Quantico 3: Priyanka Chopra poses with Alan Powell, Johanna Braddy and others on the sets

Priyanka Chopra is busy shooting for Quantico season 3 in New York. The actor has been sharing many behind-the-scenes pictures from the sets of the show. Today, the actor shared one more picture from the sets with the Quantico 3 team.
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Priyanka Chopra is stationed in New York from the past few months as the global phenomenon is busy with the shoot of her American TV Show Quantico. The TV series is on its third season and will begin airing from April 26, 2018.
The actor has been sharing many behind-the-scenes pictures from the sets of the show. Today, the actor shared one more picture from the sets with the Quantico 3 team. She captioned the image as, "Oh Just another day at work. @blairunderwood_official @thejohannabraddy @alanpowell10 @jakeamclaughlin @abcquantico #Quantico3."

Meanwhile, speaking of Quantico, the show will have only 13 episodes in season 3 as opposed to season 1 and 2 which had 22 episodes each. 

Besides Quantico, Priyanka has two Hollywood movies in the lineup - one is A Kid Like Jake which also stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer. It premiered at the Sundance Festival and was received good reviews. The second is Isn't It Romantic? which also stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth.
Recently, in an interview with a leading magazine, Priyanka spoke about women being judged for being too ambitious. "But I’m too ambitious and I’m Priyanka Chopra. I want women of the world to be proud of the fact that they’re ambitious, that they’re driven – there’s nothing wrong in that. If you wanna be successful, which every human being, man or woman, has the right to be, then you’ve got to be ambitious. And there’s no shame in it. Being a good homemaker and being a career woman is not mutually exclusive anymore. We’re living in the 21st century. My mother is a working woman – she handles two companies. She runs my house and her own at the same time. You just must work it out so that you can give your 100 percent to everything."


I dont understand the hate she gets.She is a stunner and making India proud by working in hollywood.If you cant respect that then atleast dont disrespect also.

Amazing Peecee with hr gang Quantico group

Love her hair! She looks so pretty



Everyone looking nice

Gosh, this woman is such a show off, only accomplishment she has to her name is taking selfies with Hollywood celebrities as if they are her friends! All she has done is gone on talk shows and just spew bs!! BTW-mostly celebrities set up their talk show appearances directly with the talk show producers and dont think, they invite her instead her PR works overtimes!! she clearly doesnt have work no wonder all the time for talk shows and have you seen A listers, such as Justin Bieber and many others going non-stop on talk shows?

Leads of TV shows need to promote their shows every season and mid season. And people promote any movies they’re in. It’s all set up by the producers, she’s just doing her job! It’s pretty standard but nice to see people burning so much!

Priyanka minding her own business, doing her work. And then there's jobless haters on this site with no life.

Gosh she looks so old...n those wrinkles on neck make her look Johanna's mother !

Yes darling! She is OLD!

You haters must be 5 years old

They were actually born yesterday

She's so chunky and thick and no that's not a compliment

it's just jealousy

Alex Parrish and the gang

Excited for Season 3!

This entire street was on fire with cars on fire and explosions

I love them all


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