrat to all!

Mahira Khan is most gorgeous of them all.

Priyanka is far more gorgeous outside n inside as well n the sexiest

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