Priyanka Chopra is a boss lady in an all black look; shops for jewellery in NYC

Priyanka Chopra is surely enjoying her time in New York. Check out the pictures as she goe s out shopping.
Priyanka Chopra is a boss lady in an all black look; shops for jewellery in NYCPriyanka Chopra is a boss lady in an all black look; shops for jewellery in NYC
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Priyanka Chopra arrived in New York yesterday, and well, it goes without saying that she is a complete boss lady and proves to be so unapologetically. Her fashion sense is something that everyone often praises, and this time was no different as she went out and about in the city shopping. She is in New York for the talk shows that she has been a part of, and videos of the same have been doing the round over the internet and netizens can't keep calm.

Priyanka was snapped in New York today as she went out for some jewellery shopping. Her outfit of the day was an all-black ensemble and oh boy, did she look stunning. She layered the outfit and went about carrying her cappuccino on the go. Fans keep sharing pictures of her while she is in the city and never does it happen that they aren't updated with what is up with her or what is she doing for that matter. Meanwhile, check out the pictures from her outing here:

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PeeCee is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Isn't It Romantic, and during her chat with Jimmy Fallon, she revealed how singing with karaoke scares her. She said, "Karaoke scares the crap out of me for some reason. I could be on stage dancing but karaoke is like reading the teleprompter and trying to perform. I always end up reading it."


Haha imagine being so obsessed with priyanka that you literally wait every second for a new article to be posted just so that you can click on it read the whole article just to write one hateful comment on it to make your life feel less horrible.But anyway you can love her or hate her but you can definitely not ignore her.

U need to get a life, all u doing is sitting here and praising her!!

Hahaha, this is so embarrassing!

she looks great

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OMG she is sooo beautiful

It is an empty bag. Who walks like that showing Tiffany and co bag and walking like that.

Buying something in an empty bag tomorrow she will; show full bag show off hate people like her

Tiffany spot con. That bag is empty

MJ in NCY....ehhhh

Does MJ mean Mrs Jonas?

On the road with her personal pap again. Otherwise no one would notice her. Poor desperate woman.

Tiffany and Co. No surprises there!


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