Priyanka Chopra & Shahid Kapoor promote TMK at Khaleej times

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Priyanka Chopra & Shahid Kapoor promote TMK at the Khaleej times office in Dubai.
Peecee looks great in that color, but the fitting is off at the waist?

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The first pic is totally a "boyfriend with his girlfriend" look! Really hhott!
Know that they are not dating each other but they managed to pull it off in the photo.

shahid luks damm hot.Oh I love this boy

Georges.pc looks amazing

Both of them look amazing!!

Gorgeous! God bless her!

aww! lovely pic

@Thu, 2012-06-21 03:20 — Voiceswriter

When is this movie coming out?

Tommorow - June 22 2012 :)

Shahid is YUMMIE!!!!!

I love the way shahid looks in the first picture. He is looking really hot....

her shoulders are too broad for that type of dress

ooooo how hot is it he has his hand around her waist, they make a sizzling couple yaar

When is this movie coming out?

Too much promotion for a flop movie ..

Promotions again? Fed up.



extentionsssssssssss pc
i hate tem

Her extensions don't match her hair.

Shahid is sooo hot

Priyanka has beautiful olive skin

Woww PC is so beautiful

ok, how the eff is shahid getting this hot.? seriously, hes gettin hotter with each appearance!!

her hair never luk natural..its always thick layer of hair pieces on her hair..disgusting. i have seen other actress widout wigs n hair extension but this actress never step her house widout hair extensions and make up.

hair extensions zindabad:p how quickly her hair got so long..lmao

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