Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Bollywood Reception: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput make for an adorable couple

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput were clicked at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' Bollywood reception. The couple looked adorable while making their way to the reception.
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Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput marked were clicked at the Bollywood reception of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. It was a visual delight to see Shahid at Priyanka's reception, as the duo was rumoured to be dating a few years back. PeeCee and Shahid never spoke about it, but since the time they worked together in Kaminey, it was reported that they have been dating. Even on Koffee With Karan, they appeared together and their chemistry spoke a lot.

Shahid and Mira were seen posing for the paparazzi at Priyanka and Nick's reception. Shahid sported a handsome look wearing a simple black shirt and black trousers with a shiny black blazer. He teamed it up with a pair of black formal shoes. On the other hand, Mira looked beautiful in a light pink coloured saree which had silver intricate detailing all over it. They were all smiles posing for the shutterbugs present there.

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Earlier, when Shahid was asked about Priyanka getting engaged, he stated, "Many, many congratulations to Priyanka and Nick. Marriage is a beautiful thing, I can say that from my experience and I wish her all the best." He had earlier praises Priyanka saying, "Priyanka is doing amazingly well I am very happy for her. She has made all of us proud. She always had the potential to become an international star and she has proved it."

After Kaminey, Priyanka and Shahid went on to work in Kunal Kohli's directorial titled Teri Meri Kahani released in the year 2012.

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Very mature of PC to invite Shahid and very mature of Shahid to go. As far as Mira is concerned, she must have jumped at the photo-op.

Bahahahahaha this is gold.pc took the opportunity to show her how much of a downgrade she is for shahid. Mira might actually get a job now and try and afford another extravagant wedding seeing how well shahids ex's have done for themselves

Why mira gives that arrogant and rude diva vibes....strange shes nothing but shahid kapoor wife and misha and zain mother.

Getting invitation does not mean,one has to show up...but his wife must have jumped on the thought of getting to see Nick.for priyanka its a win,to rub into shahid what a loser he ended up with

To think once shahid and priyanka dated! Yeh wahi ke wahi reh gaya aur priyanka kaha se kaha pahunch gayi aur iske doosri bhi(kareena,vidiya) ex girlfriends is se zyada succesful hai

Pc is the smartest,invited shahid to make him realize what a sad life he leads while she is out conquering the world. Bet well get to see a few more lunch outings of these two

best looking couple by far

This is quite surprising.pc invited shahid

Both wife and husband talk shit about his exes on neha seems shahid realized he was more relevant when he was with them.His PR even said kareena and mira were warm at ambani wedding, now attending PC reception who he was bitter on koffee with karan and claimed she cheated.

Shahid has earned my respect unlike budha Srk who’s going to zero pretty soon.

How nice...good to see these two showed up. I bet she invited Kareena but Kareena must be travelling or didn't show up for other persons reasons. Good on Priyanka and Shahid for being mature and respectful.

Why didn't she call SRK? She just confirmed their affair by not inviting him.

Lara Dutta , Sushmita and Aishwarya should have been there. Women should support women. Being miss worlds and miss universes , displaying petty unnecessary fights is no good....Sushmita I'm sure is friends with PEECEE....she wrote a heartwarming msg after the wedding...

I respect Shahid for this.. he was pretty hurt and SRK really went after him..

now we know who are gauri khans chamcha. thumps up for pece and shahid they are matured person and they respect their past.

Gauri s chamchas would never even make on PeeCees guest list. They’re all losers

where is kareena

Shahid has such bad relationships with almost everyone he works that he's forced to attend a cheating ex wedding.

He is trying to learn from all the good ex couples behaviour, otherwise he is not like that

Good on both Shahid and Harman to attend their ex's wedding. Maybe exes can be friends ,after all.

You guys still on this whole cheating thing? Still with no proof? Anyway none of PC's exs were there either other than Shahid and she is still very close with Shahid's Brother Ishaan

I stand corrected. Harman is there.

Its interesting that PCs was involved with SK (Shahid Kapoor) & kind of SK (Shahruh Khan)

^Erm Shahid and PC were dating when they were both single. Shahrukh and PC were dating while he was married and he cheated on Gauri. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Why was this loser invited

Nice on his part to show up with his wife. Even after PC cheated on him with SRK.

Solid Proof of what you just wrote...

Beautiful couple

Beautiful couple.

Now that's so cool. One needs to leave the past behind and move on. Kudos to shahid.

Much respect to Shahid. He came with his wife, mom and brother. Wish both him and PC happiness.

Shahid, you look very handsome but plesae dont grow that beard yet... please!

Thats so sweet of Shahid to attend despite being an ex. Respect and mutual friendship.

I'm so impressed with Shahid and Mira, for showing up gracefully to Priyanka's reception. Talk abt moving on in real! I didn't see any of Gauri Khan's gang show up here. Stuck up snobs!

Karan Johar attended with Kiara.

You should be impressed by PC bcoz she invited them thats why they went.. otherwise these two haven't any chance to enter this party venue.

If Gauri khan has a problem, I can understand...but her chamchas who are not accomplished themselves have a problem...lmao...

Who are the chamchas?

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