First Look At Priyanka's Dress For The Grammy Awards

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I'm so relieved that Priyanka has redeemed herself from the disaster that was the Berlinale Film Festival.

She is wearing a Gauri and Nainika gown at the Grammys

Although she looks a tad too bridal, she looks great!


P.S: She is styled by Ami Patel

Credits :twitter


what the!? ... why is she in a bridal gown?

This is a wedding dress, LOL


I think it is a good thing that she went conservative given Whitney's demise and also the fact that she hasn't even released an album, so to draw too much attention to herself would have been a bit strange. She looks really pretty.

Her face here is almost like Shazahn Padamsee's! I am so glad she changed up her hairstyle phew! Had wanted to see this fluffy look at the top since long.

she is looking lovely!!

That's a very nice yet simple WEDDING DRESS!!! Nice hairstyle though... FINALLY something different!

She looks very beautiful. Digging it. This simple dress is actually perfect in light of the passing away of Whitney Houston.

she is slim and tight, gown and off shoulders look nice on her

She tweeted that she missed the red carpet....

Anyone have any pics of her at the Grammys that they can share? :)

The dress is for the wrong event....but still her face is fits perfectly becuz she is looking like Micheal Jackson before his dramatic surgeries...

I wish she had worn Prabal Gurung!!!

I watched the whole grammmy but didn't her I guess she didn't attend after all

She should have worn an edgy Falguni and Shane Peacock outfit instead of this pretty but boring bridal looking dress.
It is so event inappropriate. She should fire her stylist. What's up with her hair.....looks like a wig. Nothing against wigs but you have got to do them Rihanna.

BEAUTY QUEEN !!!!!! i totally loooooove her wonderful Dress *_* and her wonderful Make Up & Hairstyle !!

its grammy priyanka...not your wedding

is she that desperate to get married?? Wear a bride dress to an award show?

She had to put a picture of herself huh?

looking goood.

She looks like her old self, when she was singing tinka tinka for the press. She looks Gorge!!!!!!!!!!!!

PC rocks

good dress, true about the bridal.
would be amazing if the dress was black and the band was white/cream/red

What on earth was PC doing at the Grammys??

itts like a bride dress....but she looks beautiful as a bride :)


pc thinks shes the next adele *SNORTS*

I totally agree this dress is more suitable for a wedding and Oscars...she should wear something that is more suitable for Grammy!

hehe bridal wear anyone?

She looks awesome

@ MakeupCritic u sayng she is looking good :O

from which angle this looks like a GRAMMY s redcarpet dress???
it looks like a bride dress gone worngg
she should have done some research than chose a gown
grammy s red carpet is not uptight like osacrs etc she should have loosen it up
or wither gone for sari


Not a single photo of her at the Grammies taken by a Western photographer. Without Priyanka taking this shot of herself nobody would have known she attended the event. Very clever girl priyanka!

y didn't she put on a saree n reveal the indian attire.

As always she looks the same

pc looks fab but i think the bottom part of the dress is very bridal. overall though, she looks gd and the dress is beautiful.

She looks hot as always !

Gorgeous girl :-)

She is going to top in E! fashion police worst dressed list.

It looks like a wedding dress. I cannot belive that she is wearing it to Grammys

A different colour would have redeemed it from being a bridal gown. It's not grammy worthy. This could have been a decent Oscar outfit - but for the grammys, where one needs to be trendy and bold. Big fail in that aspect.

I thinks she looks pretty..atleast she dosent look cheap from her early appearance..I think she will get better when she finds a gud stylist

Super hot

She looks lovely. I am SO glad she changed up the hairstyle. I had been wanting to see something very similar to this. She looks simple and classy. Her face too looks so airy and light. Glad for the simple make-up. All in all, A+!!

is it her wedding day?


She looks gorgeous.The gown is beautiful but looks a bridal. Same gown in different color would have been better.

grammys is one award show where people dress edgely unlike ocars and golden globes where it is formal, for the grammies there are rebellious and crazy musicians turning up so it is more riske this is formal and fairylike everthing any selfrespecting rock star will scorn at...

i posted this earlier in the evening and Pinkvilla never showed it? why?

berlin saree was much hotter

Its boring! No one will look at her.

Does she actually think she can sing?

Too hot !

Her face looks chubba, looks like Gauri must have slapped very hard on her face in Berlin.

PC, no matter what you wear, you are going to be popular in USA, men in USA,love loose women like you, and they will make you super srar in return. It will be. Win- Win situation.

It's the Grammy's not the Oscars! She should have tried something a bit more fun. I agree, this is too bridal.

that's a western bridal outfit.. especially with that hair.. god what an idiot. her stylist is horrible.

Bridal it is.

She looks stunning. I think black ribbon makes it not look bridal. She looks classy!

Priyanka Chopra never seems to learn what the meaning of "event-inappropriate" is. This is pretty, but she looks like a bride.

It is the Grammys what is she thinking. It was not a daytime wedding party. She has such good body and she could have take some risks and gone wild and retro. This looks soooooooo granny types.

Her face...eww! I don't find her pretty at all!

I am use to seeing her in a fancy gown, so I'll say she look the same as always, nothing different. I am watching the Grammy right and haven't seen her anywhere yet.

saree is a good choice, she just wore a very cheap looking one that shows everything from the back, she should learn from karishma kapoor what a classy saree is

It's beautiful, but its a bridal dress.

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